When i meet one direction tumblr 2015

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when i meet one direction tumblr 2015

one direction black and white - Google Search One Direction Louis, One one direction black and white tumblr gifs - Google Search Harry Styles Gif. So I got the chance to meet Liam Payne today!! And let me tell you: . Meet & Greet | Jingle Ball The signs as One Direction meet and greet poses. Aries. It's been 15 days since I met One Direction and I haven't blogged about it omg what am I doing with my life. Okay, so basically, here's how shit went down.

At least try and relax the best we could with a bus full of people. I was already loaded and ready to go. I was waiting for the rest of the group to a move on so we could head to another city.

After I stuffed my bag and thing in the closet and my bunk I headed back to the lounge. I grabbed a blanket to keep the chill away while I was still waiting for Harry. A book fell over when I moved the blanket.

When I picked it up it grabbed my attention. It had a bright red cover with picture of the boys on the cover. It looked liked a book one of the fans had made. I settled in and opened it up.

when i meet one direction tumblr 2015

It was done so much better than most booklets. It was digital scrapbook and you could tell that someone had taken some serious time in putting it together.

when i meet one direction

There were pictures from the very beginning till now and it was bringing back a lot of memories. It was awesome to be able to see the progression of the boys.

when i meet one direction tumblr 2015

I am sure that some one had put this in here because it was one of the better gifts and the boys would love to look at it. That is where Harry found me. In the lounge flipping through the memory inducing book.

Have you seen this one yet? The girl that made it was really sweet. A cute little thing who was so nervous. I felt like a complete fool but I guess something worked.

when i meet one direction tumblr 2015

Tell me about it from your perspective. I had been waiting months for this moment when I was finally going to meet One Direction.

I had splurged when I bought my tickets and I got meet and greet package. I had always wanted to do something like this an even though it was a bit unlike me to spend so much money. I was here though and I was ready to embrace every moment of it. I was near the back of the line and I was nervous that being this far back. I worried that the boys were going to be tired of seeing people and smiling for pictures, but I was going to make the best of the situation. As I waited my turn I made friends with the girls around me.

We were all so excited to get to meet the boys of our dreams.

meet and greet one direction | Tumblr

That is when it clicked for me though. The boys see thousands of girls I was just going to be another face to them. It made me sad for a bit, and my smile faltered but at least I was going to meet them face to face. The group ahead of me headed in the room to meet the boys.

I was up next and my heart was jumping out of my chest. I took some deep breaths to try and calm myself. Before I knew it the door in front of me was opening and I was being ushered inside.

when i meet one direction tumblr 2015

The boys stood in a small group in front of a backdrop to my left. I took a few steps into the room and it was then that they noticed me. I made my way over as I tried to remember how to speak. As I get closer he opens his arms for a hug and I walk into it. It was simple but it made me feel so important.

Her father was a businessman, her mother was a trophy wife, living off of his balance.

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So, a week later, she was knocking on their door, hands in her pocket, with Harry behind her, trying to keep himself busy. He was built with broad shoulders, fit, and tall.

He was wearing a tshirt, and jeans, but you could still his shape, with gray short hair, and a sharp jaw. Her mother was around the same age, blonde hair, a bit of wrinkles, and a tad of make up. Its nice to meet you. Starting to head to the kitchen, looking at the pictures on the walls. The house was beautiful, contemporary, yet modern. They walked into the kitchen, seeing the TV on, and a girl on the couch.

When was the last time you saw her, three-four years ago, go, now? The brunette got up, seeing her sister. She gave her a smile, running to give her a hug.

Harry walked towards the kitchen, starting small talk with the parents.

meet and greet one direction

He turned around, a smile upon his face. The night continued on, the food was amazing to Harry, her mother was definitely a chef.

when i meet one direction tumblr 2015

Asking him where he has been around the world.