Looking for alibrandi josies relationship with her mother

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looking for alibrandi josies relationship with her mother

Looking for Alibrandi Character List Her relationships with her mother and her grandmother are somewhat strained, but she loves both of them very much, even if John is a smart, quiet boy who goes to school with Josie. Josie and Michael forge a deeper relationship based on their understanding of one another as people. Presentation on theme: "Looking for Alibrandi Themes. relationships with friends and family during her last year at St Martha's girls' school. This Destiny. Josie Alibrandi, as the title suggests, is looking for her identity. .. Josie is raised by her mother, Christina, a first generation Italian- Australian.

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She realizes that Nonna had slept with him. After finding such a shocking truth, she was unquestionably furious at Nonna for treating her mother the way she did and all the time she had done worse Quote: Nonna had said that Francesco treated her like one of his farm animals Quote: Nevertheless, Josie had changed and had begun to not care what other people think about her, her family and her illegitimacy.

From then on, her perspective and attitude towards Nonna changed dramatically although she understood the challenges that Nonna had to go through living with Francesco.

By understanding Nonna now, she hopes that one day her granddaughter can try to understand her Quote: Initially, Josie thought that it was no big deal and that they could handle him Quote: Josie was very rude towards Michael. She wanted to make Michael feel bad.

looking for alibrandi josies relationship with her mother

You keep out of my life, I keep out of yours. Nonetheless, they broke the promise or more appropriately, Josie broke the promise. In the middle of the novel, one significant incident happened at school.

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Miraculously, he came and he sorted out the problem. This proves that Michael has some sort of interest in Josie and her life. She felt proud walking past her classmates with a father Quote: It was a great feeling. Subsequently, their relationship started building up. Similar presentations More Presentation on theme: What similarities and differences are there? However, once Michael moves past his initial shock at discovering he is the father of a 17 year old he does seek a deeper connection with his daughter.

Josie and Michael forge a deeper relationship based on their understanding of one another as people. Allowing Michael into her life allows Josie to grow as a person and gives Christina some much needed support.

Mr Barton expects John to achieve the things he has; to follow in his footsteps.

looking for alibrandi josies relationship with her mother

This places a great deal of stress on John who feels extremely pressured resulting in his drastic actions. He unfairly treated her throughout her youth for a mistake Nonna made.

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This forges a parallel between the two. Marcus Sanford fathered Christina but this is kept from her and Christina never understands why her father could not love or accept her.

Many sections feature the two of them discussing issues, arguing and consoling each other.

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The great variety of roles a mother plays is strongly emphasised in the story. The first argument shows Christina acting as a mother- the fight quickly set aside. The second argument is a highly emotional one.