Stirling autumn meet 2013 spike

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stirling autumn meet 2013 spike

Feb 14, projects in and a market introduction in where a Stirling engine is used for renewable microscale power .. produce, for example during electricity price spikes. . aesthetic point of view MicroStirling aims to always meet the .. are strictly seasonal with peaks during the autumn months each. Aug 13, A reminder that the closing date for email entries to Stirling Autumn meet is midnight Tuesday 14th August. Please submit email entries to. Sep 19, Looked after children can wait years to be adopted stirling study finds. Scotland's leading planetary experts meet in Stirling · New study could improve .. children aged five and under, who became looked after in / By analysing the data, the team found a clear spike in the number of children.

Volunteer equipment — To increase volunteer access to essential and specialist equipment for loan, and in doing so generate more content for Wikimedia projects. We aimed to grow the Welsh community Wales — To expand the number of editors working in the Welsh language Wikipedia and to increase the number of articles in the Welsh Wikipedia Wicipedia Cymraeg we were supporting and delivering the Living Paths Project by creating 2, new articles roughly half on cy.

stirling autumn meet 2013 spike

The target for this year was to monitor the number of grants made and their effect. We have since determined that this was a fairly meaningless measure and are now concentrating on the resulting outputs and impact. Travel grants — To allow Wikimedians to travel to wiki events to share expertise, learn from others and to report back on achievements to share with the community.

Our target was, at a minimum, to support four key community events see here. WikiConference UK and AGM — Originally we intended to 'combine our Annual General Meeting with a series of presentations about the Wikimedia projects and chapter activities' - our target was to make sure the programme of the event is appealing to our community and give them the opportunity to meet, learn and debate.

In the preparation for the event, we have established a firmer target: Wikimania — To support the bid committee in their planning for the bid and early delivery organisation if successful. In February 12 volunteers received training on how to deliver sessions on Wikimedia. We were clearer as for how to efficiently run the training workshops themselves, but still working out what should be the objectives of this area of our work.

For example, our Education Committee made repeated approaches to try and establish metrics in this programme, and via this decide what our goals in the area should be see e. In the beginning of the year, when we created the Proposal report, we stated that our aim with the Train the Trainers was: This was a disparate approach, burdening the Train the Trainers with many very different goals and with that reducing the clarity of what our goal actually was.

By Quarter 3 it became clearer to us that what we want to focus on here is the development of volunteers who attend the Train the Trainer course, and our defined target for the year was: To deliver two training sessions with 20—24 volunteers trained, volunteer trainers engaged in at least 9 events in a quarter 36 over the course of a year.

For the VLE, we wanted to look at its development by tracking number of enrolments and obtaining feedback from participants. Development budget including supporting others — This area again has been going through a transformation as we have worked through various approaches during planning forand indeed during the activity year. We have started the planning with aiming to support the technical development of the chapter by employing a full time Developer you can see that here.

Originally, we also aimed at supporting key initiative '2. We found it difficult to employ a full time Developer as a member of staff, so, keeping in mind that development work is important to the chapter, we changed the approach and adapted the developer support budget to employ contractors.

It was agreed that this area of the programme exists to facilitate the Chapter's formal management of System Administration duties using contractor time and supportive security solutions to develop robust and secure systems for storing and processing data.

Grants:APG/Proposals/2012-2013 round1/Wikimedia UK/Impact report form

At the same time, it was also intended to support more broadly creative development work, creating and improving software solutions in response to demand from the wider Wikimedia community, and to further the charity's objects in delivering the Wikimedia mission.

Toolserver and Europeana Mass Upload projects have been more clearly separated from this area, and established within Programme 2, to support GLAM work. With more clarity around this programme, we have created structure for managing technical development see herewith our main target for the developers to respond to technical requirements as they arose.

We have built an active Technical Community to support this work, and established a target - To have monthly meetings with community engagement via Technology Committee. What is your progress against these objectives? To help track files created using volunteer equipment, Category: Content media by years - Supported by Wikimedia UK. In total 2, files This breaks down into: We also purchased an induction loop system for the office and events to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Wales Manager was placed in post in Q2 to run the Living Paths project. An additional 39 articles have been created on en. It is uncertain how many of these articles have been created after 1 February In total files 1.

