Two sides of every person we meet

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two sides of every person we meet

I can't say how many people I have met in my life till now but realised that they but when we feel someone is bad, we only concentrate on their bad side but they do Every life every thing and every one whom we meet is the reason, the. we are. Every person we meet, we are meant to meet. The soul's journey is more than just this lifetime so let's all love and let go of judgment. Everything is . The five faces of toxic relationships are common personality traits, but they can be If you are in a relationship with a person who possesses any of these traits, .

You're not going to "be patient one day. You're not going to "start doing things differently one day. You're not going to "finally make it work one day.

Big leaps happen by adding lots of tiny steps up over a long period of time. If you think you can skip that process, you're wrong. Whatever it is you want to become, become that to the best of your ability right now. Whatever it is you want to do, do that to the best of your ability right now. In weightlifting we would call this "training until failure. Self-Knowledge Is Worth More Than Personal Achievement Such a difficult lesson, and one that must be practiced diligently throughout the entirety of one's life: You can immediately tell when you meet someone which category they fall into.

They either emit a genuine confidence to pursue their goals for self-exploration, or they emit an ego-based confidence rooted in personal achievement. I'm not telling you to not set goals and achieve them.

two sides of every person we meet

I'm asking you to be aware of where your sense of self-worth comes from. If you pursue things in the name of personal achievement, you will never be fulfilled--and I say this from experience. True fulfillment is calm, and motivated only by creative freedom--a desire to further understand yourself and your craft. Personal achievement is fleeting. And so, in order to both "achieve" externally and find a sense of fulfillment and happiness, you have to keep a close eye on which is which.

Otherwise, do you know what's going to happen? You're going to climb that big mountain in front of you, grind your face off to reach the top, and before you've even taken in one single deep breath and enjoyed the view, you'll notice the next mountain and think, "Oh, actually I haven't achieved anything--I must need to climb that mountain, too! The people around you are your mirrors. They are the ones who allow you to see aspects of yourself--and vice versa.

two sides of every person we meet

If you spend time with people who mirror your own insecurities, or fears, or judgments, then you're going to see those traits every single day and begin to believe in them. They will be reinforced in you to the point where you decide that is "who you are. You will soak up and inherit different traits.

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Better or more positive traits. Deliberately choosing the people around you is how you can sculpt yourself. Hang around confident people. You want to learn self-awareness? Hang around self-aware people. You want to learn any skill, any craft? Hang around people who practice those things and do them well.

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The challenge with this is knowing when to walk away. Sometimes people come into our lives at a crucial time because something in us wants to learn--and they too want to learn something from us, and so a mutual friendship begins to form. But every relationship is a path, and knowing when it is time to move on to the next one whether that means staying friends or walking away completely is where most people struggle.

You have to be exceedingly deliberate with how you spend your time, and with whom.


There's nothing wrong with that. The difficult lesson is knowing the value of change. We have to keep a close eye, otherwise "change" will creep up on us. I challenge you to seek out change.

two sides of every person we meet

I challenge you to welcome change with open arms. Think about it like a workout routine. If you go into the gym and do the same exercises every day, over and over again, eventually they won't become difficult anymore. Your body will get used to them, and your growth rate will plateau.

You will become "comfortable. Instead of waiting for change to find you, go out and find it. Look for the little signs when you are beginning to plateau, in any way, and change up your routine deliberately. Be on the offensive. Stay one step ahead of yourself. Whether it's your craft, or your job, or your relationship, or your health, look for change. Look for ways to keep it fresh, to make your mind and body work, to do what feels "unfamiliar. Should you take the raise or move jobs?

Sides Quotes

A top military leader who was working hour days in a time of crisis wanted to keep a journal. Every day he wrote a single haiku poem describing what happened that day and how he felt. Everybody has crises of confidence; everyone has to learn to overcome fear of failure. The best ways to win are twofold, and we've already covered the groundwork on this list.

First, engage with mentors. People who've been through similar challenges and inspire you and show you the way. Second, remember the challenges you've overcome in the past--say, perhaps, the things you wrote about in your journal.

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You did it then; you can do it now. Give thanks and compliments. Just as you sometimes have crises of confidence, so does everyone else around you. So, make it a point to compliment others, and to express your appreciation for what they do. If you end each day having sincerely uttered the words, "thank you" to a colleague, friend, family member and even people you only interact in passing, you'll find this habit pays you back tenfold. No matter that you do, you will leave a legacy. The question is whether you'll be remembered for something positive or something negative.

So, keep in mind during all interactions, that this might be someone's lasting impression of you. I won't ruin it for you; just read it. Get some physical exercise. It doesn't have to be much--just a or minute workout each day can improve your outlook and change your life.

Coming up with a great idea isn't the hard part in life. Instead, it's eliminating 99 out of great ideas, so you can focus on the few that really work.

two sides of every person we meet

The only way to do that is to be willing to give up on things you've tried but aren't paying off--nevermind the sunk costs. That can be scary, because it requires trust. You can't possibly check everything you've delegated, but you can check some small things, which in turn creates the possibility you'll check everything. Comedy is the flipside of tragedy. For all the passion with which they pursue their goals, truly extraordinary people keep perspective by recognizing that a well-led life is full of humor.

Seven to eight hours a nightat least. Lifelong learning is one of the keys to success. It means expanding your principles and practices so that they serve a greater purpose. All work and no play makes Let your mind wander every day, and feed it heartily. And, when you've stumbled upon something truly fantastic and worth telling others about Seriously, extraordinary people always have something to share, and something truly interesting to talk about--a joke, a story, a bit of good news.

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