Volume does not meet the requirements for this update 10 6 7

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volume does not meet the requirements for this update 10 6 7

For Amazon Linux WorkSpaces, root volume is mapped to /, and user volume is from an Amazon WorkSpaces Windows 7 bundle to a Windows 10 bundle? No. . You can update an existing bundle with a new image that contains the same tier of . licenses to WorkSpaces if they meet Microsoft's licensing requirements. The publication of WCAG does not deprecate or supersede WCAG current version of WCAG when developing or updating Web accessibility policies . .. Identify Purpose (AAA); Reflow (AA); Non-Text to WCAG , which means they meet the requirements of any policies that. Jan 28, An error may exist in Apple's latest updates, where the claim “This volume does not meet the requirements for this update” pkgutil --expand ~/ Desktop/OSXUpdCombopkg ~/Desktop/ Mike March 23, at pm . May (2); April (7); March (4); February (3).

The Graphics bundles are well-suited good for general-purpose graphics workloads such as computer-aided design, manufacturing, and engineering software. Graphics bundles provide a Windows 7 desktop experience powered by Windows Server R2 or a Windows 10 desktop experience powered by Windows Server The GraphicsPro bundles are ideal for complex graphics applications such as 3D visualizations, 3D rendering, image processing, video encoding, media encoding, seismic visualization, and data mining.

GraphicsPro bundles provide a Windows 10 desktop experience powered by Windows Server Can I create a custom image for my GPU-enabled bundles? If there is context switching between multiple windows, or if 3D models are being manipulated, bandwidth use can increase to several megabits per second.

WorkSpaces gives you an option to run Windows 7 or Windows 10 desktop images on physically dedicated hardware, which lets you maintain license compliance for your Windows desktops when you bring your own licenses to WorkSpaces.

If your organization meets the licensing requirements set by Microsoft, you can bring your Windows 7 and Windows 10 Enterprise or Professional licenses to Amazon WorkSpaces. Please consult with Microsoft if you have any questions about your eligibility to bring your own Windows Desktop licenses. What benefits are there in bringing my own Windows desktop licenses to Amazon WorkSpaces?

Additionally, you can now use a single golden image to manage your physical and virtual desktop deployments. Please consult with your Microsoft representative to confirm your eligibility in bringing your Windows Desktop licenses to Amazon WorkSpaces.

In order to ensure that you have adequate dedicated capacity allocated to your account, please reach out to your AWS account manager or sales representative to enable your account for BYOL. You can then launch your newly created custom WorkSpaces bundle as new WorkSpaces for your users through the WorkSpaces Management console.

You can see more information on the BYOL process in our documentation. You can use the standard WorkSpaces image management functionality to further customize the Windows 7 or Windows 10 Desktop image and save it as a new Amazon Workspaces image in your account. Can I launch new Amazon WorkSpaces using one of the pre-configured public bundles in the same directory with custom Windows bundles I brought to WorkSpaces? WorkSpaces launched in a directory marked for dedicated hardware can only be from the custom bundle you created that has your Windows 7 or Windows 10 Desktop image.

When you communicate with your sales representative or technical support, simply specify the region s in which you want to launch Amazon WorkSpaces using your own Windows desktop operating systems.

Yes, you need to commit to running Amazon WorkSpaces in a region per month on hardware that is dedicated to you. If you want to bring your own Windows desktop licenses for graphics use cases, you need to commit to at least 4 monthly or 20 hourly GPU-enabled WorkSpaces. How long will it take before I can launch Amazon WorkSpaces using my own Windows desktop licenses and image? Amazon WorkSpaces launched on dedicated hardware will be balanced across two AZs.

You select the AZs for Amazon WorkSpaces when you create the directory in which your Amazon WorkSpaces will be launched, and subsequent launches of Amazon WorkSpaces are automatically load balanced across the AZs selected when you created the directory.

What happens when I terminate Amazon WorkSpaces that are launched on physically dedicated hardware? You can terminate Amazon WorkSpaces when you no longer need them. You will only be billed for the Amazon WorkSpaces that are running.

What happens to Amazon WorkSpaces that are rebuilt or restarted on physically dedicated hardware? Amazon WorkSpaces that are rebuilt or restarted can be placed on any available physical server allocated to your account. A re-start or rebuild of an Amazon WorkSpace can result in that instance being placed on a different physical server that has been allocated to your account.

