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meet the robinsons wikiquote doctor

1 Bolt; 2 Dr. Calico; 3 Mittens; 4 Rhino; 5 Pigeons; 6 Dialogue; 7 Taglines; 8 Cast; 9 See Also; 10 External links That meat lover's pizza is NOT loving me back!. 2 Quotes about Arthur H. Robinson; 3 External links There is also a considerable tendency to define the subject as a kind of meeting place of science and art. Meet the Robinsons is a computer-animated family film produced by Walt Mr. Willerstein: Dr. Krunklehorn, I know you're very busy there at Inventco Labs.

Apparently you used all your remaining regenerations in one go. You shouldn't have done that. Mother, I had to try. He said no one could save him — but he must have known I could. She just needs to rest. She'll be absolutely fine. She will be amazing. So they made you a doctor today, did they? How clever you are. According to some accounts, it's the day the Doctor dies. On the Plain of Sighs.

Noam Chomsky

An impossible astronaut will rise from the deep, and strike the Time Lord dead. And this is where it begins. You never really escaped us, Melody Pond. We were always coming for you. I made you what you are. The woman who kills the Doctor.

meet the robinsons wikiquote doctor

Here we are at last. I can't stop it. The suit's in control. You're not supposed to. This has to happen. Running brought me here. I tried to fight it, but I can't. This is where I die. This is a fixed point.

This must happen — this always happens. You won't even remember this. How can I be there? That's you from the future. Serving time for a murder you probably can't remember. Why would you do that? So that you know this is inevitable. And you are forgiven. Always and completely forgiven. Time can be rewritten.

meet the robinsons wikiquote doctor

What have you done?! Well, I think I just drained my weapons systems. But this is fixed! This is a fixed point in time! Fixed points can be rewritten. Who told you — [time collapses] River: Am I the woman who marries you?

meet the robinsons wikiquote doctor

Or the woman who murders you? I don't want to marry you. I don't want to murder you. Such a basic mistake, Madame Kovarian: Who else was I going to fall in love with? Those reports of the sunspots and the solar flares, they're wrong. It's not the Sun, it's you. The sky is full of a million million voices saying, "Yes, of course we'll help. You've decided that the universe is better off without you — But the universe doesn't agree. River, no one can help me.

A fixed point has been altered. I can't let you die! I have to die! I can't let you die without knowing you are loved — by so many and so much — and by no one more than me. River, you and I, we know what this means: We are Ground Zero of an explosion that will engulf all reality. Billions on billions will suffer and die. I'll suffer if I have to kill you. More than every living thing in the universe? Are you really sure? Of course I'm sure, I'm his wife!

meet the robinsons wikiquote doctor

The Angels Take Manhattan [7. When one's in love with an ageless god who insists on the face of a twelve-year-old, one does one's best to hide the damage. There is no other reason other than the fact that the means of production are the private property of the entrepreneur.

This inequality and dependence is precisely the injustice that we don't want. Thereby you want to say that praxis should be an unencumbered as possible by theory.

Coming from you, this wish is quite intelligible. What you mean by praxis is private profit; what I mean by theory is justice. Quotations primarily from the translation of Edwin Hoskyns We who stand in this concrete world know nothingand are incapable of knowning anything, of that other world. The Resurrection from the dead is, however, the transformation: The Gospel is not a religious message to inform mankind of their divinity or to tell them how they may become divine.

The Gospel proclaims a God utterly distinct from men. The known plane is God 's creation, fallen out of its union with Him, and therefore the world of the flesh needing redemption, the world of men, and of time, and of things — our world. This known plane is intersected by another plane that is unknown — the world of the Father, of the Primal Creation, and of the final Redemption.

The relation between us and God, between this world and His world presses for recognition, but the line of intersection is not self-evident. The name Jesus defines an historical occurence and marks the point where the unknown world cuts the known world. The plane which is known to us, He intersects vertically, from above. Within history Jesus as the Christ can be understood only as Problem or Myth.

As the Christ He brings the world of the Father. But we who stand in this concrete world know nothing, and are incapable of knowing anything, of that other world. The Resurrection is the revelation: The Resurrection is the emergence of the necessity of giving glory to God: In the Resurrection the new world of the Holy Spirit touches the old world of the flesh, but touches it as a tangent touches a circle, that is, without touching it.

And, precisely because it does not touch it, it touches it as its frontier — as the new world.

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The power of God can be detected neither in the world of nature nor in the souls of men. It must not be confounded with any high, exalted, force, known or knowable. We know that God is He whom we do not know, and that our ignorance is precisely the problem and the source of our knowledge.

The Epistle to the Romans is a revelation of the unknown God; God chooses to come to man, not man to God. Even after the revelation man cannot know God, for he is ever the unknown God. In manifesting himself to man he is farther away than before. The revelation in Jesus, just because it is the revelation of the righteousness of God is at the same time the strongest conceivable veiling and unknowableness of God.

