Meet the robot guitarist with 78 fingers

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meet the robot guitarist with 78 fingers

Harvard University Press, London () Haraway, D.J.: When Species Meet. Watercutter, A.: A Virtuoso Robot Band Whose Guitarist Has 78 Fingers. Meet Compressorhead, a trio of mechanised German rockers who give new meaning The line-up features guitarist Fingers (so-called because he has 78 of them), . I, for one, welcome our new heavy metal robot overlords. Compressorhead is a project of Berlin-based artist Frank Barnes and collaborators Markus Kolb and Stock Plum consisting of a robot "band" that plays on real electric and acoustic instruments. The robots are made from recycled parts and are controlled via a MIDI The first robots (Stickboy, Junior, Fingers and Bones) were built between.

Another study used the HWARD hand robot to assist grasping and found that the group that received assistance on all training trials recovered more hand movement, compared to a group that received assistance on only half a matched number of trials A recent study of finger training found better long-term retention of functional gains with assistance compared to no-assistance In the largest clinical trial of robotic therapy for the upper extremity, a novel therapist-supervised therapy was designed as a control, in an attempt to match the number of training movements to the robotic therapy.

The two therapies produced comparable outcomes, which compared favorably with standard of care 2 This was particularly true for younger participants and participants with more recent strokes, although the effectiveness of intensive therapy diminished with time Slacking has also been observed for the upper extremity during robotic training 26and appears to be a neural adaptation mechanism that aids in effort minimization Reduced patient effort during robotic therapy has been shown to reduce benefit 29 In the present study, we sought to determine the therapeutic effects of high and low levels of robotic assistance during finger movement training.

meet the robot guitarist with 78 fingers

By carefully designing the movement task and robotic assistance, we ensured that participants in both groups attempted a comparable number of practice movements while playing the same video game with the same robot.

Additional assurance that efforts would be comparable across groups comes from a pilot study in which we found that this task, game, and form of assistance caused participants to exert similar physical effort regardless of the assistance level i. Further, we quantified motivation and self-efficacy at multiple time points throughout training to better assess the psychological effects of assistance.

Finally, we quantified finger proprioception at multiple time points using a novel robotic measure 32hypothesizing that any benefit from Hebbian-like plasticity mechanisms would require intact proprioception. Methods Study design and participants We used the FINGER robotic exoskeleton 3133 Figure 1 to provide two levels of assistance to participants with stroke-related finger movement impairments while they played a musical computer game in the style of Guitar Hero.

meet the robot guitarist with 78 fingers

Initially we intended to run a third group in which participants would have undergone the same treatment as the other two but without any robot assistance. However we chose to omit this group after realizing during our pilot testing 31 that participants in the unassisted group would not be able to match the dose of practice of the participants in the other two groups.

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Removing this group also allowed us to increase the number of participants in the other two groups to 15 each. The 30 participants who completed the study Figure 1A met the following criteria: Sample size was determined by power analyses 35 see Supplemental Material. All trials were performed at UC Irvine, and all participants provided informed consent according to a protocol approved by the local Institutional Review Board.

The study was listed on ClinicalTrials. The trial ceased after all 30 participants completed the program. Have ever wondered what a drummer could play if they had 4 arms? What about a guitarist with 78 fingers? If this cover wasn't quite to your liking, you can always request one on their website CompressorHead. Personally I'm still waiting on a Rush cover of Tom Sawyer, but it won't be long. You can think of it as an interactive tripod for your iPhone that allows you to get more out of Facetime and Skype.

Now you can actually move around the room and not be restricted to the frame to maintain a conversation. The system comes with two parts, the base and the pendant.

Z-Machines – Robot Music Band

Wearing the pendant users can roam around, while Swivl keeps the subject centered in the frame. The quality is quite good and produces better, more engaging video than just a simple stationary shot. You can also minimize editing later on, by not having to cut, setup another shot, and start up again. Robotex knows how to make a solid mobile base for a platform and this entry into the consumer market will potentially lead to some interesting products in the future.

Earlier products by Robotex were almost strictly for law enforcement.

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With the introduction of Avatar they have entered the home security market, allowing you to patrol your home from afar. Two models, the standard and the stairclimber.

Robot Rock Band Debuts in Tokyo

Also an unknown is the runtime and recharging. This Avatar Base Robot is designed to be open source both hardware and software, so it will only be a matter of months before we see some interesting uses for it.

Compressorhead covers "Blitzkrieg Bop" and more great robot videos.

Getting Perspective I thought I would make a post to provide some perspective. Occasionally I come across articles, blogs or books, that vilify technology.

meet the robot guitarist with 78 fingers

A recent blog post I read highlighted this impression when referring to email. Your Brain and the Neuroscience of Everyday Life: Romotive is doing a great job of processing feedback from customers and implementing important changes into their newer models. Unlike many other telepresence robotsRomo is interactive and comes with games and different behaviors.

In fact, as you engage with him, new behaviors will be unlocked when challenges are completed. The vision of for the Romo is to be much more than just a toy, however.