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vampire the masquerade bloodlines anarchy ending relationship

True anarchy reigns, though certain rules, such as the Masquerade, are enforced by parties unknown. The 'end' comes, but Vampiric Ghenna is nowhere to be seen. . A collection of Minor bloodlines and clans often thought extinct or Relations with the Camarilla are tense, but may yet be salvageable. Something about a tumultuous relationship, smudged kohl, and Jeanette. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines is a gutsy move. . and doesn't end up being hamfisted about the negotiations spurred on by them. (or so it was perceived to be) so we started to have vampires as anarchist antiheroes. This is the second Vampire: The Masquerade game, the first one was called section for more details) I'm trying to make this guide as spoiler-free as it's From my observations, I would say that relation between them is.

Maximillian Strauss- a Tremere. The least trusted clan which has a big influence in the Camarilla. You have to clean his mess and keep silent not to embarras the clan and the Camarilla. I don't know if I should place him here since the Nosferatu work for everyone who pays well: After you done all the work he appears from nowhere and says something that sounds like "Good Job".

You don't even get to become a Prince: I think this is where you get frustrated. Sure, he messed up once, but that Gargoyle killed a lot fewer humans than your average vamp. Therese sees potential in joining the Camarilla and she's trying to become a Prince. If you get Jeanette or perhaps even Tourette, they could easily stay with the Anarchs.

Jack isn't technically an Anarch, he's just anti-Camarilla and anti-Sabbat. That kind of makes him side with the Anarchs. Mercurio doesn't get involved in politics and Tung's fairly neutral. I'd say even Beckett is neutral.

As for becoming a Prince I'm sure that if you're Malkavian or Ventrue and you go with the Strauss ending, you would become a primogen eventually. Do keep in mind that you're only a few days old, if you became a Prince right away it would shake things up and the oldies would be pissed. If you're another clan, you probably couldn't move far though.

In any case, Strauss would be the next Prince, but you could probably secretly get rid of him a few decades later or so.

And it's not like the Anarchs make you a Baron either. They just pat you on the back. It's like being a lone wolf, except with one less sect to fight. If you win with the Anarchs, the best thing you'd get is people would think you're cool. They're very much in line with the Ventrue or Toreador of the Camarilla in that they are more often behind the scenes doing their work. While it's odd that we never see them it's perfectly explainable by simply hand-waving it as us only seeing the rank and file antitribu types in the game.

Come to think of it, even of those we only get to see the Brujah and Gangrel, even though the real core of the Sabbat consists of the antitribu of most Clans. Yeah, the game didn't exactly give much thought to the Sabbat here. True, but it's still easily explainable. The Sabbat are even newer to LA, and have even less presence, than the Camarilla. They seem to have less than a hundred members active in the city, and their main base of operations is a single abandoned hotel.

They've basically only just gotten a foothold into the city, and their numbers aren't yet large enough to need more than one high-ranking leader there.

That's also why there are hardly any Camarilla elders in LA, too. Vampiric elders are all cautious and paranoid as a rule if they weren't, they'd be dead by nowso they're not going to risk their necks out on the frontier. Wouldn't people notice Imalia going missing?

Sure, but this is the World of Darkness, so you'd expect a half-assed police investigation at best, then people deciding that she probably had an accident or was abducted or killed herself or whatever, anyway, she'd be filed missing and her fans would move on to a new idol quickly. The Nosferatu might have been pulling some strings, too. Technically, this is an issue for all vampires, but the famous ones especially. Actually, if you search one of the computers at Ground Zero, you can come across Imalia's entry, which says that she went missing, and later her wrecked car was discovered, the remains within were burned beyond recognition.

So she's legally dead. Is there anyone else who thinks flipping off part in the independent ending is a bit too much?