Amazon Linux WorkSpaces Q: What is Amazon Linux WorkSpaces? Amazon Linux WorkSpaces are enterprise ready cloud desktops that organizations can provide to developers, engineers, students or office workers to get their work done. Office workers can use pre-installed applications like Libre Office for editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, Evolution for email, Firefox for web browsing, GIMP for image editing, Pidgin for instant messaging, and many others.

Which applications and tools come with Amazon Linux WorkSpaces? Amazon Linux WorkSpaces include a selection of desktop utilities and tools, development tools, and general productivity applications. You can always install more applications from the Amazon Linux repositories or from other RPM based Linux repositories.

To get started, simply create or select users from your configured directory, select Amazon Linux WorkSpaces bundles, and launch. Your users will receive instructions via email for connecting to their WorkSpaces.

Please see here for the list of available hardware bundles. How much does it cost to use Amazon Linux WorkSpaces? Amazon Linux WorkSpaces are available with both the hourly and monthly billing options.

Detailed pricing is available here. Which package manager does Amazon Linux supports? Amazon Linux is RPM based and uses yum package manager. Which repositories are available with Amazon Linux WorkSpaces?

You can always add other RPM based Linux repositories. How can I request new packages for the Amazon Linux repositories? Packages will be added at the sole discretion of Amazon Web Services. What directory types are supported for Amazon Linux WorkSpaces? What hardware bundles are available for Amazon Linux WorkSpaces? Amazon Linux WorkSpaces are available with different hardware bundle in all regions where the Amazon WorkSpaces service operates. For a complete list, please see here.

You can customize settings and install additional software on Amazon Linux WorkSpaces. You can also create custom images using the Amazon WorkSpaces console or API and use those images to launch WorkSpaces with your customizations for other users in your organization. Is sudo access enabled by default on Amazon Linux WorkSpaces? By default, Amazon Linux WorkSpaces users get sudo access while root user is disabled for them.

Compliance and Security Q: Which credentials should be used to sign in to Amazon WorkSpaces? Users sign into their WorkSpace using their own unique credentials, which they can create after a WorkSpace has been provisioned for them. If you have integrated the Amazon WorkSpaces service with an existing Active Directory domain, users will sign in with their regular Active Directory credentials.

Can I control the client devices that access my Amazon WorkSpaces? You can restrict access to Amazon WorkSpaces based on the client OS type, and using digital certificates. What is a digital certificate? A digital certificate is a digital form of identity that is valid for a specified period of time, which is used as a credential that provides information about the identity of an entity, as well as other supporting information.

A digital certificate is issued by a certificate authority CAand the CA guarantees the validity of the information in the certificate. What devices use digital certificates to control access to Amazon WorkSpaces? How do I use digital certificates to control access to Amazon WorkSpaces? To use digital certificates to block or allow access to Amazon WorkSpaces, you upload your root certificates to the WorkSpaces management console and distribute your client certificates to the macOS and Windows devices you want to trust.

How many root certificates can be imported to an Amazon WorkSpaces directory? If two root certificates are imported, WorkSpaces will present both root certificates to the client device, and the client device will use the first certificate that chains up to either root certificate.

Can I control client device access to Amazon WorkSpaces without using digital certificates? You can control access to Amazon WorkSpaces using the device type only. Multi-Factor Authentication adds an additional layer of security during the authentication process. Users must validate their identity by providing something they know e.

volume does not meet the requirements for this update 10 6 7

What delivery methods are supported for MFA? Amazon supports one time passwords that are delivered via hardware and software tokens.

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Out of band tokens, such as SMS tokens are not currently supported. What happens if a user forgets the password to access their Amazon WorkSpace? If either AD Connector or AWS Microsoft AD is used to integrate with an existing Active Directory domain, the user would follow your existing lost password process for your domain, such as contacting an internal helpdesk.

How will Amazon WorkSpaces be protected from malware and viruses? The Plus bundle options offer users access to anti-virus software, and you can find more details on this here. If you choose to install your own anti-virus software, please ensure that it does not block UDP portas this will prevent users connecting to their WorkSpaces.

volume does not meet the requirements for this update 10 6 7

Please see our documentation. This OU can be part of the domain to which your users belong, or part of a domain that has a trust relationship with the domain to which your users belong, or part of a child domain in your directory.

Please see our documentation for more details. An Access Control group is made up of a set of rules, each rule specifies a specific permitted IP address or range of addresses. How can I implement IP address-based access controls? You will have two ways to do this: Can IP address-based access controls be used with all WorkSpaces clients? This feature also supports zero clients using MFA.

