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one tree hill student teacher relationship fiction

One Tree Hill is an American television series created by Mark Schwahn for The WB in .. She has a very fraught relationship with Lucas' father, Dan Scott because Dan had left . He then starts dating Jamie's teacher, Lauren. three till four, is a former Tree Hill High student and a confidant of Lucas Scott who he. One Tree Hill is an American television drama series created by Mark Schwahn, which The show is set in the fictional town of Tree Hill in North Carolina and initially follows the lives of two half-brothers, . her biological mother and Karen starts the Tric club and begins a relationship with her school teacher Andy Hargrove. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Haley J.S., Nathan S. Today is my first day at Tree Hill High as the new English teacher. . be a forbidden teacher and student relationship with lots of lemons and Naley fluff but.

People say that Quentin Fields was a great basketball player: They say on a good night it almost seemed as though he could fly.

And now he can. Bridge Over Troubled Water [6. And the way I see it, Skills would be a better father than Dan ever was. Is it because she was kissing Uncle Skills? You knew about that? Yeah, they tried to pretend he was getting something out of her eye but they were just being mushy. And how does it feel to be scarred for life? Nanny Deb is also my mom.

Yeah, but I let you kiss my mom. Congratulations, Victoria, now you have a company and no daughter. You got your dream. They say we leave this world just the way we came into it - naked and alone. So, if we do leave with nothing, what, then, is the measure of a life?

Is it defined by the people we choose to love? Or is life simply measured by our accomplishments? And what if we fail? Or are never truly loved?

Can we ever measure up? Or will the quiet desperation of a life gone wanting drive us mad? I caught a young girl shoplifting the other day. I was pretty hard on her. Did you feel threatened by her? Brooke No, I actually felt myself feeling jealous. I realize I let company matter too much.

You know, we spend all this time building something up, And then we don't enjoy it. We just sit there, terrified that someone is gonna take it away from us. And there was this girl, and she didn't answer to anything or anyone. And that made me jealous. What are you going to do about that, with regards to your company? Well, it doesn't matter, I don't have to worry about Clothes Over Bros anymore. And why is that? I gave it all away. I signed the company over to Victoria.

Do you think that I was foolish to give my company to my mother? Do you think you were foolish? Do you always answer a question with another question? Does it bother you? In my humble opinion, it was never going to be your company, as long as she was part of it. After I did it I felt great. At first, I felt liberated, but now I just feel kind of empty. Everything that I worked for is gone.

I just have this store. And even that's empty now. That freedom you were jealous of can be scary sometimes. Have you talked to anyone else about it?

I saw my best friend today, and I couldn't bring myself to tell her. Why do you think that was? I feel a little I am watching all my friends move on with their lives: Haley and her family, and Millicent is moving to be with Mouth, and Peyton with Lucas and they are all moving forward. And it's like I am stuck here, standing still, and Brooke, you're 22 years old and the founder of a multi-million dollar corporation.

I'd hardly call that standing still. You will do something else. You are intelligent, you are creative. You will figure it out. But that's not the real question.

All you have talked about is your work, Brooke. But when you mention your friends being happy, you define happiness strictly in terms of relationship and family.

The question is, why are you so insistent on going through life alone? I need a dress! And if it helps, I promise to pay full price. Is my best friend down? Do you want the Lindsey Strauss tear-away train?

It's what all the runaway brides are gonna be wearing this season. No, I was thinking something like nontraditional, you know? Like rocker-glam-chic, kind of like, Stephanie Seymour dress she wears in the Guns n' Roses video. I can do that. Who peed in your cheerios? So, what, was it, like, love at first sight or what? I mean, they met on tour, and I don't remember which one it was, but I remember that she fell for your dad instantly.

Did he like her right away? Well,you know, they tried to play it cool, Like it wasn't a big deal. I mean, everybody knew that they re just meant to be together. What could possibly be more important than Chicago? I never meant to hurt you.

One Tree Hill (TV series) - Wikipedia

Not then and not now. I just tried to wish it away. It wasn't fair to me or to you. Well, I should go, I'm gonna miss my flight.

You know the first time we met right here. I told you I was pulling for the couple in the book. You can't kill me, I'm still here. I already called the police. They're on the way. What are they going to do? I'll get out and I'll come back. Do you remember what I told you I'd do if you ever came near my family again? I told you I'd kill you. You know I will. Don't forget me when you're a big star Lucas Scott. You saved my wife. And you saved my son.

