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park meet and greet co uk gatwick reviews

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The driver took a really long time to fill out his paperwork, really struggling to copy reg plate and write down mileage, but we had plenty of time before our check-in so we were patient. Collection was where the real problems began. I called as we collected our last suitcase. The flustered sounding controller told me where to meet the driver and I asked him to confirm twice as it was different to drop off.

park meet and greet co uk gatwick reviews

When I asked a third time if the pick-up was different to drop off, he realised he was describing the wrong terminal. Lots of other weary travellers getting into their cars with other companies.

I called again after 10 mins and was told there was traffic. More people came and drove off in their cars, we waited. I called again to have an older sounding Indian man bark something unintelligible and hang up on me, twice.

park meet and greet co uk gatwick reviews

Then I called again to ask what the problem was and I was told nothing other than I had to be 'more patient'. After 45 mins, a car bearing no similarity in colour, registration, make or model pulled up and sat for 10 mins with the engine running. The driver was talking animatedly on his phone.

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I recognised him as the man who picked my car up. I went over and asked if he knew where our car was and he sheepishly admitted he had brought the wrong car.

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I called the controller again and told him what I'd discovered. He said the 'stupid driver' took the wrong car. The driver told me that the controller was the stupid one because he'd given him the wrong details.

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He tried to reassure me that his staffs were looking for my car in all the car parks they used. He told us he could not work out how this had happened because all the keys are kept in their cabinet which is locked, but the keys are missing and there has been NO forced entry!

park meet and greet co uk gatwick reviews

To that I replied well it must be someone within your company? To that he replied that they had a disgruntled staff member who they fired 2 weeks ago as he was stealing money from the company. He had a feeling that their ex-employee might have stolen my car!!

park meet and greet co uk gatwick reviews

He obviously saw ' a window of opportunity when the van driver takes all the keys out at the same time and moves cars around. The so called ex-employee must have quickly identified my car keys as the tag would have said MERC He obviously wanted the latest model car. I was so shocked to hear this, the Manger was telling me that an ex staff member has stolen my car! He said 'believe me Madame, me and my brothers will be investigating the matter ourselves and paying this person a visit'.

Again I just didn't know what else to say. I got their insurance details and name of the owner who by the way did not even come to see us.