Master of play tvb drama ending a relationship

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master of play tvb drama ending a relationship

The Master () · Joaquin Phoenix in The Master () · John Turturro at an . In a near future, a lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with an operating system designed to meet his every need. Returning from Navy service in World War II, Freddie Quell drifts through a series of breakdowns. Plot Keywords. Storyline. An interweaving cast of and somethings navigate the complexities of dating and relationships in the modern age of social media. Plot Summary. A Chinese drama series based on a popular gay-themed sci-fi novel In total 40 episodes were released between its premiere and the end of July and it had been to present their relationship as a bond of brotherhood in the hope of Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang Chi-wai and top police officer in head-on.

But due to the fact that her bodyguard Yik Fung was involved with trying to save Ling Hung's nephew Ricky from a potential setup ambush earlier in the day, he was caught by police and at the police station's jailhouse at the time of the ambush and with Ching Yan not arriving into the parking lot yet to save Ling Hung as she was still caught in battling against the assassins in another part of the building and Ling Hung's adoptive son Kent Ling not available on site, Ling Hung and Tsz Kit who happened to come across guns lying around in the parking lot had no choice, but to defend themselves and they were rushing through the parking lot fiercely firing their guns against the assassins coming after them, which eventually ended and they were saved thanks to the law enforcement arriving to the scene.

At this point, Tsz Kit decided to stay in Hong Kong realizing he could not live with the fact of leaving his own mother behind to let her live a dangerous life and wanted to protect her. Initially, Ling Hung was against his decision to stay behind in Hong Kong and warned him he could lose his life, but realizing Tsz Kit would never leave, she allows him to stay. Tsz Kit began learning how to use a gun and taking self-defense lessons with Ching Yan and even became Ling Hung's bodyguard to protect her.

Ling Hung then slowly promoted Tsz Kit into working for her company starting off as an information file storage manager and later on he would become Ling Hung's assistant chairperson. Kent Ling was abandoned by his biological parents as a child leaving him on the streets and Ling Hung happened to be strolling by finding him in starvation and stopped him from trying to grab food from the garbage can and then she would find a note attached by his biological parents they could not care for him.

However, after Tsz Kit came back into Ling Hung's life, Ling Hung decided to go to Tsz Kit's birthday party with Yik Fung providing the suggestion since this was Tsz Kit's first birthday of not having his adoptive mother with him to celebrate with this year, which resulted Ling Hung to inform Kent Ling she could not arrive to the Congee stand to celebrate their important date as well as the congee food stand owner was about to retire soon.

Kent Ling, however still held out hope Ling Hung would still make a late arrival and Kate, Kent's girlfriend called to let Ling Hung know this, which Tsz Kit would find out about this and selflessly told her to go to the Congee stand to celebrate this important date with Kent, which Ling Hung did make the late arrival.

Kent was also suspicious when he learned that Ling Hung decided to hire Tsz Kit as her bodyguard and eventually hiring him to work as an information file storage manager at the company and wondered why Ling Hung hired Ching Yan, one of the most top professional assassin to protect Tsz Kit. When Kent Ling eventually realizes Tsz Kit is a kind hearted charitable person who came into Ling Hung's life to help her out and to protect her having no intention of fighting for any of Ling Hung's inheritances, he begins to accept Tsz Kit and becoming one of Tsz Kit's closest family members and his relationship to Ling Hung is back to normal.

The rest of Ling family would then eventually find out about Tsz Kit's relationship to Ling Hung and he is accepted into the family. Meanwhile, Ling Hung's affiliates are waiting for an opportunity to wreak havoc, putting her life in imminent danger. Though Ching-yan and Tsz-kit join forces to strike back, they trigger a new wave of bloodshed that is about to engulf the whole society…… [3] In the beginning, when Tsz Kit was introduced into the family, he was not used to having such a large family, which involved his mother Ling Hung, his adoptive brother Kent Ling, his grandmother, his aunt Ling Hei and her husband Sunny, his uncle Lit and his wife Tina, and his cousins Ricky, Anthony, Chloe, and Kelly including Anthony's wife Hilda whom all are living in the same household in a large mansion.

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Tsz Kit eventually gets used to being part of a large wealthy family including having meals with them, but still preferred to have his own independent life even though he was living in the same household with his partners Ching Yan, Ling Hung's bodyguard Yik Fung and his friend G-Force and wanted to still live the simple life he once had in Taiwan as much as possible, except when he was on dangerous missions and never had any intentions of wanting any of the Ling family inheritances.

