Cache regional track meet at baylor

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cache regional track meet at baylor

6/10/ Baylor. Eugene, Ore. NCAA Division I Outdoor Championships . NCAA DI East Regional .. Jace Lacoste Invitational CeCe Williams ,, Joanna Atkins , Cache Armbrister' , Kai Selvon' Licensed to Flash Results, Inc. Hy-Tek's Meet Manager 6/14/ FR Baylor q 1 12 41 Cache Armbrister FR Auburn q 3. D-I Outdoor Track Regional Results: Day One. Baylor's Trey Harts led all qualifiers with a time of The men's long jump . In the women's m, Auburn's Cache Armbrister was the fastest qualifier with a time of

For example, if there is only one section of a given course, it may not be possible to remove the responding party from that course until an investigation has been completed. In that case, students may be given specific instructions on how to conduct themselves within the confines of a given course and students may be provided with specific routes that they must take to and from class to avoid unsupervised contact.

Modify access to API activities: The responding party may participate in the activities that are not selected by the reporting party. These arrangements will continue until the API investigation has been concluded.

A full refund of all forfeited activities will be offered to both parties until the investigation has been completed. API may require the reporting and responding parties to sign an agreement specifying that they will make every effort to avoid unsupervised contact. Deliberate violation of such an agreement by either party could result in immediate dismissal from the program, even if the formal API investigation remains ongoing.

cache regional track meet at baylor

It is important that the reporting party is aware that API cannot fully control the host environment. A reporting party should be aware of the risk of coming into unsupervised contact with a responding party outside of program spaces and sponsored activities. If a reporting party elects to file a police report with local authorities, API may be required by law to defer or suspend an internal investigation.

cache regional track meet at baylor

API will continue to support the reporting party and provide guidance to the responding party during this time. In general, the investigation will proceed as follows: API will ask the reporting party to share the specific allegations in writing, providing as much detail as possible.

Then the reporting party will complete an official interview with leadership in the API Student Services division via, telephone, Skype, or another communication method. A note-taker may be present during the interview.

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A synopsis of the interview will be provided to the reporting party to verify accuracy following the interview. API will inform the responding party ies of the accusations and require them to provide written testimony of their actions during the specific window of time in question within 72 hours of receiving the request from API. All responding parties must also complete an official interview with leadership in the API Student Services division via telephone, Skype, or another communication method.

A synopsis of the interview will be provided to the responding party to verify accuracy following the interview. Both the reporting and responding parties will be permitted to review the written testimonies of the other party. They will then be required to provide feedback within 72 hours of receiving the request from API, and submit any additional documentation considered relevant, including a list of witnesses to corroborate their respective testimonies.

API will interview any applicable witnesses. In the majority of cases, it will be impossible to interview witnesses without making reference to the specific allegations in question, as well as to the parties involved.

Based on any physical evidence available, personal testimonies, and witness testimonies, API will ultimately make a ruling about the likelihood that the reported incident occurred. Following standards set forth by the U. In simple terms, this means that if API finds that the alleged incident is more likely to have happened than not, API will proceed to discipline the responding party and may immediately dismiss the responding party from the API program.

Unless delayed by local law provisions, API will seek to conduct and conclude an investigation within 30 days of the allegations being shared by the reporting party. Even if a reporting party does not choose to pursue an investigation, API will take reasonable action to support the participant to successfully complete the API program.

If API has cause to believe the allegations are true, API may choose to dismiss a participant at any time to protect the reporting party or fellow participants from potential harm, without conducting an extensive investigation. To do, the participant reporting the behavior will be asked to: Share the specific allegations in writing, providing as much detail as possible.

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The interview may be conducted via telephone, Skype, or another form of communication. Depending on the severity of the charges e. Assign a new API representative to be the point of contact for the reporting participant on-site. If only one API representative is based in the host city, an API representative from the same country shall be assigned to support the participant or a non-API representative could be identified to work with the participant who has reported the incident.

Istrouma 14; Teurlings Catholic 14; Northwood 10; Carroll 10; Washington-Marion 4; Beau Chene 4; West Ouachita 3; Minden 3; Broadmoor 2; Peabody 2; Field events Shot put: Taylor Benjamin, Alexandria, Marcella LeBlanc, Northside, Rechelle Bessard, Abbeville, ; 6.

Eldreaon Washington, Cox, Marcella LeBlanc, Northside, ; 2. Ashley McElroy, Eunice, ; 3. Rechelle Bessard, Abbeville, Javelin: Brandy Manuel, Opelousas, Rechelle Bessard, Abbeville, Delanie Nock, Parkway, Janeicia Neely, Cabrini, Devinn Rolland, Cabrini, Tamara Williams, McKinley, Danielle Zeenon, Northside, Irikas Bellock, Cox, Triple jump: Janae Fountain, Carroll, ; 2.

