The dl chronicles meet thomas

The DL Chronicles™ RETURNS: Behind The Scenes of Episode Thomas - ALL NEW

the dl chronicles meet thomas

The ENTIRE season of the ALL NEW The Chadwick Journals available for rent here: DVD. The DL Chronicles: Season 1: Damian T. Raven, O'Neil Cespedes, Latoya Torre, Anthony The DL Chronicles RETURNS, Episode: Thomas. The DL Chronicles () s01e01 - Wes Episode Script. qualified to sing my life chronicles than me who better more qualified to sing my Meet Wes Thomas.

Are there any plans to continue that is some capacity? Or was that a completed project by itself? But, it was received so well that it has grown a life of its own. So we feel that it would be a mistake to not explore how to continue it, in some way. We are exploring those options at this time.

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It could be an online show or more of a feature project. You spoke on the thought process in creating The DL Chronicles. Has a decision been made as to how many episodes will be produced? We currently have 5 scripts written and a 6th script in development. We are not sure yet if the season will be groups of 4 or 5 episodes. We will know more once we have secured a distribution deal. Currently, Episode Thomas is the only fully filmed and completed episode that you have?

Yes that is correct. What have been some of the challenges that you have faced developing The DL Chronicles?

I would say that most of the challenges that we have faced could easily be solved with more money. The hardest part of creating a film is raising the money to complete it. Most have no idea how much a production actually costs. All of the people giving their time and energy to a project want to be compensated for that effort. Now, we have really used most of those friend favors up, so we have to find other ways of financing a project.

Through angel investors, fundraisers like Idiegogo or Kickstarter, asking the fans to help and support the project. Also casting can be an issue because the compensation that an actor would receive for another role, we might not have the capacity to pay that amount which can make for more of a task in securing those actors. One other thing is that while creating the first episode, we were unemployed during that time so we had to prepare for that by working for others on their projects to be able to save up enough money to support ourselves during the production of that first episode.

And as soon as we finished, we had to find more work to keep going. Even though we were unemployed, the bills still needed to be paid, so you have to keep things moving so you can continue living. We wrapped production on a Saturday and that following Monday, we started work producing on a television series, so we could continue to have money coming in.

None of the fundraising money is used for anything other than production of the project. And that is why money is so important, because everything is easier when you have to money to work with. What was the most rewarding thing you received from creating The DL Chronicles? The most rewarding thing has been the letters and calls or meeting people that have been touched by the series. When people tell you that the show saved their life or helped them to embrace who they are, it proves to you that the hard work and sacrifice was not in vain.

It reenergizes you when you find out that something you created to entertain people actually has had a profound effect on their lives.

We are constantly receiving emails and letters from people affected by the show and we have been off the air for a while now.

What was the most surprising thing that happened to you concerning the series? Finding that some of the most unsuspected people were our viewers.

These are straight, older, married people that I would never expect to seek out the show. There is a famous casting director here in LA named Robbie Reed. She is involved with anything major and Black in Hollywood.

I loved that show. So a friend from the network who happened to be French set us up with a friend of his in Paris to stay at his place. He asked if it would be ok to invite some of his friends over who are also big fans of the show. That experience opened our eyes that people all the way in Paris know about the show and are actually watching it. Later as we are touring the city, he took us to this store and showed us a full DL Chronicles display that the store had set up.

The version of the cover was diferrent. We both just stood there in awe. We just never expected to see something like that so far away from the states. Now, were you being paid for those sales? That is a completely another story. That was very surprising and humbling to see. I also got an email for someone in Berlin, Germany that wanted to interview us for their thesis at the University of Berlin.

The DL Chronicles (2005) s01e01 Episode Script

They stated that our show is used in their Human Sexuality course. And that just showed us that we had no idea how far-reaching this show we created had traveled. Have you found it to be a challenge to balance the masculine vs. That has been a challenge. We have had so many people charge us with effemiphobia.

People are consistently looking for a way to identify with something that they take interest in. But unfortunately our project is not everything to everybody. The series is a specific story that deals with men that are less likely feminine.

We tell the stories of men that are in the closet, that lead straight-appearing lives.

The DL Chronicles () s01e01 Episode Script | SS

And those men tend to not be effeminate. In Episode Boo, we tried to address it in a way that fit into the premise of the show. That show received lots of criticism for characters within that show. Those are lives that are lead and they exist. Patrik Ian Polk is touching on those stories.

And we have nothing against that. There is no reason to compare his show to our show. We are both telling two different stories. And we are both fulfilling two different needs within the community. And they are both needed.

The DL Chronicles™ RETURNS, Episode: Thomas Part 3

That is why we are always on Patrik to keep producing material because when were out at the same time, people were happy. Of course we will have some crossover audience from each show complaining about the other show. At least, everyone had somewhere they could find the material that they wanted to see. The problem is that there are so few images of us out there for people to identify with.

Look to the internet. There are a plethora of new filmmakers out there trying to carve out a place for their content. You have shows like Drama Queens, Finding Me and so many others that are out there and they need our support so that they can continue to put out content. If they start a fundraiser, give what you can to show your support and every little bit helps. Most people will spend money on less black, less gay features at a theater. Give that same amount to these people struggling to bring you content that you enjoy for free.

Are there plans to address that topic within the new season? I think that we can serves a better purpose when we disseminate information in the episodes that actually reflect what the landscapes really is rather than contribute to stereotypes or misinformation about how men are having sex and contracting HIV. Do you have any other dates for screenings to announce at this time? We currently are working with promoters and event planners for Miami and New York. We do not have official dates to announce at this time but they will be announced once they have been scheduled.

the dl chronicles meet thomas

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Featuring the hit song I'm in Love by Loco Ninja feat. Copyright Chronicle - Film-Clip: Dieser einzigartige Superheldenfilm zeigt das Genre von einer ganz neuen Seite. The Chadwick Journals is a four part web mini-series which centers on The DL Chronicle's narrator, Chadwick Williams, in the beginning of his research into men who lead double lives.

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It's a lonely way to walk through this world. I spent my whole life trying to impress you. Trying to please you. All it did was make me hate you. And when I finally found someone who loved me - who I thought I could love back it made me hurt them. Hurt them so they could never unhurt. I tore that love a part and myself a part with it. I have wanted to die because I can not be who I wanted to be. Because, I can not be who you wanted me to be.

the dl chronicles meet thomas

But, I couldn't die anymore than I could live. I'm tired of being here in this place that feels like no where. Tired of caring what people think about me. I'm tired of being afraid. I've met someone who makes me want to breathe in this world again. And, I will not hold my breath a second longer. None of these lies I've told have made me stronger. None of the secrets I kept made me happier.

So, I'm gonna try something else now.