Tsz Kit then slowly learns the underground business operations and then becomes a hit man in order to protect his mother and his close loved ones against rival mafias and gangs often being involved in gun battles teaming up with his former body guard now partner Ching Yan, his adoptive brother Kent Ling, and Kent's girlfriend Kate. Normally Ling Hung's bodyguard Yik Fung and sometimes her sons and other bodyguards would be with her to protect her from violent gun battles, but there have been times she has had to defend herself with a gun and shoot against the rival gangs coming after her.

Tsz Kit and Ching Yan slowly began to fall in love throughout Tsz Kit's time in the mafia society, although at first they were in denial despite the fact there were many occasions where they almost kissed and even one time they were almost tempted into having sex in the living room when there were a few condoms lying around thanks to his friend G Force accidentally leaving them around. Eventually, Tsz Kit and Ching Yan embrace their love and are found kissing each other in more than one occasions.

Throughout the series, some of Ling Hung's family members, which were her brother Lit, her nephews Ricky and Anthony, whom are also Lit's sons and her sister Ling Hei are shown to be corrupt and coming up with schemes often teaming up with the wrong kinds of people to gain profits and power for their greed including trying to take Ling Hung's chairperson position, which eventually caused all of them to be killed. Ling Hung's biggest rival enemy has been Wei Lui for many years.

Wei Lui with greed and desire for power and profits has many times attempted to bring Ling Hung down including even trying take over her chairperson seat in the mafia alliance. Kate often is the mediator between the Ling and Lui families and despite trying to have her father stop trying to fight with Ling Hung and warning this would lead to lives being hurt, he never listened until there was a tragedy in the family. Tsz Kit was once an innocent average person in Taiwan, but after stepping into his mother's mafia society, he had to spend a lot of time learning how to make tough firm decisions when dealing with critical dangerous situations, which was not easy for him to learn and was still very soft-hearted and very forgiving even though he had corrupt family members that pose as dangerous threats to him and the rest of the Ling Family.

Ling Hung, Ching Yan, and Kent Ling had to spend a lot of time teaching and reminding Tsz Kit of knowing how to be tough and firm even if it meant being ruthless when making decisions in dangerous moments. One time, Ling Hung discovered Ricky's selfish greedy decision to make profits with Johnny Cub, a Thailand mafia boss almost placed the lives of the Ling family and especially Tsz Kit in danger including Ricky's and also Tsz Kit's related young cousin Chloe being kidnapped by Johnny Cub, however Chloe was eventually rescued safely thanks to the efforts of Ling Hung, Tsz Kit, Kent, Kate, Ching Yan, Yik Fung and the rest of the crew coming in to rescue her, which involved Ling Hung with planting a bomb in a truck and blowing it up, which gave the whole crew a chance to shoot their guns against Johnny Cub's gang successfully including killing Johnny Cub.

Ricky on his knees begged Ling Hung to let him have another chance and to not kick him out of the Ling family household, but because Ricky numerously have used harmful careless acts and getting involved with the wrong kinds of people; often Ling Hung's enemies to gain profits and never learning his lessons from them, Ling Hung stated to Ricky that he has been given so many chances already to correct and learn from his mistakes, but failed to do so and warned him to not force herself Ling Hung to have to make decisions she does not want to make.

Ricky became infuriated with Ling Hung's decision to kick him to Taiwan and later on would trick Ling Hung, Tsz Kit, Kent Ling, Ching Yan, and Yik Fung to come to Taiwan to supposedly save Ricky from danger, but in reality it was a set up to have a respected mafia boss Tin Yeh in Taiwan be killed and frame Ling Hung for it and then this resulted in the Taiwanese mafias and gangs going after them and trying to kill them, so Ricky can take over Ling Hung's chairperson position to gain profits and power.

This resulted in them to have to be on the run in Taiwan having to defend themselves with guns against the assassins coming after them, which involved Ling Hung's bodyguard Yik Fung to be injured in his leg in the process and since it was not safe for them to go to a hospital as the mafias and gangs would be able to track them down, luckily Tsz Kit remembered a house his adoptive mother Mei owned in Taiwan where they went to hide and Ching Yan did the procedure to take out the bullet from Yik Fung's leg with Kent, Tsz Kit and Ling Hung holding him down as the procedure was very painful for Yik Fung and while in hiding at the house, Yik Fung was recovering in a separate room.