But you killed my uncle. Right here where I'm standing. I don't know where that leaves us. At least my son loves you. My son hates me. You know this turnout isn't exactly inspiring me to read your book, Lucas. Well, whose brilliant idea was it to put this signing in the science-fiction section? It's a book about space, right? Actually um, the comet's a metaphor. It's a love story. Well, you know what? We could've had this thing out in the middle of main street. We wouldn't have got any more traffic.

Thanks for the support! Hi… How's my favorite author? Just thinking about his fiancee. Oh, well, should I give you 5 minutes? Actually, I'm just packing. No, actually I'm going home, the book tour has been canceled. It's okay, it doesn't matter.

No, it does matter, you worked so hard for this! You come home to me then. I love you too. Hi Dad, how are you? No, no, no, everythings okay, I just I just want to tell you that I love you, and thanks for being my dad. Hey 99, I thought you were going to protect 23!

I just got a call from my agent. Someone made an offer for the movie rights to my book Peyton: Not for the comet, but Ravens. How could I have signed my company over to that My back is fine. First of all, you are fifteen years old. Second, you kidnapped a 5 year old child, you adolescent Nanny Carrie.

And third, you are breaking and entering in the place where I work. I really am sorry though. No and I hope that someday, you stop acting surprised when you hear that Luke: Looks like you two have already met Julian: Apparently someone gave my tombstone a makeover.

Any idea who'd do something like that? What happened in the hallway? I assume you mean- Lucas: I've been asked to adapt my novel for a movie. They want me to write what happened.

I can't do it. I can't see it, and I can't understand it. Keith was holding Jimmy Edwards in the hallway. He turned and I shot him dead before he could say a word. Keith was a hero. You want to write the truth, you write it that way. Why'd you do it? Every good story needs a villain, Lucas. I'm sorry but I'm yours. You must be Julian.

Brooke Davis, I've read all about you. I think it's pretty clear in the book if you're not Lucas or Peyton you should just forget it. And just so you know, they are two of my best friends. So if you mess with them, I will mess with you. That sounds like fun. Not even I would shoot a man in the back, Lucas.

Actually that's not true, I've shot several men in the back. Most of them deserved it but I wouldn't recommend you do it. You're free now, Peyton. I'll tell you what it was all about. He had money and I had none. And that's the way the noise begun Julian: Better go suit up. Even though she's gotten used to him giving her this much, she still never expects it. He goes to the fridge and pulls out two beers, before setting them both on the kitchen table and sitting down.

Wouldn't want me kicked out of class, right? I was so drunk, though, I didn't know what I was doing. I was pretty messed up after that.

You probably already know that, though," he laughs. Lucas sighs loudly, not really wanting to go into the whole Peyton mess. It's been a long time since he's even thought about her, and he doesn't want to go there tonight. Instead, he looks across the table at his former student. He remembers his first class with her, his first class ever. She stuck out to him. She seemed so confident then, yet so vulnerable at the same time.

Like all she needed was just one person to step into her life and give her the right kind of attention to head her onto the right path. And he hopes he was that person for her. Now she sits across from him with an air of sophistication, and intelligence, and she's just beautiful. And he knows he shouldn't think that about her, but it's pretty obvious. Brooke Davis is beautiful inside and out. And the way his daughter loves her, is amazing to him, because she doesn't like most people.

As well as other things. She's still in love with him, but she wants to experience boys as well. And that's how she ends up under the bleachers, making out with Jake Jagielski. She doesn't even really like him, and she's sure he doesn't like her either, but somehow they ended up with their mouths attached, and their hands roaming each others bodies.

She's struggling for air, and her face is all wet from his sloppy kisses. She's kissed other boys before, but never as fervent as this. And she's sure he's a good kisser, but to her it just doesn't seem right. Like there's something missing. But, she pushes that to the back of her mind, while still letting her hands discover his body. Their teeth clank together, and it hurts, so they pull back, but only for a moment. She's pretty sure she's about to lose her virginity to this boy she barely knows, and doesn't even like.

And she's fine with that, because it's not that big of a deal anyway. She figures she might as well just get it over with so she can say she's had sex before. The sound of someone clearing their throat breaks the two apart. Their lips are swollen, as well as being bright red from the pressure of their kissing. Brooke's hair is a mess, so she tries to smooth it down, as well as her clothes. And once she's done doing that, she finally looks up, and her heart sinks.

