Is there perfect relationship

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is there perfect relationship

Have you ever tried to define the “ perfect relationship”? I imagine there could be a zillion permutations. One person might say, a perfect relationship for me is. In every moment, you can choose to focus on what's working about your relationship and what you love about your partner or what's not. Surprise! There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Although the elevator- gate should have been our first indication, it seems we needed.

Obviously, the entire concept is unrealistic. Perfection, as we know, is not attainable.

Rule # 20 There is no such thing as a "perfect relationship".

When that one person walks into your life and makes you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.

What does this type of relationship look like? Happiness in a relationship comes from two teammates who are able to be open and honest with each other. That honesty comes from being comfortable to open up and know that you will not be judged.

The Four Secrets to a (nearly) Perfect Relationship - Paid to Exist

Especially secrets or lies that are forced by the inability to be genuine with your teammate. The right person for you will support and encourage you on your journey to becoming the person you want to be, but they will also love you as the person you already are — no judgment allowed. This one needs no explanation — mutual respect between partners in a relationship is paramount to its success.

  • How to build a perfect relationship?
  • Live & Work On Your Own Terms
  • Stop looking for the perfect relationship & start learning how to love

Without respect, there is nothing else. Nothing to see here, kids — move along.

is there perfect relationship

Like you, they have good days and bad days. There will be things about this person that are not all you hoped for or that you do not like very much. There will be flaws and imperfections.

But if you heart is open and you know this person honestly and freely, accepting them as they are, they can be right for you. The little butterfly struggles to break free of the cocoon. In that very process of struggling to get out, the butterfly exercises its wing muscles and builds up the necessary strength to fly.

is there perfect relationship

If you compassionately cut open the cocoon to make it easier for the butterfly, it will never gain the strength to fly. We have a tendency to think that everything is about us.

We have this thing called personal importance. The truth is, everything is not about us.

is there perfect relationship

I know, hard to believe, but true. How many times have you felt hurt because you thought your partner should have known something? See the pointless cycle this creates? Instead of making assumptions we can ask for what we want.

Is A Perfect Relationship Possible?

It seems so simple, right? As blindingly obvious as this is, it took me quite a while to get this. We have a tendency to want to be understanding of the other person. We think it will make them feel inadequate if we ask for what we want. But you can go on waiting if you want. Following these four things has helped me transform my relationship with my wife.