It was revealed that Wei Lui and his sons Michael Wei and George Wei were involved with Ricky to lure Ling Hung to Taiwan to have her killed, but when Kate found out about this, she arrived to Taiwan and found out the house Kent, Ling Hung, Ching Yan, Tsz Kit, and Yik Fung were hiding in and it was her attempt to stop her brothers Michael and George who were in Taiwan already from continuing this attack against Ling Hung as they were found out to be involved with this with the help of their father Wei Lui.

In that period, Kent and Kate not knowing if they will be alive or dead took the chance to informally get married with Tsz Kit and Ching Yan as the witnesses and Ling Hung drinking the honorary teas in the house they were hiding in and later on there is scene showing Kate and Kent just finished having sex and naked in the bedroom.

However, the Taiwanese gangs were still after them eventually found out where they were hiding and there was an ambush once more and due to Ling Hung's bodyguard Yik Fung still recovering from his injuries, the beginning scene of the ambush at the house they were hiding in showed Ling Hung having to fend for herself with a gun and shot one of the assassins outside the window and Kent shooting another assassin charging into the room Ling Hung and Yik Fung were sleeping in and Kate is shown with a gun on her hand looking outside to see if anymore assassins are coming in, but most of the ambush taking place at the house as shown in the series was in the living room where Ching Yan and Tsz Kit were sleeping in showing Tsz Kit and Ching Yan fiercely repeatedly shooting at them.

Ling Hung and Kate are shown arriving into the living room with guns on their hands surrounding and protecting Kent unable to use a gun at the moment due to the fact he had to carry the injured Yik Fung. As they were getting ready to escape, Ling Hung noticed another assassin coming in aiming the gun behind her son Tsz Kit who was unaware and then pushed Tsz Kit out of the way causing her to be grazed in her side torso, but Ching Yan shot and killed the assassin.

Kate then took an extreme measure to save Ling Hung and everyone else by going to another Taiwanese mafia boss Lui Yeh, who was responsible for ordering the deaths of Ling Hung, Tsz Kit, Ching Yan, Yik Fung and Kent Ling to convince him it was a set up by her father and Ling Hung was not responsible for Tin Yeh's murder, but this involved her being held hostage resulting in Michael and George needing to come save her as they were already in Taiwan working with Ricky and Kent also came along to save Kate.

Unfortunately, Michael and George are killed when trying to save Kate and Kent leaving their wives and children on their own in Hong Kong and leaving Wei Lui without a living son. Ching Yan was able to secretly record Ricky's conversation with a gangster who also wanted to set up Ling Hung to be killed and the conversation contained proof that Ling Hung was being framed and that Wei Lui was responsible for Tin Yeh's death, which the video was uploaded on the Taiwanese websites and then all of the Taiwanese gangs and mafias would find out and Lui Yeh calls off the set up to kill Ling Hung and her crew and even apologized to Ling Hung for the mistake.

Therefore, Ricky was exposed for trying to have Ling Hung killed and despite given many chances to correct his wrongful actions, Ricky continued to aggressively pursue trying to kill Ling Hung in the house they were hiding in leaving Tsz Kit no choice but to bring his gun out to shoot and kill Ricky to save Ling Hung's life with Ching Yan grabbing Ling Hung out of the way.

Gay-themed drama is latest victim of China’s drive to purge ‘harmful and obscene’ content from web

Tsz Kit became horrified and shocked he had to make this ruthless action to kill Ricky to save Ling Hung and was feeling very guilty being Ricky was family, but Ling Hung, Ching Yan and Kent Ling reminded him this was the only and best option otherwise Ricky would have continued to be a dangerous threat to the Ling family and never would have learned from his mistakes being that Ricky was very greedy with wanting power and profits.

Ricky's father Ling Lit would eventually find out about how his son was killed, but did not believe the truth about Ricky wanting set up Ling Hung to be killed, which then resulted in Ling Lit wanting to separate from the Ling family and teaming up with a corrupt politician Lau Zak Sing to benefit himself profitably and power-wise including attempting to kill Ling Hung, Kent Ling and Tsz Kit to avenge his son's death, which failed and instead Ling Lit is killed himself in an explosion set up by Lau Zak Sing with the help of a secret mafia boss named Rain Man.

