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tf2 meet the monoculus

Mar 21, Dennis Dennis Bateman · The Pyro / The Spy · · Gary Schwartz · The Demoman / The Heavy / MONOCULUS. Oct 30, Monoculus; Weapons; Costume sets; Cosmetic items; Maps .. Meet Your Match Update · Item icon Scream. Oct 24, In the Team Fortress 2 Storyline, Merasmus has a connection with Demoman in the origin of MONOCULUS; however, he most often appears as.

On All Hallow's Evewhen the Demoman was seven years old and still had two eyes, his mother encouraged him to go work for ghastly demons and necromancers because they would only be there for one day. The resourceful youth finds a forbidding castle of dark magic that needs a worker. Merasmus the Magician answers the door and is irritated, thinking the lad is asking for candy.

The Demoman quickly explains that he is looking for a job, and Merasmus instructs him to sweep his massive library for a nickel.

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However, he warns the child not to look at a particular book, the eponymous Bombinomicon. With the warning, Merasmus leaves and the Demoman begins his work. After sweeping the entire library, the Demoman takes a step back to admire his work, and the tome calls him. The Bombinomicon persuades the Demoman to read it, asking him why should he obey an old idiot with a dress.

Suddenly as the Demoman peeps in, a blast of blue light targets his left eye and the Bombinomicon haunts it. It begins to joyfully cheer about the advantages of being an eye, and the enraged Merasmus suddenly appears. The magician casts a spell and with a cry, the lad faints. When Merasmus spawns, he pushes all nearby opponents away and destroys all stickybombs around him, also knocking back all stickybombs he comes in contact with.

tf2 meet the monoculus

Merasmus has a wide variety of attacks, and can teleport throughout the map on random intervals. Merasmus can melee players with his staff, roll bombs at them, and perform a magic attack which sets selected targets on fire and launches them skyward. Merasmus can also hover over the control point and use the Bombinomicon to spread bombs a wide range around the control point. Whenever Merasmus is hovering in the air while performing this attack, all damage dealt to him will be critical hits.

Merasmus uses this attack far less often than any of his other attacks. Every time Merasmus teleports to another location on the map, the Bombinomicon will choose a few players and transform their heads into bombs.

Players cannot attack after being turned into bombs and are stuck in their humiliation pose until the bomb detonates or they are killed, but their speed is also boosted. The screen and the Bombinomicon will instruct the player to find Merasmus and run into him. If the player reaches Merasmus with the bomb, it will stun him, stopping him in his tracks. The player who transported the bomb will become invulnerablespeed boosted, and crit boosted for a short time while getting tossed upward from the explosion.

If the player fails to reach Merasmus in time, the bomb will detonate, damaging the player and surrounding members of the opposing team by HP. If the player kills anyone, those show up on the killfeed and grant the player a point. At all times while stunned, all damage Merasmus takes will be critical hits.

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These props will bleed green liquid when attacked, distinguishing them from background elements. If an incorrect prop is destroyed, it will drop a large Halloween pumpkinwhich any player can collect. If the correct prop is destroyed, Merasmus will reappear and may be stunned for a short period of time, with the player who destroyed the prop always given limited invulnerability, speed boost and crit boost.

tf2 meet the monoculus

While disguised as a prop, Merasmus will slowly heal.