The word bette and tina first meet

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the word bette and tina first meet

The L Word () was an American and Canadian co-production television drama series on Showtime portraying the lives of a group of lesbian, bisexual. Showtime's television show "The L Word" () follows a fictional when she first brings her out to the waiting room to meet the couple's close friends, “ This When Bette first tells her father she and Tina are having a baby, for example. Ep. Life, Loss, Leaving - Shane and Carmen's first time in the DJ booth. Ep. - Pilot - Bette and Tina have mad, passionate sex after the.

I can't believe I used to swallow this stuff! Obviously, there are no limits to her powers!!!

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We see that Bette is a power lesbian, shouting on the phone about artwork from Paris, setting up for a show, and that discussing their insemination with their new, male therapist is, "off the table". Tina jumps in to show her support of Bette by stating, "We're both ready to start a family, right? Inwhen this episode premiered, I wasn't thinking about babies or a family.

the word bette and tina first meet

I was excited about lesbians on TV! Now I was the woman saying, "let's make a baby". Now it was real, not fiction on TV. I was the woman ordering bulk packs of ovulation test strips online for my wife to use each month as we tracked her LH levels and BBT basal body temperature.

Looking back, I wish that The L Word had been able to include more of the intricacies of lesbian pregnancy and conception. Did they have their donor tested and medically screened prior to his donation? Do they have a fertility midwife? What role will this man have in their life if they successfully conceive?

Before I know it, I'm lost in a spiral of questions about parentage, legal rights, home birth, and more. I can't help but wonder if the shows producers and directors considered including any part of this when they discussed it with their writers. Probably, but then they decided against making it too "crunchy" for the sake of ratings and time I'm assuming.

Other films do touch on lesbian mothers - like The Kids Are All Right with Julianne Moore and Annette Benning from and plenty of independent films popping up all over international screens for the past several years.

When asked about if she was writing a show specifically about lesbians she replied: They're just going to be people that you love and watch and don't think twice about any of it being weird.

It's just friendship or family or whatever that is. I think friendship is obvious, but family is not so obvious. Family changes all the time. We'll have to wait and see what One Big Happy brings to the table in order to compare it to what we've already witnessed from other fictional accounts of lesbian conception in film and television. Throughout the entire series, Bette has a reputation for throwing fits and tantrums in public and private when things do not go her way.

In addition, Bette at first has a difficult relationship with her older half-sister Kita recovering alcoholic who has often let her down.

As the series progresses, however, Bette begins to support Kit's attempts to turn her life around, and their relationship is shown to improve. Tina's miscarriage takes a toll on Bette, and when her partner decides to become involved in a charitable organization, Bette finds that their careers make it almost impossible for them to spend any time together.

At the same time, she finds herself attracted to Candace Jewell, who is working as a carpenter at the CAC. Bette tries to resist this attraction at first, but is unable to do so when Candace makes a pass at her, and subsequently begins an affair with Candace to fulfil her desires.

When Tina discovers what is going on, she flies into a rage and, in the ensuing fight, Bette rapes Tina. Tina eventually leaves Bette and moves out. Season two[ edit ] In the second season, Bette resumes her affair with Candace, but soon becomes desperate to make amends for her betrayal, and finds that her break-up with Tina is disrupting all other elements of her life.

Her job becomes an increasing pressure, especially when Tina's new lover, Helena Peabodyis added to the Board of Directors, and her boss hires another curator who threatens Bette's elevated position.

However, Tina refuses to forgive Bette, insinuating that she is only trying to mend their relationship because Candace is not sexually fulfilling enough for her.

At first, Bette feels isolated from Alice who hypocritically accuses Bette of being a "sex-addict" while she herself is having an affair with Dana, who is engaged to be married and the others, who she feels have mainly taken Tina's side in their argument. Although Shane and Jenny are both supportive of her mostly because of both Shane and Jenny, also both promiscuous, having cheated on their lovers as wellit takes a while for Bette to feel on good terms with Alice again.

After Tina begins to see Helena, however, the group appear to rally around Bette, who is now aware that Tina is pregnant again and has a great desire to raise their child together. Matters are further complicated when it is revealed that Bette's father Melvin is dying from advanced prostate cancerand is refusing treatment.

A distraught Bette brings him home to die, so that he will not be trapped in a hospital, but this difficult experience leads her to reach out to Tina. Tina, who by now feels trapped by her relationship with Helena, grows closer to Bette again, and although Melvin never really blesses his daughter's homosexual relationship, he does once refer to Tina as 'Tina' rather than 'Miss Kennard' before he dies. His death is a great blow to Bette, who receives news of the loss of her job at Melvin's funeral.

Though upset and furious, Bette continues to derive comfort from her improved relationship with Tina. Bette's relationship with Kit is also vastly improved in this season, with Kit being her main source of comfort at the beginning of the season. She helps Kit to take over The Planet cafe, and begins actively involving herself in Kit's life. Eventually Tina chooses Bette over Helena, and the end of the season shows Tina asking to move back in with Bette.