Sure saving you could very much be a political move by Nines as well but at least the guy deserves a tinge of respect. And alienating yourself with the one group that doesn't want kill you after all the crap you did to the Sabbat, Kuei-jin and Camarilla isn't very smart either. Having a lot of enemies and practically no allies not necessarily friends in the World of Darkness universe is just as good as the PC standing in the open and waiting for the sun to rise.

Inexplicably powerful fledgling vampire or not. Actually, if you understand why that is such a bad move, you'll understand the point of the ending. The fledgeling is committing a social and maybe even literal suicide. Remember that even if they've been fairly self-sufficient through the game,they still benefited from both Anarch and Camarilla.

Now they have no one. Through the game, it becomes very clear why you need allies, but also how raw the unlife is. So the fledgeling is trading a longer unlife to a blaze of glory. Consider what they've done so far, it is fairly IC.

I never actually thought of it that way. Thanks for the insight. Actually, given their clan disposition, a Brujah would probably be flipping people off even in the other endings. If you didn't want to flip off the Anarchs then why didn't you choose their ending? Nines is a big boy, I think he can handle being insulted once or twice without wanting to kill you. I would be inclined to agree with you, except that Nines and all the Anarchs, really are Not So Different from the Camarilla as they think in terms of their attitudes.

Nines gets every bit as petty and pissed off as LaCroix does if you even dare question his motives or compare him to them, even though, just like LaCroix, he basically spends the whole game getting you to be his errand boy. He probably won't be all "call the blood hunt" just because you told him where he could stick it, but he'll likely be sore about it for a while. Nines doesn't spend the whole game getting you to be his errand boy. He doesn't ask you to do anything at all unless you choose the Anarchs in the endgame.

He's one of the least manipulative vampires in the game, but then he is under a century old. Grout is so afraid of? I thought it might be LaCroix, but none of the other elder vampires is afraid of him.

Sure, Jack and Strauss are older than him, so he is not particularly scary for them. But Nines, who is certainly younger than LaCroix, doesn't seem to be afraid of him; neither is Isaac. Grout also knew that LaCroix was but a jester. So, who scared the shit out of poor Dr.

It could be Grout sensing LaCroix's plans. Or just that he senses his evil intentions,and being a fairly uneducated vampire, he does not deal with it well. Their very existence is a personal insults vampires many times LaCroix's age and power, if they were the sort to get intimidated they would have given up decades ago. And considering Grout's mental disability is a very bad case of paranoid personality disorder or possibly schizophreniait might have been powerful enough override his logic and blow the threat LaCroix imposed way out of proportion.

But then again, Grout's paranoia may have been justified considering his state when you find him.

vampire the masquerade bloodlines anarchy ending relationship

Heck, he might foreseen his own demise. I always assumed he was referring to Cain, that his inner voices were telling him Cain would be coming or of course he could be referring to Bach. Can't be Bach, he specifically refers to the guy as a vampire and the person he's afraid of is someone he speaks to often.

That second part means it's unlikely to be Caine either. LaCroix is the most likely candidate. Just 'cos he's not that scary to more impressive vampires doesn't mean he's not a evil bastard and it certainly doesn't mean he's not a threat to an addled, paranoid Malk with little actual experience with vampiric society.

If a little once a month gives a ghoul semi-vampire status, a few sips should have healed him right up.

vampire the masquerade bloodlines anarchy ending relationship

There's probably some etiquette involved in feeding another vampire's ghoul your own blood. Not to mention Mercurio probably would only have accepted as a very last resort; drinking a vampire's blood leads to blood bonding see: Yes, it takes three sessions for the bond to be complete, but emotional attachment forms even before then, meaning he would have had to deal with certain conflicting loyalties.

Worrying about etiquette and conflicting loyalties when you are beaten as badly as Mercurio seems a bit silly. Besides, Mercurio ended up being one of the few people you could trust anyway. Well, would you want to make yourself artificially loyal to somebody you've just met just so you could heal up a bad beating a little bit faster? When Mercurio tells you his loyalties to LaCroix are "all but written in blood", he's not kidding; blood bonding gives you a powerful compulsion to do whatever the vampire tells you, so it's not a decision to make lightly, even if it does wear off eventually if you don't feed from them again.

