Kenaz rune relationship with god

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kenaz rune relationship with god

At any rate, Kenaz is a remarkably powerful rune to meditate upon and the nature of the relationship between teacher and learner, the tradition of it can be useful to consider this murkstave to represent the giant/god Loki. In learning rune divination you will find a mundane meaning and a spiritual meaning for each rune. To enhance the connection to your subconscious, it is suggested that you .. KENAZ is a rune of spiritual enlightenment and higher guidance. .. and amulets; and under the topic of gods (specifically, the Nordic god Odin). Kenaz On the surface, this rune pertains to gifts. as Kenaz signals that the dominant person in the relationship will be soon offering a gift.

We are not always going to like what we discover, but we must bow to what we know as truth, and recognize that which we, in fact, do not know. It is concerned with origins, with the underlying cause and effect of the world. It is pre-scientific, though science can be viewed as an extension of the occult underpinnings of Kenaz. The ideas of science are often generated by intuition before they are proven or disproven. Knowledge gives us a decisive advantage in the world — whether braving the elements or other people.

So radical is this advantage when applied that it is easy to compare its possession to the acquisition of fire — we need but imagine how profound a difference this has made for humans. A dedication to learning and truth-seeking bestows the same profound difference to the individual and their kindred.

Kenaz allows us access to our inner-forge. With applied self-knowledge, we may deconstruct our illusions, beliefs and habits and shape ourselves anew.

This is the deepest alchemy, the greatest art and craft and the ultimate knowing: Drawing from the amazing power and teachings of Kenaz, we can become whatever we will. Ignorance is often compared to darkness, and we stumble sightlessly through it, unable to truly understand anything but our own blind predicament if that. Illumination comes through the use of Kenaz. This change in the meaning of cunning occurs sometime after the 14th century, as we can see from etymological research: As a noun from c.

I can think of no situation, aside from the feints of chess, bluffs of poker and innocuous trickery of the illusionist where deceit is purely positive. Cunning seems to easily lead to a darker side of Kenaz, the domain of Loki; mischief, trickery, manipulation. In my view, honor, and honesty, are much more powerful traits.

Needless to say, the world is not black and white, and our particular biases over a word color our ideas. My point is merely that it may be useful to contemplate situations in which cunning could create clearly positive outcomes.

Murkstave Reversed, Kenaz is a symbol of willful ignorance, deceit and the use of knowledge for purely destructive or manipulative ends. It signifies the loss of knowledge, over time, the extinction of bodies of lore, collective forgetting. Use to strengthen any runescript.

kenaz rune relationship with god

Love, stability and passion in relationships. Strengthening of abilities in all realms. Higher polarization as a tool of operation. Operations of regeration, healing.

Love especially sexual love. To restore self-confidence and strengthen will-power.

Rune Meanings - The Elder Futhark

A sign under which gifts can be made to the gods. Of Odin's eighteen runes, the last is secret. It could be the secret of sacrifice. Gifu is the rune of partnerships in all realms. It contains the power to integrate the energies of two or more people in order to produce a force that is greater than the sum total of their individual parts. It is the primary rune of sex magick.

Love and sex magick. Anything to do with partnerships. Mental and pysical equilibrium. Increase in magical powers. Harmony between borthers and sisters and lovers. To creaste harmony in personal relationships. It is also useful for gaining wisdom, and is very useful for timing spell results.

If you want a spell to work at a particular time, wunjo can be used to control the release of spell energy. So a talisman might use wynn to made to work for nine days, in nine days, or some similar feature. Our method of measuring time e. Wunjo is the rune of "happily ever after". It is generally used in the final position as a significator of success and happiness.

Fulfillment in any area, especially love or career. Strengthens links and bonds. Invocation of fellowship and harmony. Realization of the links and multiplicity of relationships of all things.

Binding runes toward specific purposes. To bring happiness and spiritual transformation. It is also useful for overcoming aspects of our lower nature, including prankishness or bad habits. It is therefore very useful in overcoming impediments or obstacles to success. This is the rune of self-undoing and overcoming the tendency to undo one's own efforts. The meaning of Hagall in magick is very different from its meanings in divination.

kenaz rune relationship with god

In magick, it is a rune of evolution, but it is evolution of the slow but sure type within a fixed framework. Its fixed nature promotes security and keeps negative energies from entering your space. Use where luck is needed.

Kenaz – Rune Meaning Analysis

To encourage a positive result within a fixed framework. Completeness and balance of power. Mystical and numinous experience and knowledge. To attract positive influences. However, remember that a gift, and take note of the associated god. Useful for harnessing internal power, intuition and creativity, the ability to achieve, as with a sudden rush of adrenaline or creation of momentum.

The fourth of Odin's runes frees one from locks and fetters, which ties in well with the meaning of nyd. This rune has two aspects and you would do well to remember them when formulating your runescript. Nied represents need and distress but also the release from that distress. Through the utilization of this rune by teh will, one can change Fate via knowledge and wisdom.

This rune is a very poerful rune in Icelandic love magick and represents the primal needs and desires that drive you to seek out a lover. Love magick and to find a lover. Impetus to get a relationship off the ground. Overcoming distress or negative energy. Development of magical will. Development of "spiritual" powers.

Use of the force of "resistance" under will toward magical goals. Eliminates hate and strife. Creates a need for order. Recognition of personal need. Love magic--to obtain a lover. To achieve long-term goals or help lost causes. Also represents a circumcision of action through the weather. Anything to do with authority.

kenaz rune relationship with god

It is also good for dealing with conflict, and for magically gathering allies [who must be your equals, or nearly so]. It can also uncover enemies. The Isa rune rules the forces of inertia and entropy. It is also a symbol of the ego.

To "freeze" a situation as it is. Halting of unwanted forces. Development of concentration and will. Constriction, halting of unwanted dynamic forces.

Kenaz – Rune Meaning Analysis – Rune Secrets

Basic ego integration within a balanced multiversal system. Power of control and constraint over other beings. To make a situation static, ground wayward emotions and calm volatile actions.

A symbol of right thoughts and right action leading to right results, a culmination of efforts over a long period of time. It is also good for gardening, farming, having a happy home, and good times.

kenaz rune relationship with god

Put jera over the door of your house on New Year's Eve. Use indelible ink because the luck is meant to last as long as jera remains there. Jera is the rune of the harvest, of rewards arriving at their proper tine. It also governs legailites of all sorts and is useful in all legal matters. Use when a tangible result is expected for an outlay of money, time or effort. Helps to bring events to pass.

Helps in legal matters. Realization of the cyclical nature of the multiverse. Realization of the mystery of the omnipresent circumference. Bringing other concepts into material manifestation. To bring events to culmination. When things are out of kilter this rune can help this rune can help set them back in line.

However, if it is the runecaster who is out of whack, things suffer for it. This rune can thus be used in conjunction with other runes to keep the magic of the whole within reasonable bounds. It forms a kind of feedback mechanism within talismans and rune magic. Eihwaz symbolizes the yew tree and is a very powerful rune of banishing and protection. Initiation into the wisdom of the World-Tree the axis of the multiverse. Development of spiritual endurance and hard will.

Spiritual creativity and vision. Protection from detrimental forces.