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meet the walkens video only

See more ideas about Christopher walken memes, Funny pics and Funny stuff. Star Wars meet Christopher Walken <3 More Cowbell, Star Wars Humor, Star . FOR WHEN YOU'VE HAD JUST ABOUT ENOUGH Funny Memes, It's Funny, Ex .. Dancing In Over 50 Movies All Perfectly Spliced Into a Single Music Video. "Who is the greatest villain of all time?" demands Christopher Walken, standing aboard a ship's deck on a Long Island. Take his impeccable Christopher Walken impression, for example. Close your eyes and you might just forget who's talking. But celebrity.

The role clearly came as a relief. Now that I'm older, maybe I can play people closer to myself. At 69, his manner is sometimes animated, more often businesslike.

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The diction, of course, is a marvel — the unlikely pauses and emphases so familiar from his films, put down to a childhood in the melting pot of Astoria, Queens. When I ask why he thinks he became so typecast, the answer in full goes: And when I started I did well with these It sounds as if he wants to play regular guys. Does he feel like one? I've been married nearly 50 years. I don't have hobbies or children. I don't much care to travel. I've never had a big social life. I really just stay home, except when I go to work.

A child actor from the age of five, "there were schools for kids like me that also made it possible to work, and that's where I got my education".

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At 15, he joined a travelling circus, his duties including lion taming he says he only worked with one lion, old and dog-like. Then came musical theatre.

meet the walkens video only

He promptly married her. Walken in The Deer Hunter They may share his pallor, his vertical hair and strange inflections, but he is as much an observer of them as we are.

meet the walkens video only

And there are maybe 40 channels of movies. So once a day pretty much every day I'll surf those.

meet the walkens video only

I just go from one movie to another, watching 10 minutes of this, 10 minutes of that. And often there's something I'm in. And sometimes I'm quite good in it. And I'll sit and watch. I ask him what he has learned. With me, it's always hit and miss. I'm telling you, you're making a mistake. It's just, as they say, the way the cookie crumbles.

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The real thing held no appeal. I never got anywhere. I wasn't much interested. And physically, my hands So it wasn't for me. I was a pretty good dancer though. By the time he made his first film — surveillance thriller The Anderson Tapes — he had been performing for more than 20 years.

As a boy, still going by his real name Ronnie, he was thrust with his two brothers into theatre jobs and the live variety TV shows that broadcast nightly from the neon heart of 50s Manhattan. Was performing something he was drawn to?

Christopher Walken in Pulp Fiction Ronald Grant Archive "No. As a child, you don't seek that out. My mother came to America as an adult. She came from Glasgow, in fact. She was smitten with movies, she read the movie magazines, and she wanted her kids to be in showbusiness.

So I kind of just got put there. I can't imagine anything else I could have done that would have given me such a nice life. In November the actor drowned off a Californian island while staying on a boat with Walken and her husband Robert Wagner.

The case remains open.

meet the walkens video only

The second appearance was in Skid Row 's " Breakin' Down " video. Walken had a notable music video performance in with Fatboy Slim 's " Weapon of Choice ". In this video, Walken dances and flies around the lobby of the Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles; Walken also helped choreograph the dance.

Also inWalken played a gangster who was in the witness protection program in the David Spade comedy Joe Dirt and an eccentric film director in America's Sweethearts. Walken played the role of Paul Rayburn in 's Man on Firewhere, when speaking about the imminent destructive actions of John Creasy Denzel Washingtonhis character states: It depends on how good he is at it. Creasy's art is death. He's about to paint his masterpiece. He co-starred in the film adaptation Hairspraywherein he is seen singing and dancing in a romantic duet with John Travoltaand portrayed the eccentric but cruel crime lord and Ping-Pong enthusiast Feng in the comedy action film Balls of Fury opposite Dan Fogler.

Macy and Walken about security guards in an art museum, debuted at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 25, Walken portrayed the owner of "Disaster Studios" Frank Kincaid and encouraged guests to be extras in his latest film, Mutha Nature.

Walken was projected on a clear screen, much like a life-size hologram, and interacted with the live-action talent. Famous quote "Frankenstein never scared me". Walken reunited with McDonagh for the British crime comedy film Seven Psychopaths which had its world premiere on 7 September Walken also played the founder and leader of a string quartet in A Late Quartet late in Walken costarred with Al Pacino and Alan Arkin in the film Stand Up Guysa story about aging gangsters out on the town for one last hoorah.

He also appeared in The Power of Few.

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He also recorded a cover of Louie's song I Wan'na Be like Youwhich he sings in the film as well as on the soundtrack. Legacy and popularity[ edit ] Described as "diverse and eccentric" [34] and "one of the most respected actors of his generation", [35] Walken has long established a cult following among film fans.

His Oscar-winning performance in The Deer Hunter ranked as 88th greatest movie performance of all time by Premiere magazine [39] and his performance in Pennies from Heaven was made into Entertainment Weekly 's list of the " Greatest Performances that should have won Oscars but didn't".

Kat Dennings called him her favorite actor and said he was the reason she wanted to be an actress. Prominent movie critic Roger Ebert was particularly impressed by his villain and anti-hero portrayals, once stated "when he is given the right role, there is nobody to touch him for his chilling ability to move between easy charm and pure evil" [50] and called him "one of the few undeniably charismatic male villains. Walken is noted for refusing movie roles only rarely, having stated in interviews that he will decline a role only if he is simply too busy on other projects to take it.

He regards each role as a learning experience. According to film director Abel Ferrarathe character was originally written for Walken but the latter "didn't want to do it".