Are there any scenarios where a non-whitelisted IP address could access a WorkSpace? The initial connection would require a whitelisted IP address. You will need to whitelist your public IPs with this feature, so if you have a NAT, you will need to allow access from the IPs coming from it.

Can I customize the login workflow for my end users login experience? How do I enable URI? By providing these links to users, you enable them to use the URI on any device that has the WorkSpaces client installed. WorkSpaces URIs are ideal for organizations that have an existing secure internal landing page or service portal where users access their applications.

You can customize and then share the WorkSpaces URI to the portal, which gives users an easy way to access their WorkSpaces without requiring them to enter their user name and MFA multiple times or label their URI to remember which WorkSpaces registration code belongs which directory.

Does Amazon WorkSpaces support encryption? Amazon WorkSpaces supports root volume and user volume encryption. Which Amazon WorkSpaces bundle types support encryption? Encryption is supported on all Amazon WorkSpaces hardware and software bundle types. It also includes all Plus application bundles. Additionally, any custom bundles also support encryption.

volume does not meet the requirements for this update 10 6 7

How can I encrypt a new Amazon WorkSpace? Note that during the launch of a WorkSpace, you can specify whether you want encryption for the user volume, root volume or both volumes, and the key provided will be used to encrypt the volumes specified. Can I use different keys to encrypt the root and user volumes of a WorkSpace? The root and user volumes are encrypted using a single key. You cannot manage the lifecycle of default master keys. In order to use KMS keys to encrypt Amazon WorkSpaces, the key must not be disabled, and should not have exceeded its limits learn more about limits here.

You also need to have the correct permissions and policies associated with the key to use it for encryption. To learn more about the correct permissions and policies needed on the keys, please refer to our documentation. How will I be notified if my KMS key does not meet the pre-requisites outlined above? When you launch a new WorkSpace with the key specified, the WorkSpaces service will verify if the key is valid and eligible to be used for encryption.

If the key is not valid, the launch process will fail quickly and notify you of the error associated with the key. Please note that if you change the key settings while the WorkSpace is being created, there is a chance that provisioning will fail and you will be notified of this failure through the AWS Management Console or through the DescribeWorkSpaces API call.

How will I be able to tell which Amazon WorkSpaces are encrypted and which ones are not? In addition to that, you will also be able to tell which volume s on the WorkSpace were encrypted, and the key ARN that was used to encrypt the WorkSpace.

Can I enable encryption of volumes on a running Amazon WorkSpace? Encryption of WorkSpaces is only supported during the creation and launch of a WorkSpace. Users will be able to login and use the WorkSpace without interruption. Is it possible to disable encryption for a running Amazon WorkSpace? Amazon WorkSpaces does not support disabling encryption for a running WorkSpace.

Once a WorkSpace is launched with encryption enabled, it will always remain encrypted.

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Will snapshots of an encrypted user volume also be encrypted? All snapshots of the user volume will be encrypted using the same key that was used to encrypt the user volume of the WorkSpace when it was created. The user volume once encrypted stays encrypted throughout its lifecycle.

Please note that Amazon WorkSpaces does not take snapshots of the root volume of a running WorkSpace. Can I re-build an Amazon WorkSpace that has been encrypted? Rebuilds of a WorkSpace will work as long as the key that was used to encrypt the WorkSpace is still valid. The WorkSpace volume s stay encrypted using the original key after it has been rebuilt.

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Can I create a custom image from a WorkSpace that has been encrypted? Creating a custom image from a WorkSpace that is encrypted is not supported. Will the performance of my WorkSpace be impacted because the volume s are encrypted? You can expect a minimum increase in latency on IOPS on encrypted volumes.

Will encryption impact the launch time of an Amazon WorkSpace? The launch time of a WorkSpace that only requires user volume encryption are similar to those of an unencrypted WorkSpace. The launch time of a WorkSpace that requires root volume encrypt will take several more minutes. Encrypted resources in one region cannot be used in a different region, because a KMS key belongs to the region in which it was created. Is there a charge for encrypting volumes on Amazon WorkSpaces?

Can I rotate my KMS keys? WorkDocs Sync Client Q: What is the Amazon WorkDocs sync client? The Amazon WorkDocs sync client is a client application that you can install on your Amazon WorkSpaces with Windows, which continuously, automatically, and securely syncs documents from your Amazon WorkSpace to your Amazon WorkDocs location.