Of all the people to catch her doing this, it had to be him. The one person she doesn't want seeing her doing this. Jagielski," he says in a stern voice, "Miss Davis," he says, this time in a disappointed voice.

She's never been afraid of her actions or what they would make other people feel like, but he's making her feel this way. The way his eyes are dull, and oozing disappointment in her makes her flinch a little. Jake takes Lucas' words as his cue to exit, and fast. She stands awkwardly for a moment, and then when he says nothing, she begins to leave. Her heart is pounding hard in her chest, and she feels like she's about to cry. It's his husky voice that stops her.

Have respect for yourself. Make them earn your respect. You're better than them. Did he just say she is better than all of the boys in her high school? She doesn't want to seem weird, so starts to walk away. And it's then she vows she will never have sex with a high school boy. In fact, she will never have sex with anyone until she loses her virginity to Mr.

The one and only guy that has ever respected her. What do you plan on majoring in? I know we talked about a couple of different things, but you never told me if you had decided. A small smile creeps onto her lips. That's…that's-" "I'm no sure, though. A lot of schooling, and I don't know if I'll have the drive to actually go through with it. What about that fashion thing you were so interested in?

Back on that first day of freshman year, Brooke Davis would have never even thought about going to med school.

Four years later, and perfect grades, she's sitting across from him, trying to decide if it's right for her. He eyes her suspiciously. Brooke smiles sadly, while looking into the soulful blue eyes of her ex-high school teacher. She wants more than ever to just press her lips against his. To truly know what it feels like to be connected to him.

She wishes she could throw all of her inhibitions out of the window, and do exactly that. She brings her can of beer to her lips, and averts her eyes from his. She is sure if she stares at him any longer, she's going to break down and cry. She doesn't know why she gets so nervous around him. Every other guy, she's fearless, and flirty. With him, she finds herself at a loss for words.

It's just, kind of weird because she was my high school sweet heart. We were together for such along time before we even got married, that it was hard to adjust after she left. And since then, I've just been more interested in work, Maya, and you. Those parties are legendary; every senior class has one after they graduate. I remember mine almost perfectly. Immediately her eyes grow wide. She clears her throat, and looks up at him confidently.

He stares into her eyes for a few moments, before looking away and taking a drink of his beer. And I think now that I'm out of high school, I'm allowed to tell you all of this. But, that could mean potentially losing him completely. And she'd rather have him oblivious, than not at all.

Her chest rises as she deeply takes in a breath. Her eyes shut tight, and for a moment she just sits there. And then, she talks herself into standing up, and Lucas stands with her. Always the gentleman, he has to escort her out of his house. But instead of walking towards the door, Brooke takes steps towards him, until her chest is almost touching his. The only guy that has ever shown me any kind of respect.

And more importantly, the man that I have fallen in love with. He's treading on very thin ice by letting her go on like this. But there's something that won't let him tell her to get out. There's a desire to let her go on and confess everything. An ugly snake rearing its head in the back of his brain, wanting her to go on, and then to passionately make love to this young, beautiful woman he has grown very attached to over the years. This time, she leans in and presses her lips against his.

And it's as if every part of their bodies are igniting into an explosion. Electrical conductions pulsate from their lips, and heat radiates from inside their chests. A simple kiss, one that has no more depth than just the tender skin of their lips pressed against each other, is causing waves of passion to radiate from the most inner depths of their souls. Completely out of breath, he pulls back from her lips, because he's supposed to.

She looks up at him through lidded eyes, her chest heaving just as much as his, her mouth slightly parted. Slowly, she slides her tongue across her bottom lip, licking his taste off her mouth. The kiss was more fulfilling for her than she has ever imagined. And she wants more. Her body is trembling with desire, and her insides are on fire. Trying to convince himself not to go on, not to get involved with a former student.

one tree hill student teacher relationship fiction

Too many bad things could come of something like this. She stays back, letting him fight the inner battle that he's having. She can see him going back and forth inside of his head as his eyes are shut tight.

She'll let him go on until he has convinced himself against it, and then she will go back in, so he won't forget what it's like to kiss her. He opens his eyes and looks at her. He doesn't respond at first, because he's not supposed to. But, it's only so long that he can keep the snake at bay until it's up and showing its fangs.

