Meet the composer podcast one

Meet the Composer

meet the composer podcast one

Nadia Sirota has played viola for everyone from Grizzly Bear to Arcade Fire, and her podcast sees her try to make contemporary classical. Meet the Composer was a Peabody Award-winning podcast from Q2 Music that takes listeners into the minds and creative processes of those who make the. William Robin on Q2 Music's podcast “Meet the Composer,” which the podcast appeared to layer two identical interviews atop one another.

There are only a few days left in our campaign, so become a backer now if you want to be part of our vision for new-music radio! If we succeed, we'll be able to finish all of the episodes for season one! That's five episodes of Meet The Composer, folks! We here at MTC really appreciate your generous support thus far. With your wonder-funding, we've ensured that we'll be able to finish at least three episodes from season one.

meet the composer podcast one

But in order to go all the way, we still need your help! So tell your friends and your foes! Spread the word so that we can add more diverse and dynamic voices to fold of MTCeason1. Season 1, Episode 1 — feat.

meet the composer podcast one

This is an amazing time for Classical music. Composers living today have access to an unprecedented archive of musical information to synthesize, reject, recombine or subvert.

Many of these influences are as universal as the soundtrack to New Music is often viewed as intimidating or part of an insular world, when, weirdly, it's the new stuff that shares more cultural currency with more people. Meet The Composer is a new radio show with an old name.


We aim to use the narrative power of the radio to put amazing thinkers into context. Inspired by such vivid radio programs as Radiolab and This American LifeMeet The Composer aims to crack open composers' brains and see what's happening inside. Each episode of the show is a deep-dive into what makes its subject tick. What did the composer listen to as a kid? Whose music did they despise in college? What did their middle school band sound like?

What piece of music did they hear that completely changed everything?

meet the composer podcast one

Episodes take weeks, sometimes months of planning to develop, record, compose and edit. We need to pay critical current personnel as well as a roster of part-time producers to help create and craft the additional episodes we're planning for next season. More episodes also means higher costs for bandwidth and distribution.

We pride ourselves on our efficiency, but collecting, composing and releasing the radio you deserve takes time.

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We've got some great rewards lined up to thank you for your support this year. Here's an example of a beautiful new ringtone for you composed by the Meet the Composer team that can bring a little life to your calls: A custom digital mixtape featuring some of our favorite works from today's dynamic composers, as performed by the indie-classical supergroup yMusicis yours and available only by giving to this campaign.

Indie-classical superstars yMusic Get a copy of Nadia's upcoming album on Bedroom Community featuring Nico Muhly's Viola Concerto, the second movement of which was featured during last season. Free drink ticket included! From left to right: It offers great sound quality for all your listening pleasure and is perfectly portable.

A couple of weeks ago there was an article in The Guardian about Nicholas Serota who is the director of the Tate Modern, and what I loved about that is he had this vision about how the public would interact to contemporary art in a way that was more welcoming and visceral and exciting.

meet the composer podcast one

Are there particular interviews on the podcast that you recommend we listen to? The first part is about the fact that, in classical music we have this really specific role — which is my role as the viola player — of the performer, which is a strange intermediary in between the composer and the audience member.

Part two is about the composer, Pauline Oliveros. Our episode on Nico Muhlywho is one of my best friends, is also a really beautifully put together episode with some awesome and interesting music. What are your top favorite classical records?

It definitely falls into the category of one of the coolest things ever.

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I love Johannes Brahms Symphony 1. There is a distinct lack of coverage on female composers these days and in the pastcan you talk about that? Historically, there were probably a lot of women composing but it was hard or impossible to get published.

meet the composer podcast one

But this is actually a really good moment for female composers. Three of the Pulitzer Prize winners in recent years have been women which is really cool, and there are so many amazing ladies coming up and writing music. Lastly, can you tell us about any records or performances you have coming up that we should look out for?

On August 11th, I have a record releasing called Tessellatumwhich is a 38 minute long piece that incorporates an animated film. What are your thoughts on classical music?