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Ranabima royal college,peradeniya; Ranasinghe Premadasa National School, . SRI RAHULA V. DOMBAWELA, MAHAWELA; SRI SANGAMITTA B.M.V. MATALE .. Introduce Cricket and Soccer in the future, annual trip, Sport meet, The University of Ruhuna is a Sri Lankan national university in Matara, Sri Lanka. M-S. Male Student. SDG. Sustainable Development Goal Signatories of the UN SDGs across the world are striving to meet these objectives gender dynamics and attempts to improve them (Haseena, , Tom & Praveen, ). Rahula College,. Matara x. Weligama. F-FS6. If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster .. tour to Sri Lanka in May in conjunction with School Sport and our first against Holy Cross College at the Surrey Village Cricket .. a year after he had arrived in Panadura he married Miss. . Matara is a major city in Sri Lanka, on the southern coast of.

The vast number of people who flocked to pay their last respects to this wonderful lady was testament to her popularity and admirable personality. She was laid to rest at the Masjidul Abrar Mosque in Maradana, Beruwala where the rest of her family are buried. Wapamma, your passing away marks a sad end of an era at the Marikar residence.

May almighty Allah grant you the highest abode of Jannathul Firdouse. Loving thoughts of a wonderful wife It is with a sense of deep sadness I write about my loving wife Victoreen. We spent a happy and peaceful wedded life for almost 40 long years and Victoreen passed away peacefully on August 25, after a brief illness. Vicky ten years have passed since I lost the light of my life. Although you cannot hear my voice or see my smiles, no more will you walk beside me, just as you did before.

Vicky, I feel the love you had for me and hear you in my heart. Your gentle loving, admirable, qualities, and sincerity were evident at the crowds that thronged at your last journey.

It broke my heart to walk beside you on that fateful day. I think of you in silence and often speak your name Now, all I have are memories and a photo in a frame.

Your memory is a keepsake, from which I will never part. Today, tomorrow and forever my whole life through, I will always love and cherish you. In secret I weep, in silence I cry, as each lonely day passes by. There is only one thought that eases the pain, that is, knowing we will be together again.

Loving thoughts till the end of time of a wonderful wife I am proud was mine.

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For all you gave me and our children through the years, your time and love your prayers and tears, your patience, caring, and sharing is still a memory. The pain I feel losing you will never go away from my mind. Your loving smile, your gentle face no one can fill your vacant place.

You were a wife in a million, and you meant the world to me and I really loved you so. Each night I shed a silent tear as a speak to you in prayer to let you know I love you Vicky,and just how much I care for you. Thank you for your endless love, that help through each day. Finally, thank you Victoreen for the wonderful and generous sacrifices you made for me, our children, and all the loving care and affection you showered on us.

I remember not what I did for you, but I was for you, and what you were to me. Thank you for loving me and being what you were. Till we meet again, Sadly missed by your loving husband - M. Having completed his schooling at Royal College, Colombo, his ambition was to join the banking service. His first appointment was at the Head Office where he gained experience in all sectors of banking during his initial tenure of 6 years from to In he was transferred to the Wellawatte branch.

There were only two state banks and two private banks in Wellawatte, at that time. Now there are 18 banks, as well as several finance companies, Foreign currency exchange offices, pawning centres, etc. During his tenure of 11 years at Wellawatte from tohe was able to work efficiently in all areas with the experience he had gained at the Head Office.

He was cordial and friendly towards the customers and guided the junior staff whenever they needed help. In he was transferred to the Corporate branch of the Bank, where he also worked as Manager in some divisions. He worked there from toand was then transferred back to Wellawatte Branch as Senior Manager.

The customers and the staff at Wellawatte were very happy with his return and business flourished. Even as a Senior Manager, he had special rapport with both customers as well as staff and it was during his period that the new three storeyed building of the Commercial Bank was opened in Wellawatte in December having extended working hours till 8 p.

He was also very close to the Board of Directors and helped in achieving the target for the branch until his retirement in mid March which he volunteered, in order to give space to the younger generation. The same evening he suffered a heart attack and passed away. May his soul rest in peace. Gnanakanthan Baba Deen Kitchil Saldin: Responsibilities carried out with total commitment B.

His work involved overseeing personnel management apart from being in charge of Finance. He played a major role when Forbes decided to construct a new building at Nawam Mawatha, Colombo 2. Saldin was a conscientious worker and devoted his full time to his office work. Responsibilities entrusted to him by the Board of Directors were carried out with total commitment. The hard work and dedication shown by Saldin, was always appreciated by the top management.

Those of us who knew him well, will always remember his wonderful qualities and hospitality. Anthonys Cathedral stands today. The order realized that churches alone would not contribute to the success of the missionary efforts, in Septemberan Italian Oratorian, Fr.

In Augusthis successor, Fr. Reinaud, who continued as missionary untilbegan his career by pulling down the school. Then as a result, Rev. Fr, Zoppi promptly set about his task by opening two school one for boys and another for girls in January Van Twest was appointed as the teacher of the boys school by Rev.

On the 12th March Monsignor Bravi sent a letter to Rev. Fr, Zoppi officially acknowledging the opening of both the schools, on the present premises of St. Zoppi being a Franciscan, willed to name the school after the illustrious Franciscan Saint, there is also evidence that the Church had been dedicated to St. Anthony at a much earlier date. At the inception 62 students were enrolled to the school and 28 for the girls school.

Paul Poorey took over the administration of the school from Mr. Van Twest in contributing immensely to the growth of the school during its formative years. The absence of efficient missionaries to take over the school because it was a Parish school, during this time the school arrived at its greater heights.