Tina's labor is surprisingly difficult, but their daughter Angelica is eventually born, and the end of the season shows Bette as calm and happy in her new family.

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Season three[ edit ] Six months later, Bette and Tina are feeling the stress of raising Angelica, Bette's unemployment and Tina going back to work for Helena at her film studio.

Their relationship experiences difficulties yet again when Tina claims to have a renewed interest in men, which results in Bette having her move out. Bette briefly becomes a Buddhist and goes on a silent retreat, but leaves it.

In the meantime, Tina begins a relationship with a divorced father, Henry Young. When Henry's son innocently asks Bette to take a "family picture" of himself and Henry with Tina and Angelica, Bette comes to the realization that Tina is only using Henry so that she will get full custody of Angelica when she and Bette separate. Desperate not to lose Angelica, Bette hires Joyce Wishnea, a gay civil rights lawyer, in order to file for sole custody, and warns Tina to stop her farce with Henry.

This time, most of their friends rally behind Bette, seeing Tina as a traitor for using her sexuality and the country's homophobic legal system against Bette. At Shane and Carmen 's wedding, Bette begins to have second thoughts about this, but when Tina gets Joyce's letter and begins to take action, Bette kidnaps Angelica and runs away.

Season four[ edit ] After being implored by her friends, Bette returns with Angelica, and Joyce persuades her and Tina to reach an agreement themselves on the basis that the court will most likely put Angelica into a heterosexual foster family.

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Soon after, Bette becomes the dean of art at a university. Her boss, Phyllis Krollconfesses to her that she is a lesbian, despite having a husband, Leonard. Later on, Bette introduces Phyllis to Alice; the two have sex and Phyllis falls madly in love with Alice, which makes Bette feel uncomfortable, particularly when Alice refuses to commit to Phyllis and Bette gets caught in the middle. In desperation, Bette puts Phyllis in contact with Joyce to help her divorce Leonard, aware of Joyce's reputation for sleeping with her clients.

Her plan works and Phyllis and Joyce begin a relationship. While working at the California University School of the Arts as a dean, Bette has an affair with one of her graduate students, Nadia, but soon breaks off the relationship because she realizes it's inappropriate.

Then, she begins a sexual relationship with Jodi Lernera sculptor who has begun lecturing at the university. Tina and Bette's relationship initially goes through some rough patches, but they gradually become friendlier with each other. Tina confesses to Bette that she still loves her and that she misses her life as a lesbian; when she meets Jodi, Tina realizes how much she wants Bette back and begins to regret ending her relationship with Bette.

Tina learns of an affair between Angus Kit's boyfriend and Tina's nanny, Hazel, and she informs Bette. This causes major stress to their relationship, as Bette wants to keep this information from her sister and Tina disagrees.

Things become even more complicated after a disastrous dinner party, thrown by Bette for Jodi, where she learns Kit—a recovering alcoholic—is drinking again to deal with Angus's infidelity.

Because of Bette's reaction to her sister's drinking, Bette and Jodi get into a heated argument. As a result of the argument, Jodi realizes that Bette's controlling ways are too much for her and takes a job offer in New York City.

In the season finale, Bette, with Alice and Shane's help, steals a sign from an old building in hopes of getting Jodi back, as Jodi had once told her that she believed it would make a great art piece. It was after speaking with Tina about her feelings for Jodi that made Bette decide to get the sign, which reads '17 reasons why'. Season five[ edit ] At the beginning of the fifth season, Bette and Jodi's relationship seems very loving to their friends.

However, it doesn't take long before the problems begin to show. When Jodi insists on bringing Bette on her annual vacation with her close friends, Bette finds herself annoyed and upset with Jodi and her friend's activities. Though Bette continues her relationship with Jodi, she longs for the life she shared with Tina.

Bette & Tina (The L Word) – Season 1, Episode 12 – First Meet & Kiss

Bette and Tina soon begin an affair, though they both claim to be unsure if they want anything more than their sexual reconnection. Tina begins a flirtation with Sam, a woman who works on the set of Lez Girls. Due to her own jealousy, Bette becomes angry with Jodi when Jodi decides to have a dinner party and invites Tina and Sam.

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When Jodi confronts Bette about their distance emotionally and sexually, Bette cannot bring herself to admit that she is still in love with Tina. During rolling blackouts, Bette and Tina are trapped in an elevator on the way to their couples therapy session.

the word bette and tina first meet

During their time in the elevator, Bette and Tina discuss their fears about their relationship and end up making love, during which Bette tells Tina she still loves her. Meanwhile, Jodi sees Bette is moody and upset about something but is not sure.

By this time, Jodi has resigned from California University after one of her students held a realistic-looking gun made of soapstone to his head in front of the class as a form of art. While on their Subaru Pink Ride, Jodi learns of the affair during a game of 'I Never' when Alice drunkenly begins calling Bette a "giant and 'gi-normous' cheater" for having cheated on Tina and on Alice herself when they were dating.