You can also install the Amazon WorkDocs sync client on a Mac or Windows to sync documents across all desktops they may be using. When an Amazon WorkSpace is launched, users will have a link on their desktop so that they can install the Amazon WorkDocs sync client. The client can be downloaded here. When you create a directory, or use AD Connector to integrate with an existing Active Directory, you can choose to enable or disable Amazon WorkDocs sync for that directory.

Currently you cannot enable or disable Amazon WorkDocs sync on a per-user basis. Single Sign-On SSO can be enabled so that when users are signed in to their Amazon WorkSpace they will be automatically signed in to their Amazon WorkDocs sync client, and will not be required to provide credentials when they access the web client from their Amazon WorkSpace. For more information and detailed setup see our documentation. Amazon WAM accelerates software deployment, upgrades, patching, and retirement by packaging Microsoft Windows desktop applications into virtualized application containers that run as though they are natively installed.

How are Amazon WAM applications delivered to users? Amazon WAM delivers desktop apps to users' WorkSpaces with Windows as virtualized app containers using a unique cloud delivery technology. The applications execute on a WorkSpace from within the virtualized container and provide performance similar to natively-installed applications. You can build an application catalog using applications for which you own licenses, proprietary applications built in-house, and applications from the AWS Marketplace for Desktop Apps.

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Applications from the catalog can be made required or optional. Required applications are automatically installed on the appropriate WorkSpaces; optional applications are made available to users for on-demand installation. What type of applications can be delivered using Amazon WAM? Both bit and bit applications are supported.

You can track usage for any applications assigned to users. How do end users access applications that are assigned using Amazon WAM? Users can open the Amazon WAM desktop app and see all the applications available to them. You can set up applications to be required or optional. Required applications are automatically installed on user's WorkSpace, and optional applications can be installed via the Amazon WAM desktop app.

There is no limit to the number of applications you can add to your Amazon WAM catalog. However, storage charges apply to applications that you upload to Amazon WAM, after the first GB of storage used for your applications. You can assign up to 50 applications to each Amazon WorkSpaces user. Yes, you can assign tags to applications and service-related charges for WAM by simply tagging your Amazon WorkSpaces.

To learn more about assigning tags to your Amazon WorkSpaces, follow the steps listed on this web page: Can I have users on both the Lite and the Standard plans?

You can subscribe to either the Lite or Standard plan, and all users will be on the same plan. Can I change my subscription plan during the billing period? You have the opportunity to view the current usage before confirming the upgrade.

What will happen to my applications if I downgrade from the Standard to the Lite plan? Users will be moved to the most up to date version of applications from AWS Marketplace for Desktop Apps, and will lose access to any applications that you packaged and uploaded to Amazon WAM. Is there a limit for storage of my app packages?

Both the Lite and Standard plans include GB of storage for the apps, and S3 charges will apply for additional storage. Packages created and approved by you within your AWS account can be shared with other AWS accounts in the same region.

volume does not meet the requirements for this update 10 6 7

You can set up package sharing via the Packages tab on the Amazon WAM console by adding package permissions to the AWS account to which you wish to share the package.

At this time, you cannot place any restrictions on packages that are shared. You can use an Amazon WAM package shared with you by creating an application and assigning the application to your users.

Can I make any changes to a package that has been shared with my account? A package made available to you by another AWS account cannot be modified.

How do I know if I can trust a package that has been shared with my account? Always verify that your package is shared from a trusted source. Once you delete a package, all versions of the package will be deleted. If you have an application created, you will first need to delete the application before you can delete the package.

Therefore, all exchange revenue related to the cost of operations must be deducted from gross cost to determine the net cost of operations for the entity. At the governmentwide level, these collections are recognized as revenue. Significant Entities that report a Statement or Note on Custodial Activity in their comparative, audited consolidated, department-level financial statements reclassify exchange revenue without associated costs virtually no costand non-exchange revenue from the Statement or Note on Custodial Activity to the Closing Package line items on the Statement of Operations and Changes in Net Position.

The agency must ensure the amounts reported with its own trading partner AID eliminate appropriately. At the governmentwide level, the U. Government Balance Sheet shows separately the portion of the net position attributable to funds from dedicated collections which can be presented as consolidated or combined preferably combined and labeled accordingly. The standard further requires the disclosure of condensed information on assets, liabilities, and net cost for all funds from dedicated collections.

The disclosure may be presented as combined or consolidated preferably combined amount, and the presentation must be labeled accordingly.