Granted, taking a lot of blood often from a different vampire could probably weaken or break the bond, but that would still take lots of time, beyond the scope of the game. More likely, Mercurio knew he had enough vampire blood in his system already to heal his wounds, so didn't trouble the PC over it. His whole scene is basically one of Amusing Injuriesafter a fashion. The creators kinda dropped the ball with the Anarchs VS Camarilla loyalities, atleat to this troper. Yes, Anarchs might be using you, but not only are there more nice anarch NPCs you can actually shoot shit with Isaac is the best exampleyou actually feel they appericate you more and have done more for you.

Camarilla has LaCroix, Gary and Strauss. And Gary is met too late to matter,and is for Nosferatu more than Camarilla. You really don't get much out of them as you do from the Anarchs,and they are too few and you don't even get to meet your fellow neonates.

This creates an atmosphere where you really feel the Anarchs care about you more than the Camarilla. Hence,why joining them seems more likely for the PC to do.

Which considering the endings is probably how the devs wanted it to be. The Anarchists being nicer, boss? To this trooper they seemed as developed as the Camarilla; developed in a way you could choose what side was the best. In my opinion, people get too attached to the Anarchists without noticing that they point of the game is that everyone yes, that includes Nines Rodriguez is using you for their convenience.

A couple of points: Gary isn't Camarilla or Anarch, he's Nosferatu and bugger anyone else. Strauss, the nice r guy, is the real Camarilla loyalist.

Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines - Walkthrough

LaCroix is an ambitious would-be tyrant. Woah Woah, How is Strauss any different to Gary really? They both openly say that they are primarily pro-clan! Also yeah the Anarch's appear to be more friendly but they are every bit as manipulating as the Camarilla. The Camarilla will reward you for serving your masters whereas the Anarchs view it as simply helping the community - that's merely a reflection of their beliefs.

Yes Strauss is "Clan First" like Gary. The difference is that the Nosferatu, at least the LA Nosferatu, can manage just fine without the Camarilla and in fact did. The Tremere on the other hand really can't.

Two other clans the Assamites and the Tzimisce are dead set on their total elimination and the other clans are unlikely to stop them without a reason to. Hence why they need to remain useful to the Camrilla so that they will protect them. As a result being "Clan First" as a Tremere means backing the Camrilla.

vampire the masquerade bloodlines anarchy ending relationship

I agree with you. The Anarchs are simply too nice. I often see people arguing that they're just as manipulative as the other factions by virtue of the fact that they give you quests, but you have to jump through some real mental hoops for this to stick.

Especially in the case of the Downtown Anarchs, who are archetypal underdogs that don't even ask you to do anything for them unless you badger them into it, and Nines, who saves the PC's life twice, gets screwed by them after LaCroix and Xiao play them for a patsy, and still doesn't ask a thing of them until the endgame.

I feel bad screwing the Anarchs over in this game. I don't feel as though I should. The thing is Anarchs, by and large, are nicer than at least Camarilla elders. The reason being they are usually younger. Very few Anarchs are older than a century, Jack being the stange exception. As a result they are much closer to being human.

Even reasonably pleasant elders have become detached from their former humanity. So even manipulative Anarchs are still a lot less difficult to get on with than an elder and elders is what we're dealing with in this game. Plus Anarch genuinely believe in their cause whereas most Camarilla elders see the organisation as a tool for their power. None of this makes the Anarchs the "good guys" but it does make them a much more agreeable group than the competition.

When dealing with the Society of Lepold, I noticed they rigged explosives inside their base set to go off if it sensed a vampire's heat signature. But vampires DON'T have a heat signature. As the Mandarin said in the Chinatown club Glaze: It is room temperature. Vampires are colder than humans by a long way but not room temperature. They're full of stolen blood and they move around, so generate some heat. Not a lot, though.