Tsz Kit slowly began to be more tough like Ling Hung with making firm decisions in handling dangerous situations and people; although at times he can be more extreme and ruthless than Ling Hung with his measures to manage dangerous enemies, but he still continued to retain his charitable good personality when it came to family and average people. Throughout the series, Ling Hung was shown trying to use her power to try to work with a good hearted politician Lee Tit Ngok to wipe out the corrupting and criminal businesses in Hong Kong and wanted to slowly leave the mafia life and do good deeds as a way to correct her past mistake of stepping into the mafia society accidentally, which had caused a lot of offense against the society of Hong Kong in the past and although Ling Hung made many attempts to work with Lee Tit Ngok, there was big barrier due to Rain Man, one of the most top secret mysterious behind the scenes mafia bosses who controls almost all of the underground illegal business activities and gang ambushes in Hong Kong finding out about this, which meant Ling Hung had decided to unknowingly go against Rain Man.

Of the ambushes that took place, one of them was when Ling Hung, Kent and Yik Fung attempted to meet with Lee Tit Ngok at a hotel to discuss how to make Hong Kong a better society and despite the fact they used careful procedures to keep the meeting a secret to avoid allowing other mafia bosses to know, Rain Man having heavy surveillance on the Ling family found out about this and stopped the meeting from happening with assassins dressed as hotel workers ambushing them, but luckily Kent and Yik Fung protected Ling Hung and fired their guns against the assassins.

She warned Ka-Lok that Big Ding hates liars and event worst, infidelity due to his father cheating on his mother and having an illegitimate son ; keeping it a secret is the only way to have a happy life with Big Ding. Unfortunately, Wang-Chim wouldn't let Ka-Lok go. He confronted Ka-Lok outside her building and tried to convince her they belonged to each other.

Sadly, Big Ding saw and heard the whole thing and ragingly left in tears and shock, ending their relationship. With the help of Paul, Long-Kiu had an advantage over the other bank clerks and she quickly rose to the top. She even fought for early benefit rights to buy flats through her employee benefits package.

The only thing left was to use the money they saved so hard to buy the flat. However, that only threatened his own family. The recent flat they acquired was involved in a bitter battle between the former owners. After resolving their squabbles, they agreed to return the flat for them with some extra profit money to boot; the search for a new home continues.

Unfortunately, Long-Kiu exploded in rage when she found out Ka-On threw away their hard-earned money for the sake of dignity against Wang-Chim. Only after some groveling that Long-Liu forgave Ka-On and the couple restarted saving again. Meanwhile, Big Ding is at his lowest. Suffering from the emotional pain from Ka-Lok, he became a drunk and lost his job. He earlier unknowingly befriended Wang-Chim's little sister, Joyce Ko, and she saved him from hurting himself at his darkest hour.

Because she liked him, she begged her brother to allow Big Ding to work in his company. Still enraged over recent events, he feels working at Wang-Chim's company would give him a chance to get some revenge.

Big Ding began manipulating Joyce's feelings for him to play in his favor. Whenever Ka-Lok would be around, he would use Joyce to display his romantic affections and would hurt Ka-Lok's feelings as she still wants him back. In between the time, Wang-Chim actively chased after Ka-Lok behind his wife's back. Things between Ka-Lok and Big Ding went for the worst when he made good money and bought a large house.

At his house warming party, he invited Ka-Lok and used Joyce to show she's the new woman in his life. Unable to bear the two together, Big Ding confronted Ka-Lok outside and told her he too can make big money and wants her to experience a taste of his pain of what she did to him. Horrified at the level of hatred and vengeance he's willing to take, Ka-Lok called for Wang-Chim to take her away and she slept with him for a second time in an emotionally devastated state.

Back at Big Ding's new home, Joyce gave him back his house keys and said the show was over. She revealed she knew she was being manipulated and didn't mind if it meant to make Big Ding happy. She admitted she had feelings for him and thought being his puppet would make him feel better, but it didn't as everything he did to this point only made him feel miserable.

After a night of deep reflection, Big Ding went to see Joyce again, apologizing for his actions. He realized Joyce was the best thing to happen to him and he decided to let things go to be with Joyce.

However, it was not without incurring the wrath of Wang-Chim. Ka-On's money problems were large and Ting Hoi, Big Ding's dad and Ka-On's master, thought he could help ease his disciple's troubles by buying cheaper materials. However, things got messy when he left the job to see his sickened illegitimate son in China on short notice. In his haste, he failed to properly notify Ka-On that he loosened one of the windows and it fell right over, injuring a bystander.

The Pillars of the Earth

The police charged him with reckless endangerment, but also discovered the construction materials used was stolen goods and he might face jail time for illegally using stolen goods. Ka-On knew it was his master's unintentional fault and decided to keep quiet over the matter; it would mean jail time for him. When Ting Hoi learned of this, he tried to turn himself in as he tried to do the right thing and save his disciple, but things worked out as the original dealer was jailed.