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If an agency decides to present the Balance Sheet net position as consolidated, it may disclose a crosswalk from the consolidated to combined net position amounts in the Funds from Dedicated Collection Note. The crosswalk will be concurrence to process a journal voucher at the governmentwide level, converting the Balance Sheet net position from consolidated to combined.

This will crosswalk the funds from dedicated collections amounts and activity to the applicable Closing Package line items. Additional note disclosure information on Funds from Dedicated Collections is required in the Closing Package, Appendix 3, and Note 22, to be completed by both Significant and Other Entities with activity from funds from dedicated collections.

When an individual is sentenced in a federal criminal case, the judge may order the defendant to pay certain financial obligations, which may include a case assessment, fine, restitution, penalty, bail bond forfeiture, or interest. Attorneys EOUSA is responsible for establishing policies and procedures for the collection of criminal monetary penalties.

Attorneys are responsible for the enforcement of judgments, fines, penalties, and forfeitures imposed in their respective districts. There are 93 U. Attorneys publish the Annual Statistical Report that contains statistical tables displaying both national and district caseload data, covering the many priorities of the U. Attorneys in both criminal prosecution and civil litigation.

volume does not meet the requirements for this update 10 6 7

The CDCS is the system of record for debts being collected by Justice on behalf of others, including federal agencies. The system is used by the U. The funds collected in federal restitution are disbursed back to the appropriate federal agencies, while funds collected in bond forfeitures, fines and assessments are deposited into the Crime Victims Fund. Funds collected from penalties and certain costs are deposited in the General Fund of the U. Courts assist Justice with the receipt and distribution of financial obligations ordered in a criminal judgment and serve as a conduit between the defendant and Justice.

The majority of payments made to satisfy criminal restitution are received at the Clerk of Court offices. The Clerk of Court offices have the payee details from the criminal judgment to ensure proper disbursement of payments. Non-exchange revenue should be recognized when a specifically identifiable, legally enforceable claim to resources arises, to the extent that collection is probable more likely than not and the amount is reasonably estimable SFFAS No.

For accounts receivable resulting from non-exchange transactions, recognition is based on the completion of the assessment process that establishes an identifiable, legally enforceable claim to cash or other assets SFFAS No. Federal accounting standards require that an allowance for uncollectible amounts be established to reduce the gross amount of receivables to its net realizable value SFFAS No. Public Access to Court Electronic Records PACER is an electronic public access service that allows registered users to obtain case and docket information online from federal appellate, district, and bankruptcy courts.

The Judgment in a Criminal Case form issued by a court is a public record filed with the Clerk of Courts. The Judgment in a Criminal Case form includes a schedule for Criminal Monetary Penalties, which details if any assessments, fines, or restitution have been established in the final judgment in a criminal case, and lists the payees and amount of restitution ordered for each payee.

This schedule also indicates if the fine or restitution are subject to interest. The Judgment in a Criminal Case form also includes the Schedule of Payments, which lists the specific details as to when payments are to commence and the frequency of when payments are due. When a federal agency is listed as a payee in the Judgment in a Criminal Case form, the legally enforceable claim to cash or other assets is established.

As such, Significant Entities cannot enter information related to the Statements of Social Insurance and the Statement of Changes in Social Insurance Amounts into a separate financial statement module. Non-federal individuals and entities must have an ownership interest in the cash or other assets held by the government under provision of loan, regulation, or other fiduciary arrangement.

Agencies should account for this fiduciary activity, which includes the collection of cash or other assets and their distribution to the non-federal owners or their beneficiaries, in accordance with SFFAS No. In accordance with the standard, there is relatively similar government activity that is specifically excluded from the SFFAS No. In addition, the government must disclose that the fiduciary assets are not assets of the government and are, therefore, not recognized on the U.

However, at the governmentwide level, the U. Government Balance Sheet recognizes a liability for fiduciary cash held in Fund Balance with Treasury and a liability for fiduciary investments in U. Agencies must make sure to report the TASs that are fiduciary to Fiscal Service to ensure the data crosswalks properly.

S Government General Fund. They are not synonymous and agencies must distinguish one from the other when designating an appropriate trading partner code. General Fund Receipt Accounts GFRAs are credited with all funds from collections that are not identified by law for another account for a specific purpose.

Therefore, in order to prevent Intragovernmental differences with the General Fund, agencies must notify the General Fund of any applicable non-CARS reported data attributed to their agency by the eighth business day following the end of a quarter.