Well meet in our dreams sts9 setlist

Setlist / Review | STS9 @ House Of Blues 3/6/15 - Tomorrow's Verse

well meet in our dreams sts9 setlist

STS9, The Disco Biscuits & Ghost Light Kick Off Holidaze The first day of . STS9 Ends Visit To Chicago At Aragon Ballroom: Photos & Setlist. By Dale. STS9 was dialed in from the start jamming “We'll Meet In Our Dreams” The setlist was one of dreams, with the second set similarly being. David Murphy - Bass (STS9), James Christopher - DJ (SF area favorite), Lost - Vocals I: Itzamana, Circus, Satori, We'll Meet In Our Dreams > Improv > Hubble.

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Close Tetrameth Weapon Records The bastard spawn of ex-rock bands, and the after-effect of the digital age. A mandatory element within the Australian electronic music scene, Tetrameth has been a regular headliner at the biggest festivals around the globe. Having released two significant and critically acclaimed albums.

Psychological Pyrotechnics The Eclectic Benevolence - on Zenon Records, along with a string of tracks on various compilations. Informed by an inspired musicality, Peter is a graduate from the Conservatorium of Music and an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. Influenced by a wide array of musical sources, least of which electronic music. It is music made to augment the brain, truly unrestricted by limitation or the conventions of genre.

well meet in our dreams sts9 setlist

FJ started producing music in early ; inspired by the stories told many pioneers in the groovy dark psy phenomenon across the world.

Ever since, he has been developing a flavour of his own - with bouncy bass-lines, weird scapes and dripping sounds, each track has a different twang and tells its own peculiar tale.

well meet in our dreams sts9 setlist

His music is groovy and dramatic; amidst a mix of emotion and insanity. Close Blue Mountains, NSW Zenon Records Pspiralife has always been involved in music from a young age mainly focussing on the drum kit and began studying latin, jazz and funk around and then found a deep passion in psy trance and electronic music production over the next few years. Since then he has been busy focussing on creating his own style of Zenonesque fused with Full On PsyTrance elements, while also incorporating a subtle touch of many other EDM styles, Classical, Orchestral and Cinematic.

well meet in our dreams sts9 setlist

Releasing music on various record labels and touring since his first album "Self Similar" was released on Zenon Records inPspiralife is has begun getting recognition worldwide for his high quality original sound, detailed production, and omni-directional story telling, live sets. Oh, and rock on.

well meet in our dreams sts9 setlist

The three-day festival took place at Soldier Field in Chicago and featured massive headliners such as Bassnectar, Calvin Harris and Moby. Entering the festival, I grew anxious as I, alongside thousands of eager electronic music fans, was greeted with four unique stages, each with its own distinct sound.

The energy inside the massive stadium couldn't have been higher as PANTyRAid a duo featuring DJ Ooah and MartyParty dropped massive tracks, including the crowd-favorite "Beba," as four dancers onstage added a visual element with cartwheels and splits. My day continued with one-half of the Dutch production duo Bingo Players. Moby's closing performance was greeted with wild applause as he delivered an electrifying hour-long set of rocking anthems.

By day two it was nearly impossible to navigate through the crowd of roughly 50, festivalgoers.

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With one hand gripped around a microphone and the other fixed on his mixer, Oligee yelled, "Chicago lets party! The pair drew an impressive amount of excitement from the crowd as they ran onstage wearing their signature hoodies, accompanied by their backup dancers, the Hoodie Boyz.

Wolfgang Gartner's electrifying presence and robotic-sounding electro house music rocked the entire stadium. With his massive buildups and drops, it was clear he was having a blast. Speaking with Gartner shortly before his set, I asked him about his favorite part of playing festivals. Day three was the hottest.