Without being really active, they would be pretty close to room temperature. Well, I always thought that the Society of Leopold merely had laser tripwires. Cross the light and it goes boom, really similar to a normal tripwire. They can probably adjust it so it doesn't react to the humans - if the temperature is within these normsthen don't blow up. At any rate, it's pretty easy to have a tripwire that doesn't trigger when your guys go through, so it should be possible to have it go off only when not-your-guys go through.

Vampires, in this case. An idea supported by the fact that you can hack said explosives to go off when humans pass through. Why did not occur to anyone, LaCroix in particular, that a modern day power tool like a jack hammer or an industrial sized pile driver if you want overkill, could be used to open the Ankaran Sarcofaghus?

If its empty, no big loss asides from the waste of time, money and effort. Trifles to a Ventrue Prince like LaCroix. If it has an ancient evil in it, best to open in a time and place like, at ground zero of a nuke test site of your choosing.

If there IS an Ancient Vampire to Diablerize, waiting for a missing key to open a coffin made of rock which isn't be best material to resist a sledgehammer in the hands of even a "weak" vampire like LaCroix seems silly when you can bust it open, by hand if need be. The only possible explanation I could surmise was that LaCroix is being careful and wanted it opened as quietly as possible as to not "wake up" what he believed was a sleeping Ancient that might go on a killing spree.

Even that doesn't seem to quite fit though, as he's put the Sarcophagus in the same room as him in his office, making him potential casualty 1, Sheriff or no Sheriff to hide behind. There are so many horrible booby traps, mystical and otherwise, that one can set up for something opened incorrectly. So, what happened to the Dane crew? Jack would be a thrall of the beast if he did it, so who? That would let him off his punishment.

And in any case you need to do more than kill people to completely lost yourself to the Beast. A serial killer vampire is still Humanity 3 or 4.

Jack's Humanity is 4, according to LA by Night and that was ten years prior to the game. At that level, it's easy to justify murder. At Humanity 3, killing people stops bothering Kindred and their karma meter. You can actually see that in game - killing innocent NPCs can only bring you down to 3. Jack openly admits that he views humans as little more than cattle but he doesn't slaughter them for fun. While a say, Humanity 10 Toreador may disagree with that statement, it's left entirely up to the interpretation of the player who did the killing on the Dane.

If Jack planned the whole plot out before hand, the crew probably isn't dead. The crew list was just fake identities, the REAL crew was ghouls or criminals who thought they were abandoning the ship as a hand-off, and all the blood around is just Jack finger painting with some blood packs. Except leaving the crew alive just leaves more lose ends who can spoil the plot.

Too many things could go wrong if he leaves the crew alive; namely they would have to be onboard up until they got close enough to LA to avoid the ship just vanishing into the middle of the ocean, they'd have to get the crew off, past the coast guard, into LA, there is this wonderful thing call Forensic Blood analysis that would tell if it was blood packs, not to mention that Jack just doesn't have the skill or patience to pull off a hoax. That same year as the game took place in the police knew him, by his name and monikor, for having kidnapped the daughter of a wealthy and influential couple, so he is not a very subtle vampire.

Jack is willing to level a downtown city block with C4, and you've seen him kill with aplomb in the tutorial. He's causing a war for giggles that is already boiling out into crapsack L.

How many Kine did you end up killing chasing his little jack-in-the-box around the city all by yourself?

Let's not pretend he's a nice guy that fakes records when just killing some Kine will get the job done. Actually, I suppose, there are chances something actually WAS inside sarcophagus not an Antediluvian, just some creature. While whether it's an plain old corpse, a vampire in Torpor, or something else is left up in the air, it very definitely isn't walking around.

It just bugs me a little that every haven with the exception of the Nosferatu you get in the game has uncovered windows. Actually, only the very crappy first apartment seemed to have windows. The Skyline and Chantry havens are windowless. Also, the first apartment has plywood laid out for you to cover the windows with. But it's mostly that LaCroix wants you dead, which is why you have to prove yourself to someone to get out of that deathtrap.