All files except three were images. As of writing, 59 files 6. Together these embrace the heart of the Welsh establishment and reflect the importance of Wicipedia Cymraeg as the biggest on-line repository of Welsh language materials. The relationship with National Library of Wales saw preparations for a bulk upload from the collection in February By 31 January44 images The last report of the year can be seen here.

There were eleven microgrant applications from nine people in the —14 financial year. One application was withdrawn, and one was approved but unsuccessful in its outcomes see below.

The remaining nine applications resulted in 3 FAs, 4 GAs, articles were expanded — nine of which are Core Articles, and as part of the Stub Contest. In addition typos were fixed as part of the Typo Contest. This all took place on the English language Wikipedia. Wikimedia UK provided support in the form of prizes for the 10th anniversary proofreading competition on the English-language Wikisource. There were five macrogrant applications in the same time frame. The results of Wiki Loves Monuments are mentioned below in promoting free knowledge.

The other grants, relate to activities which fall into the —15 financial year. For an illustration for the types of projects we supported, please look at e.

Scholarship recipients were required to submit reports. The feedback can be found on the WMUK website ; overall feedback was positive and gave a rating of 4. The feedback explores possible reasons why the attendance was lower than we anticipated - we feel overall that Lincoln was too difficult to get to.

This was originally chosen to foster the local community around this area, but because our regular community found it difficult to travel to Lincoln, we fell short of this aspiration, and didn't manage to attract enough people. We feel our original target of a good programme of talks has been met - the agenda can be found here. With the awareness that this is a community led event, but wanting to be a part of it, the chapter offered its support for the Wikimania team.

Preparations for the conference are under way and have been developing throughout Making this the sort of publicity one should like to avoid, unless, it can be publicly proved that the sketches are authentic. Until it all is resolved I would like to ponder the words of Theodore Rousseau: During my undergrad, I would work on school-work during November trying to retain some semblance of motivation as the semester dragged slowly to a close.

My roommate, on the other hand, would begin to write a novel.

Senate Session, Part 1

For four years, every November, she would write a novel; and I would sit on the other side of the room resisting the urge to slam my head into my desk and begging the Finals Gods to grant me one more moment of academic inspiration.

My roommate, who for the purposes of this post shall be called Calliope, managed to balance four classes, hockey, her job, various extra-curricular activities, and a novel. She is what NaNoWriMo participators call a pantser, meaning she starts writing without thought or plan, she writes as inspiration comes and a novel is the end result.

So, I talked to Calliope about her process and why she does it. It seems to be that writing and not looking back is the main task.

Editing while writing is a no-no, so you should probably just turn off the function in Word that tells you that everything that you do is wrong. Two of my current grad school roommates decided to participate this year, one a native Scot Caitlin and the other an Italian Marta. Started out as a post-it. Marta decided to write her NaNoWriMo project in English as she thought it would be a good way to practice her English. It was her first NaNoWriMo experience and she got to words while balancing a very full class schedule.

She decided to write a dystopian fantasy and had drafted a plot-line as well as some character descriptions. She put some thought into the world she was building and set forth to write whenever there was time and whenever inspiration struck.

Only, time is very limited during the month of November in a grad program, and inspiration is a cruel and flighty mistress. All in all, Marta said that she enjoyed the experience and would do it again, only next time there would be daily word count goal and hopefully less stress.

To clarify, those 10, were not included in her final word count which was 32,; she also counted an additional 5, words for school assignments. Caitlin initially set aside an hour or two a day once she had finished with her classwork for that day. As the month continued, she discovered that it was hard to find motivation and began to use the weekends to catch up in her word count. Caitlin felt pleased with her progress as she had more at the end than when she had started.

I made the decision to attempt to do NaNoWriMo this year.

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Because I love a challenge? And what did I learn from this experience? It is really hard to write an essay, let alone a novel. However, I also recognize that authors write over a period of time, not in a rush of 50, words in a month. Sure, there are times when your muse visits for longer than an hour and in those gracious periods of time words are written in incredible amounts. Chapters finished, characters killed, plot moved, but then the will to write ceases.