In Jesus, God really becomes a mystery, makes himself known as the unknown, speaks as the eternally Silent One. Religion is the possibility of the removal of every ground of confidence except confidence in God alone.

Piety is the possibility of the removal of the last traces of a firm foundation upon which we can erect a system of thought.

Arthur H. Robinson

God, the pure limit and pure beginning of all that we are, have, and do, standing over in infinite qualitative difference to man and all that is human, nowhere and never identical with that which we call God, experience, surmise, and pray to as God, the unconditioned Halt as opposed to all human rest, the Yes in our No and the No in our Yes, the first and last and as such unknown, but nowhere and never a magnitude amongst others in the medium known to us, God the Lord, the Creator and Redeemer.

The No is not the last and highest truthbut the call from home which comes in answer to our asking for God in the world. It is evident that the relation to God with which the Bible is concerned does not have its source in the purple depths of the subconscious, and cannot be identical with what the deep-sea psychical research of our day describes in the narrower or broader sense as libido fulfilment.

The Truth lies not in the Yes and not in the No, but in the knowledge and the beginning from which the Yes and the No arise. There is no way from us to God — not even via negativa not even a via dialectica nor paradoxa. The god who stood at the end of some human way — even of this way — would not be God.

Our Yes towards life from the very beginning carries within it the Divine No which breaks forth from the antithesis and points away from what now was the thesis to the original and final synthesis. The No is not the last and highest truth, but the call from home which comes in answer to our asking for God in the world. God is personal, but personal in an incomprehensible way, in so far as the conception of his personality surpasses all our views of personality. While it is beyond our comprehension that eternity should meet us in time, yet it is true because in Jesus Christ eternity has become time.

Eternity is here in the stable at Bethlehem and on the cross of Calvary in time. Dogmatics in Outline [ edit ] Dogmatics in Outline as translated by Tr. Thomson ISBN X He is the One who stands above us and also above our highest and deepest feelings, strivings, intuitions, above the products, even the most sublime, of the human spirit.

God in the highest means first of all … He who is in no way established in us, in no way corresponds to a human disposition and possibility, but who is in every sense established simply in Himself and is real in that way; and who is manifest and made manifest to us men, not because of our seeking and finding, feeling and thinking, but again and again, only through Himself. God is the one who stands above our highest and deepest feelings, strivings and intuitions.

When attempts were later made to speak systematically about God and to describe His nature, men became more talkative. They spoke of God's aseityHis being grounded in Himself; they spoke of God's infinity in space and time, and therefore of God's eternity. And men spoke on the other hand of God's holiness and righteousness, mercifulness and patience.

We must be clear that whatever we say of God in such human concepts can never be more than an indication of Him; no such concept can really conceive the nature of God.

Church Dogmatics — [ edit ] There is a notion that complete impartiality is the most fitting and indeed the normal disposition for true exegesisbecause it guarantees complete absence of prejudice. We are now assuming that we have here the centre and goal of all God 's works, and therefore the hidden beginning of them all.

No one can be saved — in virtue of what he can do. Everyone can be saved — in virtue of what God can do. Scientific dogmatics must devote itself to the criticism and correction of Church proclamation and not just to a repetitive exposition of it.

It is a concern, indeed, we must say that it is the one great concern, of godless man For a short time, aroundthis idea threatened to achieve almost a canonical status in Protestant theology. But now, we can quite calmly describe it as merely comical.

meet the robinsons wikiquote doctor

What distinguishes faith from unbelief, erroneous faith and superstition is that it is content with this indirect knowledge of God. Observe that we do not say that knowledge of God may also be obedience, or that of necessity it has obedience attached to it, or that it is followed by obedience.

No; knowledge of God as knowledge of faith is in itself and of essential necessity obedience. You got her, pal! That is definitely the right cat. Looks like we're gonna do this the hard way.

Do we go to far in this? This is the best day of my life. You work for the men in black, who work for the man with the green eye. I don't know what you're talking about! This is becoming tiresome, cat! In fact, I feel a yawn coming on! I know where is.

The men in black and the guy, the guy with the blue eyes! The one green eye! You just can't stop lying, can you, cat? It's in the genes. But, if you put me down, I'll show you where she is. If I stare at the lock really hard, it'll burst into flames and melt. Now I'm concerned on a number of levels.

What is this red liquid coming from my paw? It's called blood, hero. Do I need it? Yeah, well usually I'm a tad more industructable. That stuff, it weakens me! What are you doing?

I've had it with you. Untie me, pooch, or I'm gonna I'm gonna seriously wound you! I'm gonna seriously wound you with this Styrofoam! You don't know the power of Styrofoam!

Oh, you bet I'm mad, baby! And I'm about to unleash it! The power of the Styrofoam! I'll take you to Penny. Okay, you have two seconds to tell me what you've implanted in me, cat! Wait, I said that already. See, I'm all discombobluated! I can't think straight!

I don't believe this. Use the dog face.