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meet the baby brandon florida

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The moment we were all waiting for finally happened as Dave Brown and his new board of directors were sworn in as the official leaders of the club for the Rotary year.

meet the baby brandon florida

Dave thanked the current board and President Chuck for all of their hard work over the past year, and set a vision for membership and making a much bigger difference through Rotary in the coming year. Dave's impassioned words challenged us all to have as a priority this year to engage local leaders to join our club in its quest to further Rotary, impact more families and organizations and to build on the strong tradition of success of the Rotary Club of Brandon.

meet the baby brandon florida

The highlight of the night was saved for the end. In a tradition that began last year, the President of the club gets to select two Rotarians either past or current to bestow the prestigious Rotary Legacy Award. Both of these amazing men have had 36 years of perfect attendance in the club and have led several key elements over the years that have made our club such a huge success.

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It was a very special moment for all of us, but none more special to Derrell and Bob's families who were all so appreciative. Thanks Derrell and Bob for leaving your legacy!!


The evening ended with a toast to success for this year by President Dave. It was an energizing evening and a fun one as well. Congrats to everyone for an unbelievable year. Now let's make this year an even better one! To say the evening was a huge success would be an understatement with great food, Rotary fellowship and lots of fun. Roger Rivard acted as emcee for the evening holding court talking about the journey that began as a vision out of necessity, all of the people that stepped up to donate money, time, services, materials, expertise and labor, and the joy we all feel that it has turned out to be an amazing new home for us all.

The club got an opportunity to honor George Simmons by presenting his family with the Rotary Club of Brandon's Legacy award which he received for all of his years of extraordinary service, leadership and impact in our club and community.

meet the baby brandon florida

Roger thanked all of the donors and people that made this a reality and handed the microphone over to several of the members to share some stories. The Beth and Joe Campoamor Meeting Room was packed to the gills with Rotarians and their significant others having a blast.

Rotarians got an opportunity to sport their brand new name tags, a big upgrade, and the look fits perfectly with the new digs. Overall, the kick off event was a huge success with the general feedback being, WOW!!

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With renovations continuing, lots of little projects getting finishing touches and a ton of excitement building, the club met to do a walk through and get introduced to the many amenities that the center will offer. The board room, large meeting space and member area were all highlights along with the open kitchen and prep area for caterers to set up the weekly meetings. After raising lots of money, putting in some major sweat equity, having several organizations and individuals donate materials, services and time, the center is running to the finish line.

The catered event should be a unique opportunity for club members to come together to celebrate what is definitely a legacy making moment both for Rotary and the Greater Brandon community.

A small program recapping the process and recognizing key organizations and individuals will take place as well as some great food and lots of fun.

It was another amazing turnout with almost in attendance from all over the state, and even some coming in from outside the state to partake in what has long been the club's signature event.

Event Chairman, Joe Campoamor, put his team in action, and they did not disappoint! Feeding hungry guys is not an easy task, but the hard work of the club and Lupton's amazing staff was up to the task.

In fact, the Rotary Club of Brandon even had enough left over to donate over meals to Meals on Wheels. Over the past five years, the club has provided over 1, meals from this event to those in need on top of the dollars raised for charities. A huge thank you to the Boy Scouts of America who donated golf clubs, fishing rods and assisted with supervising the VIP area.

Jeff Rock and his group also provided an opportunity for us to hunt hogs on their property which Joe Campoamor gladly took care of! For most club members, the night of the event is a non-stop, frenetic pace of taking care of the guests.

From tending the bar to serving the food to selling raffle tickets to announcing the event to minding the beer truck and beyond, the club rallied and worked together for one of its best events in years. Big kudos to Mike Edenfield and his meat preparation team as they worked three days to prepare some of the best food at the event.

Whether it was Roger Rivard's pound moose, the eight hogs that Joe Campoamor supplied, the venison from some of our club's hunters in Nebraska or the quail, gator or elk, this team did an outstanding job! The moose chili alone is worth the price of admission as was Derrell Curry's famous salad Thanks, Derrell!

Overall, it was a fantastic event that will make a significant impact in our community. Way to go, Rotary Club of Brandon!! Here Comes the "Judge": He is the president of Judge Public Relations whose firm specializes in creating customized creative communication solutions for his clients. He gave first hand accounts of why businesses should be proactive rather than reactive to any situations that arises.

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The club enjoyed visiting Rotarian, Mike Meegan who made sure to give a happy dollar to announce that he was taking his wife out to a nice Valentine's Rotary lunch! Happy dollars were aplenty as one would expect on Valentine's Day. This choice made Lee Elam extremely happy, but not happy enough to put a dollar in himself for the future 'Nole! The big happy dollar, though, was saved for the big announcement that they were expecting a boy!

Lots to do for everyone as we finalize all the projects needed to finish the building. A big reminder to continue selling Wild Game Dinner tickets also went out as the club prepares for the biggest event in years. Two Rotarians celebrate club anniversaries with Susan Thomason hitting the six year mark as a Rotarian on the 22nd, and Wayne Strohaker celebrating an entire decade in Rotary on the 27th. Tarantino has been incredibly supportive and relatable. His empathy and care for others do not have comparison.

He understood my special circumstances and wasted no time to start my fertility preservation treatment right away. The staff made me feel so comfortable and that I made the right decision.

They are all wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone going through a situation like mine or anyone planning to start a family. I am blessed to have found them.

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