Costa rica relationship with nicaragua surf

Nicaragua travel: Why you need to get there now before everything changes

costa rica relationship with nicaragua surf

Costa Rica offers wonderful views for travelers from all over the world. Costa Rica borders Nicaragua to the north with a total of kilometers of Costa Rica has become one of the most popular destinations for traveling surfers worldwide. Wedged between Honduras and Costa Rica, Nicaragua is the largest country You get the sense nobody's in a hurry and relationships are central to Australian surfers have known about Nicaragua's appeal for some time. The news stoked hopes of continued investment in Costa Rica from the microchip maker, which is likely the small country's most important.

The paradise country you really need to visit now

During our travel, we are often in contact with victims of poverty and we try our best to share our wealth and knowledge to help them. In a recent trip to Colombia, we provided materials for repairing surfboards, in Nicaragua and Panama, we are giving soccer balls and school material to young children in the regions we operate.

costa rica relationship with nicaragua surf

All our suppliers are local, we work with a local guide in Costa Rica to offer horseback riding tours and with a local artisan to propose a chocolate making workshop.

We have been working with the same family of fisherman for all our boat transportation needs in Costa Rica and with the same local entrepreneur in Nicaragua to supply the transport for our tours, since the creation of our company in Our Philosophy of Life We believe that travelling is the best way to take an overall view of the world and that it influences our life goals by questioning the importance of accumulating material goods compared to living unforgettable experiences of freedom, sharing our passions and living intensely an adventurous and exciting life.

costa rica relationship with nicaragua surf

Because of our busy lifestyles, it is often easy to lose sight of the importance of each day, we are fortunate enough to have so many days, but never seem to make the most of them. But it has been said that a single day serves as a microcosm of your life, we want to help you spend your days with us, in a way that embodies the way you would want to live your life.

At the end of it all, your life will boil down to the accumulation of all your days, and will serve as your masterpiece, we would like to make sure that each day in our company will help you chisel the great sculpture that is your life.

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To Live simply and happy: You can achieve that with us by filling each moment of your day simply, but with fun, adventure and happiness? Our goal is to help you experience the freedom of being one with nature, and feeling the healing power of the ocean.


Take time to re-soul: At Surf Expedition we are explorers at heart. The incredible San Ramon waterfalls at Ometepe.

Supplied Wedged between Honduras and Costa Rica, Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America and has been on the charm offensive of late to rid its reputation as an unsafe destination. Time have changed and the Central American nation has become the darling of the travel set.

Nicaragua & Costa Rica 2015

Either way, people are taking notice. The optimists will tell you the recent surge in tourism has the potential to turn Nicaragua into the next Costa Rica, her wealthier and more politically stable neighbour to the south.

Not an impossibility, but the lack of commercial flights and the lingering distrust of times gone by weigh heavily on would-be visitors. Up close and personal with Masaya Volcano. For this reason, the tourism experience is authentic, fresh and in the kindest possible sense, unsophisticated.


The locals are warm, infectious and put you wonderfully at ease. Supplied People first, irrelevant stuff second. And speaking of time, punctuality has no place here. Two major commercial ports are located in the Pacific: Puntarenas and Puerto Caldera. On the Caribbean, there is a natural harbor in the Moin - Limon area. It is the largest area of lowland plains about one-fifth of Costa Ricawhich stretches back from the northern coastline almost to Limon.

Costa Rica lies in the tropics between 8 and 11 degrees north of the equator. You might expect moderate temperatures, but the rugged mountain chain's creates many microclimates. Most people are surprised to learn that frost and ice can occur on some of the loftier peaks, such as Chirripo.

costa rica relationship with nicaragua surf

Temperatures are somewhat higher on the Pacific side than on the Caribbean at the same elevation because there are more clouds on the Caribbean watershed year-round.

There's no spring or fall in Costa Rica. The seasons are called verano summer and invierno winteralthough they're more likely to be a dry season from December to April and a rainy season from May to November. From November to January, there are cold breezes from the north funnel and through the mountains of North America, causing a little down in temperature.

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This is one of the few countries in the world in which polar air gets this close to the equator. Rainfall amounts vary from less than 59 inches mm to more than inches mm during these months. The country's average rainfall pattern is in the range of 79 to inches 2, to 4, mm. Precipitation can come in the form of a tropical downpour with impressive lightning and thunder aguacerosteady rain, or the less common, a continuous light rain for several days temporal.

costa rica relationship with nicaragua surf

Even in the rainy season, rain will not fall during the whole day, every day.