Fenton brewery swap meet

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Endurance Swap meet February 11, 11am to 4pm at the Fenton Winery and Brewery ( N Long Lake Rd Fenton). Madone Boone 9. As a catalyst for socialization, beer and brewing have been parts of our culture for of the craft brewer definition at its fourth quarter meeting in Scottsdale, Ariz. Fenton, MI Photo of Crust - Fenton, MI, United States. Josh W. The bloody comes with multiple liquor options and a mini beer which is always nice.

It's a cozier, more button-down place.

Matt Sherrow '98 discusses building Fenton Winery and Brewery

For decades, the antique dealers have tried to brand their blocks as an alcove where tourists and collectors can browse through the furnishings of yesteryear. Until recently, Cherokee's wild western half hadn't really encroached on the serene eastern half.

Row on Cherokee's Antique Row: Merchants Take on St. Louis Swap Meet

Then along came a proposal to drop the wild element — New Cherokee — right in their backyard. The arrival of the St.

Louis Swap Meet launched a debate about fair competition. It's also brought one question to the fore.

The St. Louis Swap Meet Is Heading to the Arch Grounds | Arts Blog

If the forces of renewal in New Cherokee are now unstoppable, as they appear to be, how will historic Antique Row manage to fit in? Martin Casas, 34, has been active in local Democrat circles since the mid-aughts, but he grew up in Orange County, California.

There, flea markets are called "swap meets. His plan went beyond a typical flea market. He envisioned a weekly event with music and food trucks that would also serve as a small-business incubator for artists, farmers, craft-makers and entrepreneurs.

Those with vintage items might compete with Antique Row, Casas knew, but the extra foot traffic along Cherokee would make up for it. Louis Swap Meet Casas pitched his idea to several nearby business and neighborhood bodies. They warmed to it.

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He failed, however, to woo any merchants right next door to his planned project: This failure would come back to haunt him. Feeling sidelined, a few merchants penned letters of opposition to Casas' permit application last December. The year-old owner of Interior Accents wrote that by approving the Swap Meet as proposed, "the city would be turning its back" on Antique Row. They also pay a business license fee based on their number of employees, plus an additional 50 percent of that amount to join the Cherokee Lemp Special Business District which largely overlaps with CARMA's boundaries.

Endurance Sports Swap – Feb. 22

All those funds, Schrier says, go to marketing and promoting Antique Row — everything from a website to special street signs to event posters to brochures to ads in the Post-Dispatch. A market that offered only "junk" could tarnish it and siphon away business. But in early May, Casas received a summons to City Hall. Someone else had appealed his permit. Casas showed up to the Board of Adjustment's appeal hearing on May 20, fresh off the success of his first Swap Meet.

More than a dozen supporters joined him. Four of them testified, including Jeff Vines, who along with his brother Randy owns STL Style, a locally-inspired apparel shop fifteen blocks west of the market site. He pointed out that the alternative to the event was an idle parking lot.

Sad news for St. Louis treasure hunters and bargain finders: Louis Swap Meet will not be returning this summer. The good news, however, is that it is not gone for good. The flea market, which began along Cherokee Street's Antique Row in and added dates along the riverfront last summer, announced Monday on Facebook and Twitter that it intends to reopen in The location and timing are "still a mystery," the organization announced, promising to notify patrons once it is decided.

Upon taking office, Krewson appointed him as a special assistant to the mayor. Casas says he decided to put the swap meet on hold as he gets used to his new job. Louis Swap Meet met with opposition in the past from Antique Row shop owners, who were concerned about competition to their businesses and actively fought his permit at City Hall.

However, Casas says nothing like that prompted his decision to postpone the swap meet this year. He adds, "I knew that we had to prove ourselves, that we could be good partners and could be good neighbors, and by the end of the season we were.