Soon, he is kissing her back, and just as passionately. She's not sure what to do. The last time she was like this was with Jake Jagielski when Lucas caught her.

But, so far, most everything is coming as an instinct. Her hands find their way to his chest, and slowly they move upward until they're behind his neck. Her mouth moves in sync with his as their tongues meld together.

He can hardly contain himself. It's been so long since he's been with a woman; he's not even sure what to do anymore. It's slowly coming back to him, and so fast that he's fumbling around.

His hands find her waist, and sneak up the bottom of her shirt until he's touching bare skin. They slide around the back, and then slowly down, and he gently cups her ass. He brings them around front again, under her shirt, and slowly they find their way to her breasts. Softly, he squeezes them, noting the way they perfectly fill his grasp. He struggles to keep his mouth attached to hers, and keep feeling her chest at the same time. He wants her shirt off, so he starts to tug at it from the bottom.

And suddenly, his conscious hits him. He can't do this. He can't see his student without her shirt on. And he pulls back abruptly.

Perfection, just as he would have imagined it. Toned abdomen, perfect breasts, in a lacy red bra. He whimpers in agony. She's not making it easy for him to do the right thing. Before he knows it, her lips are back on his, and his shirt is being unbuttoned.

She brushes a hand against his growing erection, and he whimpers in delight. She starts to unbutton his jeans with his whimper, until slowly they start to slide down his legs. Then, she takes a step back, and slowly undoes the buttons on her own jeans, the whole time staring at him through sultry eyes.

He's practically drooling as he watches her undo her own pants. He's panting with desire, all doubts now thrown into the back of his mind. As she slides her pants down her legs, he looks around his kitchen, realizing where he is. He can't do this here.

He can't have sex with Brooke Davis on the kitchen table or counter. She comes back to him, and he stops her. She thinks he's about to refuse her again, and she's not sure she can handle another refusal. She looks at him, confused.

one tree hill student teacher relationship fiction

He wraps both arms around her waist, and pulls her up until her legs wrap around his waist. Her arms instantly wrap around his neck, and her mouth finds his again. Clumsily, he carries her from the kitchen to the stairs. He's fumbling around so much, he's afraid he's going to hurt her by hitting her against something, or worse, wake his daughter up. When he finally makes it to his bedroom, he falls into the bed with her, bracing himself so all of his weight doesn't land on her.

Her arms are still wrapped around his neck, and their mouths are still attached. And for a long time, they just kiss passionately, enjoying the sensation of their mouths melding together.

Brooke pulls back first. She forces Lucas back as she sits up. Her hands find the back of her bra, and she undoes the clasp. And her perfect breasts fall free from her bra, and all Lucas can do is stare at her. After moments of staring, his hand finds her right breast, and he squeezes, before bringing his mouth to the supple skin. Hungrily, he suckles her breast, making sure to leave no part of her skin left out. And then, he moves to her left breast, doing the same, and not being able to get enough.

Brooke moans in pleasure as he works at her breasts, giving her feelings of euphoria that she's never experienced before. The way he's taking his time to pay attention to every detail. She can't get enough. She takes his head in her hands, and pulls his face back up to hers, and plants her mouth back onto his.

She needs him to be inside of her. And she doesn't get nervous about it until both of their underwear is off, and he's positioned at her entrance. He looks up at her, a worried look on his face. I'm afraid it's going to hurt. Her very young age. Lucas immediately falls back onto his butt, and covers his face with his hands.

He can't take this girl's virginity. He can't take his student's virginity. More than anything I've ever wanted in my life, I want you to be my first.

There's just-there's no way I can do that. You-you need to find someone your age, someone who's not your teacher. I don't want someone else. I've only ever wanted you. You've been the only person in my life that has ever respected me. The only guy that has ever respected me. I just had you. I don't want anyone else to take it, Lucas. I want you to. You won't hurt me. I can't do this. This is so wrong. I can't be that teacher.

All that matters is the two of them, inside of the four walls of his bedroom. Brooke pulls him back, so that she's once again on her back, and he's on top of her.

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He wants her so much. So much more than he's ever wanted anyone in his life, but he's trying so hard not to. He can't do this to this girl. All that can come of this is heartbreak. I need you to do this. There's no way something with her could work, but maybe they could figure something out. Because he's never wanted someone so much as he does her. And not just one time, all the time. He wants it, but he knows there's no chance of it ever happening.

He can't be in a relationship with his student.