Also inSt. Anthonys Boys School was identified as the second-best school in English among all the established by the missionaries. In the Irish Christian Brothers took over the administration of the school for a short period and it was in when Rev. The medium of instruction of the school is English. A Medical Check up of all children once a term is conducted by leading Doctors in Nawalapitiya 4. The Constitution of Sri Lanka provides for education as a fundamental right, Sri Lankas population had an adult literacy rate of Education plays a part in the life and culture of the country.

Sri Lankas modern educational system was brought about by its integration into the British Empire in the 19th century, primary school to higher education are primarily funded and overseen by three governmental ministries. These divisions have led to a degree of mismanagement and inefficiency over the years. Education in Sri Lanka has a history of over years, since then an education system evolved based around the Buddhist temples and pirivenas, the latter primarily intended for clergy and higher education.

With the outset of the expansion on the island, first in the coastal provinces and then interior. The Anglican Churchs monopoly of Government Schools and in education ended following the Colebrooke Commission set up by the British administration, a standard system of government schools were begun by the British based on the recommendations of the Colebrooke Commission in This is regarded as the beginning of the schooling system in the island.

It started with the establishment of the Royal College in Colombo and lead to the formation of several single sex schools constructed during the colonial period, some of these schools were affiliated to the Anglican Church. Thomas College in Mount Lavinia and Trinity College in Kandy, the education in vernacular schools was largely free due to government grants to cover the cost of teaching and local philanthropists providing the buildings, equipment and the books.

Colebrooke decreed that all government schools be discontinued, the order did not apply to denominational Missionary schools and they continued to function unceasingly.

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In the education system in Ceylon was made formally free following the granting of universal franchise inthe Minister of Education, late Hon. Kannangara, and the Executive Committee of Education which included such as H. Amarasuriya took the initiative in establishing free education.

Under this initiative the government established Madhya Maha Vidyalayas that were scattered around the island to provide education to all, the medium was either Sinhala or Tamil. In a special committee was appointed to observe the system and, among the suggestions that followed.

Make available to all children an education free of charge. There are 5 regional centers in addition to campus at Nawala. The university policy on admission would enable a person to register at the lowest Level with mere basic literacy, the concept of Distance Education at the OUSL functions through a dynamic network of regional and study centres, with knowledge imparted through multiple media.

Therefore, students with work commitments are able to pursue studies since they interact with especially designed self-instructional materials where the function as a Tutor in Print.

This method provides the distance learner with the best possible learning opportunity to enable a balancing of personal, work related, Deputy Vice-chancellor - Prof.

Faculty of Engineering Technology - Dr. Faculty of Natural Sciences - Prof. Lilani senarathna, Faculty of Health Sciences- Prof. The Chancellor is the Head of the University and presides at the convocation of the University, professor Colvin Goonaratna.

Current Deputy vice chancellor is the Dr. Janaka Liyanagama appointed in Decemberthe University consists of five Faculties and one postgraduate institute and several divisions. The Faculty of Education was established in and currently consists of three departments, the faculty consists of six departments. Gaya Ranawaka The Faculty of health Sciences is the youngest faculty of the university, and consists of six academic departments 6.

It is the university in southern Sri Lanka. The University is organized into nine faculties throughout the Southern province of Sri Lanka and its acre main campus is located in Wellamadama complex in Matara.

Faculties of Agriculture and Faculty of Technology are located in Kamburupitiya. Also, faculty of Engineering, the University of Ruhuna was established by Dr. It was opened on 1 September as Ruhuna University fulfilling a long-cherished desire of the people of the south to have a university in the region and it was housed in the Technical College buildings at Meddawatte, Matara with about 40 academics,50 non-academics, and students.

Samarawickrama was first Vice-Chancellor of the University. Hon, ronnie De Mel, inaugurating the University after being elevated from campus to University status in To date, it has produced about 50, graduates, around postgraduate students are pursuing master and doctoral programs in disciplines that are of relevance to the development of the region in particular and the country in general.

The University of Ruhuna is a university and depends on the government for much of its annual grant. Due to this its administration is heavily influenced by the UGC, the Governance of the university is under the provisions of the Universities Act No. The universitys administration is based upon that of the former University of Ceylon consisting of a structure of bodies, the Council.

Much of the appointments to officers and faculty are carried out by these bodies, Chancellor The Chancellor is the head of the university and awards all degrees, although most duties are carried out by the Vice-Chancellor.

The appointment is made by the President of Sri Lanka, to a person in academics. The current Vice Chancellor is Gamini Senanayake, a new building complex for the university was designed by the world-renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa and was constructed at Wellamadama with a unique architectural landscape. The RUC was shifted to the new premises inthe university has responded to the needs of the country and established two new faculties — Management and Finance and Fisheries and Marine Science — the first of its kind in Sri Lanka.

Thus, the university has as many faculties as the University of Peradeniya, the main campus is at Matara. The faculties of Engineering and Medicine are at Hapugala and Karapitiya, the Faculty of Agriculture is at Mapalana,16 km north of Matara and 2 km south of Kamburupitiya 7.

It was established in Januarythe main purpose of the university is offering English-medium degree, diploma and certificate courses in areas such as Agriculture, Applied Science, Management for students and working professionals. Its four faculties are in Makandura and Kuliyapitiya, the Faculty of Agriculture and Plantation Management is the oldest in the University and located in Makandura premises.

The faculty is in Kuliyapitiya and was assigned with four Departments of study and it is one of the earliest departments in the university, having been established in The Department was established with the objective to equip the students with a knowledge on IT to face the challenges at their own work. Therefore, the department offers course modules along with projects and a training programme. The Department of Electronics was initiated in under the Faculty of Applied Sciences and this is the only Department in the University System, which offers Electronics as a major subject for the Physical Science undergraduates.

The Department of Industrial Management has realized the future challenges and the importance of development of Sri Lanka.