My arms have witnessed a lot of ink this month. Still, I failed horribly at the target word count. Sure, if I counted all the words I wrote for my class essays and my text messages, I probably would be closer to 25, words, but still nowhere near 50, I honestly only made it to 8, in my novel. I think the thing that NaNoWriMo helped me discover is that I cannot write a story without plotting ahead of time and that my imagination is nowhere near as dead as I thought. Overall, I think the main thing that I realized is that books are written by many types of people.

The author writes the words and maybe they are good, maybe they have the potential to be good, and maybe they will never see the light of day. We all have a story inside of us, but only some of us set aside the time to put pen to paper and let the words flow outside of our internal monologue. I hope that I continue to write my story in spite of the fact that November has come to an end.

If anything, this experience has taught me that looking at the word count is somehow easier than looking at a page count.

stirling autumn meet 2013 spike

Write whatever comes to mind. Liam Murray Bell Tags: Bell also stated the importance of face-to-face meetings with his publisher. His editorial process took around six months, and involved many different meetings with his editors. Bell also highlighted the importance of reviews in newspapers like The Guardian, as they led to a spike in book sales.

Bell stresses the importance of reviews, and events at book festivals for a new author. They agreed to publish it, and Bell states that the advance for the book was not particularly large, and he was only able to work on the manuscript full time due to funding from the English Arts Council.

Bell also related to us the benefits of working with a smaller publisher. While discussing the editorial process for The Busker, Bell highlights the difficulties that can arise. The edits take several months and not everyone necessarily agrees. As a publishing student, I went there to participate in this activity and that was the first time I had ever attended such an event. Fortunately, I met some classmates and it made me feel much better. This organization has a long history, and it has established numerous awards, involving a number of cultural fields.

It is amazing that we did not know each other before but the topic was very natural to start. I remember the last month we just finished a presentation about Saraband.

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At that time, we searched and found almost nothing about this publisher on the internet, except their homepage. Its efforts are equally worthy of respect, and its persistence is more worthy of recognition.

It is also because of these publishers who know hard but still insist on it, the literary industry can constantly develop. The second one is about our professor Claire, I did not know that she was present as an honored guest until her name appeared in the timetable.

Finally, I would like to talk about the importance of this kind of awards shortly. As publishers, it can be said our work is less pretentious but very essential. These good ideas can provide new ways of thinking for more publishers and this trend is also a kind of virtuous circle for publishing industry. You guys can search the video if you are interested in it.

The whole exhibition offered a variety of visiting speakers, free workshops to test your artistic capabilities, and panels with Scottish and British comic book artists displaying their work.

And if you are a geek like me, all these things hold an extra value! Our instructors were Mr. Ok I admit it; I was late and missed the part where they introduced themselves. Tall for obvious reasons and Mrs. Red due to her bright red hair.

The participants had to experiment with a range of different materials like white or coloured paper, different sketching pencils, markers with several colour options, while using different techniques, to explore the way real life illustrators create their work. The first thing we had to do was draw a funny face. I had to try really hard. The end result after 15 minutes of drawing and connecting lines looked like an uglier version of Mr.

Potato from Toy Story. The first session was officially over with not much success. How to draw trees and flowers with a few easy techniques. Instructions followed again, this time by Mrs. Initially, it seemed easier than drawing a face. My picture was a complete disaster.

Probably something that a 3 year old would draw. Red saw my picture, she was literally speechless. I managed to give the world talentless a whole new meaning. Red was the queen, she would have ordered my immediate incarceration, to prevent me from creating new abominations!

All jokes aside, she was super cool and funny, and despite her initial shock, she was all smiles and compliments. Finally, for the third and final task, we had to draw anything we wanted. I decided to go with Doctor Strange. The end result was quite tolerable.

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Finally, after all this time, I managed to draw something! Red complimented me for my effort! The purpose of this workshop was to gain confidence in developing your own drawing skills. But I had a great time, met interesting people who are equally bad at drawing, and finally had the chance to use a range of materials and techniques utilized by professional comic book artists.