Mozarts relationship with father

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mozarts relationship with father

Relationship between Mozart and His Father. During the past two weeks, I have found studying Mozart surprisingly interesting. Having little. As indicated by Mozart's return letters (which alone survive), his father's death was a blow to him: "I inform you that on. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had a close relationship with his father Leopold Mozart; however, the temperaments of these two very different characters could not.

Nannerl finally did marry in Augustat age She moved to the home of her new husband, Johann Baptist Franz von Berchtold zu Sonnenburg, in the small rural town of St. Gilgen, roughly six hours journey east of Salzburg. According to Halliwell, Nannerl depended on Leopold in many ways: He relayed news from Salzburg, Munich, and Vienna to divert her, did his best to organize the maintenance of her fortepianopaid for Wolfgang's music to be copied and arranged for her to receive it; collected musicians together when she had visited him so that she could play it with most of the parts.

The infant stayed behind with Leopold when Nannerl went home, and with the assistance of his servants, Leopold raised the child. He frequently sent letters to Nannerl at least one per week that usually began with the sentence "Leopoldl is healthy", "Leopoldl" is "Little Leopold" and offered a full report on the child.

Leopold apparently found raising his grandson a happy experience. Halliwell relates one repeated episode: As a toddler [Leopoldl] was developing a will of his own, had to be cajoled into doing what Leopold wanted — Leopold's strategem for persuading him to go to bed was to pretend to climb into Leopoldl's bed, whereupon Leopoldl would gleefuly try to push him away and get in himself.

Halliwell notes a different possibility, that conditions for child-rearing in the Berchtold household were distinctly suboptimal. For further details of this episode, see Maria Anna Mozart. Relations with Wolfgang[ edit ] Wolfgang left home for good inwhen instead of returning from a stay in Vienna with his employer Archbishop Colloredo he remained in the city to pursue a freelance career. This effort was to a fair degree successful; Wolfgang achieved great fame and was for a time quite prosperous though poor planning later changed this status.

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The move almost certainly aided Wolfgang's musical development; the great majority of his most celebrated works were composed in Vienna. As indicated by Mozart's return letters which alone surviveLeopold was strongly opposed to the Vienna move, wanting Wolfgang to return to Salzburg.

A fairly harsh family quarrel resulted. Leopold was also strongly opposed to Wolfgang's marriage to Constanze Weber inand gave his permission late, reluctantly, and under duress.

He witnessed first hand his son's success as a performer, and on February 12 heard Joseph Haydn 's widely quoted words of praise, upon hearing the string quartets Wolfgang dedicated to him"Before God and as an honest man I tell you that your son is the greatest composer known to me either in person or by name: He has taste, and, furthermore, the most profound knowledge of composition.

Leopold Mozart, Father of a Prodigy

At this time, Wolfgang wrote to Leopold to ask if he would be willing to take care of his own two children while he and Constanze went on concert tour. Leopold turned him down, probably with harsh words. His letter to Wolfgang does not survive, but his summary to Nannerl of it does 17 November Today I had to answer a letter from your brother which cost me a lot of writing, so I can write very little to you You'll readily understand that I had to write a very emphatic letter, because he made no lesser suggestion than that I should take his 2 children into my care, since he would like to make a journey through Germany to England Starting around the time he wrote this letter and continuing through the first part ofLeopold's health was failing.

He had become seriously ill by April 4. On this day, Wolfgang wrote to him in alarm at the news, though he did not travel to Salzburg to see him.

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When Leopold died on 28 May see belowWolfgang was unable to attend the funeral, the travel time to Salzburg being too long. You can imagine the state I am in. The Grove Dictionary article, by Cliff Eisendenounces "his misrepresentation at the hands of later biographers": A man of broad cultural achievement Leopold Mozart may have been haughty, difficult to please and at times intractable, On the contrary, a careful reading in context of the family letters reveals a father who cared deeply for his son but who was frequently frustrated in his greatest ambition: Solomon portrays Leopold as a man who loved his children but was unwilling to give them their independence when they reached adulthood, resulting in considerable hardship for them.

Daniel Steptoe makes a similar assessment, and particularly faults Leopold for having blamed Wolfgang for his mother's early death — not just immediately the death in "a crushing reply to a young man grieving for his mother"but even later on in Some aspects of violin playing in his day can be seen: Compositions by Leopold Mozart Leopold Mozart's music is inevitably overshadowed by the work of his son Wolfgang, and in any case the father willingly sacrificed his own career to promote his son's.

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A contemporary report described what Leopold had composed prior to In addition he has brought forth many concertos, in particular for the transverse flute, [45] oboe, bassoon, Waldhorn, trumpet etc.: His oeuvre was extensive, but only recently have scholars begun to assess the scope or the quality of it; much is lost and it is not known how representative the surviving works are of his overall output.

Cliff Eisen, who wrote a doctoral dissertation on Leopold Mozart's symphonies, finds in a Symphony in G major examples of his "sensitivity to orchestral colour" and a work that "compares favourably with those of virtually any of Mozart's immediate contemporaries". The most obvious point is the portrayal of Antonio Salieri.

mozarts relationship with father

In the film, Salieri is represented as a sour celibate and a malevolent conniver; he was actually a married man who had a great admiration for Mozart and his work.

As the opening scene of Amadeus indicates, Salieri did attempt suicide late in life and he did claim that he had poisoned Mozart. Music historian, Roye E. His confession was likely just the ravings of a clouded mind.

The performance of Salieri as an old man with a touch of lunacy was brilliantly portrayed in the film by actor, F.

Although Salieri did not actually kill Mozart, directly or indirectly, the storyline created a compelling narrative.

mozarts relationship with father

Some reviews termed the film a disappointment because it did not live up to its Broadway stage predecessor, but Amadeus proved to be a box office success. The movie won eight Academy awards, including Best Picture.

The remarkable Peter Shaffer also received an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screen Play; his original script opened in London in and then again strongly revised, opened on Broadway in As the dry and business like Emperor Joseph II, Jeffrey Jones the principal in Ferris Bueller's Day Off stole the few scenes he was in and reminded viewers that great actors need great character actors.

Ironically, Tom Hulce as Mozart received only a nomination; in part, his exuberant, almost campy, Amadeus seemed to some critics too much of a stereotypical Rock n' Roller who might forsake the piano for smashing guitar or drums at any moment.


Even though his music was revered, Mozart often had trouble finding work because he was temperamental and often had problems with authority. This is seen in the film through the level of disrespect Mozart shows his employers, including the Archbishop of Salzburg, and the father of a potential student, even in a flippant attitude toward the Emperor.