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The singer-turned-theatre-star took to Twitter to comment on BBC2's fly-on-the- wall documentary Meet the Ukippers. The show, which aired on. The Trident nuclear weapons system is a “status symbol” and will not help keep the UK safe, Scotland's 2 May: Ukip candidate suspended. The Twitter troll who racially abused Beverley Knight has had their Meet The Ukippers, in which a councillor and former party member was.

Nigel Farage, who resigned after the general election but then "unresigned" 3 days later, a bit like Jesus. It's not easy being Diane James Image: Getty When is this happening? The contest kicked off in June. Why is no one talking about it? Well for a start, lots of people think UKIP's irrelevant after that election bloodbath. But UKIP's not said too much about the contest either - it hasn't even released a final list of candidates. The deadline to apply for the contest was Friday 28 July.

But candidates then had a week-long 'cooling off period' where their names wouldn't be released. A bit like buying a fridge.

meet the ukippers twitter icon

Who will lead UKIP forward into the great unknown? Carl Court The cooling off period ended on Friday 4 August but UKIP was still vetting the candidates for criminal records and embarrassing social media posts.

meet the ukippers twitter icon

That's all without taking into account the forever complicated internal UKIP politics. The party also has so many factions and allegiances that if you put them in a Venn diagram, it'd look a bit like this: Photolibrary RM So who are the applicants? Peter Whittle Peter Whittle has been named in some quarters as a frontrunner Image: A traditional UKIPper who backed a burqa ban and said every school should be forced to display a Union flag and photo of the Queen.

We are standing outside the rear entrance of the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Family in Exile, a vast but relatively concealed Victorian building in Mayfair. He has been a member of Ukip for three years.

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He is now one of more than 3, members of Young Independence YIwhich was formed in14 years after the birth of its parent party. Seated on pews and blue chairs, they make polite small talk while a Ukrainian nun scurries around with a duster.

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In a side room, drums of tea and coffee are being prepared for the mid-morning break beside a vast, custom-made YI cake, emblazoned with the words 'Happy Birthday Freedom'. On stage, meanwhile, a Ukip lectern stands in front of — ominously — two baby grand pianos. There was talk of songs in the event programme; this confirms it. Among those settling in early is George Shepley, a lanky year-old who has travelled alone from Macclesfield to attend. He is shy and fidgety, and initially unwilling to be interviewed for fear of saying something he regrets.

Ukip, he says enthusiastically, in his dense Cheshire accent, is like a second family. Everyone is so friendly, and they made me feel genuinely welcomed, especially in Young Independence. Initially drawn by its stance on the European Union, he now feels Ukip are the only party standing up for people in Macclesfield, which has been a safe Conservative Party seat since Not everybody is always so thrilled to see Shepley though.

Since becoming a vocal Ukip supporter he has had abuse hurled at him on the street and online, at which point the majority of his friends deserted him.

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Female YI members do exist but they are few and far between. Welcoming the congregation, Jamie Ross McKenzie, 27, the chairman of YI London, opens proceedings by pleading that members wait for designated breaks to go outside for cigarettes Ukip has promised to bring back smoking rooms if it comes into governmentbefore introducing a cavalcade of party speakers.

meet the ukippers twitter icon

He is here against the express orders of his artist mother. For Menon, having an active interest in politics is easy.

We had a mock election in and they won 44 per cent of the vote, which was predictable.