Well, the Tremere chantry has curtained-over windows, which would be useless against sunlight, really but I guess it's better than nothing. Maybe if you open the curtains you get to see a brick wall?

It's pretty simple, too - only level 1.

vampire the masquerade bloodlines anarchy ending relationship

This is their chantry. Makes perfect sense that all they would have the effect on all the time. Odd thought, when Skelter asked you to deal with a Ghoul named Patty who was looking for a blood fix, why was there no option of just giving her some YOUR vampire blood.

Sure Patty seems like a Jerk Ass but killing her by sending her to Vandal, Pisha, alley for you to drain dry or just kill seems a bit drastic. Making her your pet seems a much less cruel and leaves less lose ends than the in-game Take a Third Option of telling her "master" is in another city.

Sooner or later she's going to figure out she's been had and when she starts screaming bloody murder about Vampires, she'll be in another city, out of your immidiate reach, and likely ANNOYING the local Vampires there if anyas well as wrecking hell on the Masquerade.

Nines Rodriguez

By that point, you may already have another pet Heather and people might be concerned if you start 'collecting' ghouls. Besides, if you recruit Patty, she's probably a little too crazy to be of uch use. I agree that murder is a little extreme, but if you don't someone else will, inevitably.

Two Ghouls is hardly a 'collection', I recall Grout's mansion being full of em. As a good, non-murdering vamp, letting her go to 'eventually' get killed by other vamps that get annoyed by her doesn't seem much better than the Vandal or Pisha choice.

You're just some random off the street who got embraced. Besides, Grout's Malkavian to boot, he probably gets a bit of leeway, and it's implied that very few people have actually been in his mansion and seen what he's been up to. People might start talking however, if some random neonate of uncertain loyalties started putting together his or her own cabal of minions.

Given that you killed a Sabbat Elder, Werewolf, Kuei Jin clan with Priestess, and one joke of a Prince and his Bodygurd, possibly all in one night, you're entitled to a little slack right?

Two Ghouls seem like a start. In fairness, unless you've postponed the quest to the endgame for some reason, by that point you haven't done anything but blow up a sabbat warehouse. Impressive, but not as mindblowing as all the stuff you've mentioned.

Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines - Walkthrough

Buying time to justify your Ghouls. Having two might be pushing your luck a little. I've always kind of assumed that LaCroix is giving you all this, when it should be your Clan's duty to teach you, because it makes you easier to manipulate. Prince's emissary might as well be 'scapegoat' among vampires. Oh, no question he's trying to manipulate you, and get you to do his dirty work, but this is Vampire.

That's kind of expected. Realistically though, as far as Camarilla laws go, he is still being remarkably leniant. And you pushing the boundaries of that leniancy would be more than enough reason to behead you.

vampire the masquerade bloodlines anarchy ending relationship

But perhaps that is just sentimentality. It was broken when it came out, I just look back on it with fondness. The Masquerade — Bloodlines is a gutsy move. There are many ways in which you can try to underplay the sexuality of the vampire metaphor: But if you are reading hard enough, Bram Stoker wrote about repressed sexuality more astutely than most of his peers.

Sex is the monster, my dears. The libido is the monster. And — what could possibly be more terrifying than a flimsy sexy sulkbro?

Perhaps, I think, the people who complain about the departure from the Bram Stoker vampire are actually complaining about a recentring of the narrative. People can like the idea of an oversexualised man just as much as an oversexualised woman! Marketing to teen girl libidos instead of the usual teen boy? But as I say, VTMB is gutsy, in that it embraces the fang metaphor, the penetrative act — it wholeheartedly embraces an erotic overtone in a way that makes you aware that games tend to actively avoid such material.

If it fits the character, yeah, right on. And Troika borrows some of her stuff wholeheartedly: All things that Buffy also cribbed. You even try to second guess people.