Starya Levy, Abbeville, Brittani Smith, Northwood, ; 2.

cache regional track meet at baylor

Starya Levy, Abbeville, ; 3. Pamala Lee, Haughton, J; 6. Samara Diniswayo, Salmen, Pole vault: Brittany Pfantz, DeRidder, ; 2. Paige Bates, Teurlings Catholic, ; 3. Ashley Pfantz, DeRidder, ; Running events meters: Kim Francis, Northside, Martinique Octave, McDonogh 35; Akia Carter, Istrouma, Vinnessa Barthelomew, Cox, Martinique Octave, McDonogh 35, Cherise Mason, Opelousas, Vinnessa Berthelomew, Cox, Diamond Every, Karr, Shardea Henry, LaGrange, 2: Rachel Easton, LaGrange, 2: Karensa Ellis, Alexandria, 2: Devin Degrue, Karr, 2: Karensa Ellis, Alexandria, 5: Yosha Watson, Lagrange, 5: Karensa Ellis, Alexandria, Emily Lantz, Haughton, Rachel Eskine, Cabrini, Irikas Bellock, Cox, Kaitlyn Moreau, Teurlings Catholic, Rachel Easton, LaGrange, Marlisia Carey, McDonogh 35, Port Allen 34; 4.

Jewel Sumner 19; Erath 12; Wossman 12; De La Salle 9; Iota 7; Cohen 6; Patterson; North Vermilion 6; Mary 4; Crowley 4; Clark 4; Independence 4; Richwood 4; Winnfield 3 Field events Shot put: Rashod Albert, Lutcher, Orrin Fontenot, Parkview, Ashton Williams, Rayville, Orrin Fontenot, Parkview, ; 2. Chad Abshire, Iota, Rashod Albert, Lutcher, Javelin: Derek Hampton, Albany, ; 2. Phillip LeBlanc, Notre Dame, ; 3. Christopher Jenkins, Northwest, ; Long jump: Tyrone Carter, Rayville, ; 2.

Brainard Crump, De La Salle, Bryson Abraham, Jenninsg, Dexter McCoil, Lutcher, Bradley Hines, Franklin, Daylon Thibeaux, Kaplan, Bryson Abraham, Jennings, Byron Butler, Douglass, William LeBlanc, Cecilia, ; 2. Caleb Gammel, Buckeye, ; 3. Chris Tyson, Erath; 6. Caleb Stanford, Church Point, ; 3. Johnathon Toups, Erath, J Jonathan Johnson, Port Allen, Cornell Hill, Redemptorist, Ryan Thomason, Westlake, Xavier McGhee, Franklin, Demascus Jackson, Northeast, Lamaruis Reese, Plaquemine, Frederick Thomas, Lutcher, Carson Hargroder, Jennings, 2: Joe Lasseign, Berwick, 2: Alan Angeron, Patterson, 2: Leonard Foy, Clark, 2: Cody Trout, Sumner, 4: Cedric Jackson, Wossman, 4: Jonathan Grace, Parkview, 4: Jesse McDavitt, Redemptorist, Joseph Legrange, Redemptorist, Leonel Moreno, Sumner, Drake Duhon, Lutcher, Eric Berry, Jennings, Michael Barnes, Northwest, Blake Hollier, Westlake, Roosevelt Wright, Northeast, West Feliciana 66; 3.

Sacred Heart 35; 7. Xavier Prep 34; 8. Jewel Sumner 18; Cecilia 14; McMain 14; North Vermilion 12; Catholic-New Iberia 10; Franklin 8; North DeSoto 8; Notre Dame 6; Northwest 4; Iowa 4; Berwick 2; Lutcher 2; Rayville 2; Westlake 1; Kaplan 1. Laterrica Brown, West Feliciana, ; 2. Chelsea Ellzey, Sumner, ; 3.

cache regional track meet at baylor

Kernisha Gradley, Franklin, Annie Simoneaux, Rayne, ; 2. Samone Coaxum, North Desoto, ; 3. Laterrica Brown, West Feliciana, Amanda Hatcher, Winnfield, ; 3. Aja Saott, West Feliciana, Siedda Herbert, Port Allen, Judy Jones, Wossman, Tina Booth, Loranger, ; Triple jump: Natasha Wiltz, Cecilia, Judy Jones, Wossman, ; 2. Bethany Burst, Sacred Heart, J Morgann Leleux, Catholic-New Iberia, ; 2.

cache regional track meet at baylor

Tanya Crowe, Sumner, ; 3.