Relationship between father and daughter in shakespearean times

Shakespeare's Fathers & Daughters

relationship between father and daughter in shakespearean times

These were all written after Shakespeare's son Hamnet died, and What were father and daughter relationships like during Celtic times? Which book describes the relationship between a daughter and her father in Hindi?. Shakespeare's plays: The Merchant of Venice, A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Tempest. I will analyze how the father-son relationship differs from the father- daughter relationship as exploring the love stories taking comparisons between father and son. .. the father image of his time, being strong and tough always. The fathers and daughters relationships in Shakespeare drama and literature Most of the time the fathers, who often belongs to royalty or upper class, rejects the men This action from Juliet creates conflict between her and her father which.

This also shows that Juliet, though has an independent mind, is still attached to the belief that she has a responsibility as a daughter to obey her father. The subtle conflict between the two starts when Desdemona fallen in love with a man of a different race, culture and color.

Relationship between father & daughter.

She marries Othello even though she knows that her father will greatly oppose on it. Brabantio is a Venetian Senator with definite ideas on the subject and behaviour of his daughter. But Desdemona acts contrary to what is expected of her.

relationship between father and daughter in shakespearean times

She instead marries a Moor and not a Venetian man and an army general who does not have a lot of money but only prestige.

In the Merchant of Venice, two separate father-daughter relationships play an integral role in the central narrative of the play. Shylock, devastated with the death of his wife Leah many years earlier, kept his house and environment with great mourning out of her respect for her.

relationship between father and daughter in shakespearean times

Moreover, Shylock also shows little love and affection towards his daughter that perhaps motivated the latter to be rebellious and disloyal. She meets secretly with Lorenzo who is a Christian.

Fathers and Daughters Relationships in Shakespeare’s Literature Essay

O my Christian ducats! My ducats and my daughter!

Jessica is not a good daughter at all since she let her rage against her father to dominate her actions and decisions. Likewise, Shylock is not a good father since he gives more importance to tradition, mourning and wealth giving little attention to his daughter.

relationship between father and daughter in shakespearean times

King Lear, who is old enough to retire from power, decides to divide his royalty amongst his three beautiful daughters. He offers the largest share to the one who loves him best. A man had complete control over his family; they were considered his property to do with as he pleased. Boys were educated to take over for their fathers, girls were taught skills to help then run their own households and please their husbands.

What does Shakespeare show us about Father Daughter relationships?

Marriage in Renaissance England was based on political power and social climbing. Fathers tried to marry their daughters off to acquire more land, titles and increase social status, but they also had to provide a dowry for their daughter.

A dowry could include anything from money to land, and the larger the dowry the more desirable the girl was to her future husband and his family. Girls had little to no say in the matter and most likely did not meet her husband until their wedding day. Prospero and Miranda, however, have a slightly different kind of relationship for their time. Prospero has to be everything for Miranda because she has no known mother and since they are on an unihinhabited island, she could not have been sent to a household of a relative, which was common place during this time.

Parent/Child Relationships in Shakespeare Elizabethan Englan by Roman Gonzales on Prezi

This relationship of Prospero caring for Miranda as both mother and father with out even female servants to help and doing everything with genuine concern for her well being was rare, for this time especially in the upper classes of society.

Even though Prospero genuinely cares for his daughter, and takes care of her as both mother and father, this is still a traditional renaissance relationship between a father and a daughter. Prospero is in complete control of Miranda; he has raised her in his image and like most fathers of his day demands respect.

relationship between father and daughter in shakespearean times

Also like the fathers of this time, Prospero decides and chooses who Miranda is going to marry. Prospero has decided that Miranda will marry Ferdinand and because he is the only other man besides her father and Caliban, Ferdinand immediately enthralls Miranda. But Miranda, in her own way, can rebel against this control: In the modern, day this would not be the case; daughters are treated as equals and allowed to choose who they want to marry or even if they want to get married at all.

Daughters today are encouraged to be educated and have careers so they can support themselves.

relationship between father and daughter in shakespearean times