Little did they know that it was because Ka-Lok went to see Wang-Chim and he used his wealth once again to dig them out of trouble. Multiple events would later collide as things begin falling into full circle. Ka-On became jealous of his wife's late night activities with Paul.

master of play tvb drama ending a relationship

Long-Kiu was securing banking contracts by courting potential clients through Paul, but Ka-On felt insecure about the matter. When he saw Long-Liu taking a drunken Paul back to his apt, he thought the worse and accused her of having an affair.

Tired of his attitude, she ran back to her parent's home and Ka-On unsuccessfully tried to beg her back. After intercepting her at her parent's door, she suggested separating as she couldn't tolerate his behavior anymore. She said she was tired of her being second priority as Ka-On would do whatever he can for friends and family, except for his own wife's and daughter's interest.

Ka-On tried to reason with his wife, but at the same time, Mah-Wah demanded his attention over exposing her knowledge of his sister's relationship with her husband; he once again chose his family over his wife. Infuriated that his little sister maintained a relationship with Wang-Chim, he confronted her during a family dinner and slapped her for her foolishness. However, Ka-On got slapped back by their mother and asked was he even sure over the situation.

Mother Kwan then sat Ka-On down and warned him that his concerns over other people is causing a serious rift with his wife and it's better to tend to his personal matters than worrying over his little sister. Kam Dai-nam takes a liking to him because he brings her good luck. Uneducated, unskilled, unambitious and weak, Kam Heung refuses to hire him.

When all the females in the village over 30 are encouraged to get married he helps them look presentable, especially Dai-nam who he helps dress like a female. He is the wisest and most educated of the three eunuchs. He finds ways for the three to possibly better their lives. Lee Suk-gung often plots together with him.

master of play tvb drama ending a relationship

Suk-gung helps him set up a Chinese Physicians practice when Suk-gung is fraudulently engaged to Kam Heung. Dan Tin is not happy being a physician as he is not confident with himself and is afraid someone will die in his care.

Kam Heung and Kam Cheong's aunt.

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Wanting Kam Heung to get married, she makes the entire village believe the Kam family curse to be true. She manages the family rice business because she is the only surviving offspring of her father's main wife.

Wanting to prove the Kam family curse is false, she encourages the single females in the village to get married only to be pushed into marriage herself by the Kam family nemesis Tsui Tai-Fu. She later suffers from a brain tumor which forces her to hand over the family business to Kam Cheong.

Kam Dai-nam, Dai-tse and Dai-da's father. He has no status in the family since he was born to a concubine and is often belittled by his half-sister-in-law Wan Tai-tse and enemy Tsui Tai-Fu for having no male off-springs. He loses the opportunity to become head of the Kam family when it is found out that he was behind Kam Heung and Suk-gung accidentally consuming a sex drug.

He marries a pregnant Wong Lin in order to raise Jun-sing's child as a Kam. She treats all of her step-daughters as if they were her own. Tsui Tai-Fu's cousin who is in-love with her. She is often belittled by the first son's wife Wan Tai-tse for not being able to have children after being married to Kam Cheong for so many years.

To make sure her husband is secure as the new head of the household she underhandedly schemes with Law Hai, Ng Yin-cho and Dr.

master of play tvb drama ending a relationship

But Dou to ruin Jun-sing. She advises her husband to marry Wong Lin in order to repel her sin of framing Jun-sing. She dresses and acts like a brutish male because her father is made fun of for not having any sons. Her rash behavior and gambling addiction often causes trouble for her aunt Kam Heung. She takes a liking to Chan Siu-fung because he brings her good luck. Got married to Chan Siu Fung. She is desperate to become pregnant because she is afraid of being belittled for not being able to have a child.

She pretends to have amnesia so her husband Chun-sai can regain his confidence. He is a highly educated scholar who is also Kam Da-bo's tutor.

He is afraid of his wife as she often physically and verbally abuses him. Ashamed of being mentally impotent, he lets the entire village think that he died from drowning in the river. He is also a spy for the Qing dynasty. The first university graduate in the Kam family. She studied abroad and is very westernized, dressing in western clothes and speaking English often. But in reality, she never went abroad to study and was working as a magician at a nightclub in Shanghai.

master of play tvb drama ending a relationship

She desperately wants to go to France because her lover Bak Long is there. After Bak Long seduces her, he dumps her, and she later finds out that she is pregnant and aborts the child. She starts to admire and have romantic feelings for Dan Tin when he tends to her while she is recovering from her abortion.