Political relationship between india and bangladesh cricket

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political relationship between india and bangladesh cricket

Cricket can be used for ushering diplomatic relations and media can be an effective tool in this Cricket diplomacy consists of using the game of cricket as a political tool to enhance or The cricket rivalry between the national cricket teams of India and Pakistan is one of the most . to form the new nation of Bangladesh. India won thanks to a Rohit Sharma century but Bangladesh fans had emerged as serious challengers to the big brothers of world cricket. The sport was officially brought to India in the beginning of the 20th century through But the rise of Bangladesh's cricket team has been painted by the country, the deep relationship between cricket and politics was seen in.

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Bythe country had a full-blown civil war raging and an economy in massive debt, with a cricket Test team that had been battered for decades. When that team lifted the World Cup trophy that year, they became heroes, and cricket became currency. Amidst the Sinhalese nationalism of the country, minority populations have long nursed socio-political and linguistic grievances with the state.

But the presence of Tamil cricketers like Murali and Angelo Matthews has served to cement their ties with the state and feel more part of the collective Sri Lankan identity.

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After the civil war had ravaged the country, the deep relationship between cricket and politics was seen in public attitudes during the World Cup. Members of the Tamil diaspora were still criticizing the Sri Lankan government for their neglect of minorities and for withdrawing from the ceasefire with the LTTE, but cricket became a unifying platform.

On social networking sites, such as Facebook, and through official propaganda, supporting the Sri Lankan cricket team against India in the finals fostered a sense of unity in the country following a highly divisive ethnic conflict.

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Shockingly, Sri Lanka's national side even found support inside the LTTE movement, which had members who were willing to give lives in pursuit of a separate state for Tamils. Mahela Jayawardene was thoroughly impressed by the enthusiasm for the nation's cricket among LTTE soldiers: Jayawardene, with cricketing legends Muttiah Muralitharan and Kumar Sangakkara, have since been among the greatest promoters of cricket as means of reconciliation.

Jayawardene's charity, the Mahela Foundation, has funded cricket equipment and facilities for schools in the war-ravaged north. Cricket and Diplomacy Inspectators at a cricket match in Lucknow, India, watched as policemen hauled away a group of boys on charges of sedition. Cricket may not be a blood sport, but the India v. Pakistan cricket match is a war.

India-Bangladesh Relations

The history of India-Pakistan relations did not inspire confidence in rebuilding relations through non-political means. The first instance of this phenomenon was during the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan, when Pakistan funded the Afghan forces, and India was annoyed by Soviet pressure for an alliance.

Pakistani President Musharraf rekindled this positive dynamic in cricket-politics when he visited India for a match in While the corresponding dialogue on Kashmir had no tangible results, the fact that he had been convinced to come to the negotiating table was a win for cricket and the country. Today, relations are characterized by regular border clashes in the Kashmir region. Consequently, the frenzy surrounding the India-Pakistan game borders on jingoism and hostility.

Cheering for the opposing team in a war is thus liable to be classified an act of sedition, according to the Indian government. Angry demonstrations broke out with Indians breaking TV sets and burning images of their team. Social media was used to circulate memes with ominous threats: In South Asia, cricket and politics will forever be interwoven.

Nuclear talks have been settled and wars have been fought alongside the sound of the ball hitting the boundary. Cricket diplomacy is perhaps the most effective form of communication in South Asia right now.

However, with the rise of jingoism in the subcontinent, it is uncertain whether cricket will be a force of unity or division. Sports has always been looked upon as a way to heal wounds and nurture relationships. The interlocking rings of the Olympics rings symbolize the coming together of all nations.

Cricket must be used in a similar manner to bring together the people of a country. They even mocked the celebrations. Bangladeshi people can not take this slight easily, and have launched a storm on Bangladeshi media and social media.

political relationship between india and bangladesh cricket

Bengali people are shocked and outright resentful. As a neighbouring and cricket-playing country, India has a lot of supporters from Bangladesh.

Bangladesh–India relations

The impact is appalling. Bangladeshi people have also joined this media war. This might have a great effect in the long run. And it takes a lot to refit and pay for it: Both countries should take that into serious consideration. If it goes on, the environment of cricket will be lost for eternity in this sub-continent.

political relationship between india and bangladesh cricket

Now if India and Bangladesh hold feelings of hostility so long, this would lead other countries to have some negative feelings towards these countries. Indian and Bangladeshi supporters have a great image across the world for being the most emotional and diehard fans of their respective teams.

If their media and people fight each other, that image would be ruined for good. They consider it a development of cricket; especially a development of the cricket environment of this sub-continent.

If they want to take cricket to a higher place, they have to work together for it. They should pay some respect to each other. After all, at the end of the day cricket is only a game.

political relationship between india and bangladesh cricket

The emotions about cricket tell us another story, but both countries should evaluate it precisely. This is the true spirit of cricket. Cricket wins this way. I love to explore human minds. Writing is my favourite pastime. I always try to do research about people, politics, metaphysics, English and marketing.