Sherry argov relationship principles

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sherry argov relationship principles

“Relationship Principle 1. In romance, there's nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who has dignity and pride in who she is.” ― Sherry Argov, Why. First off, the author Sherry Argov assures that the term “BITCH” is not to be taken principles that help readers hold their own in a relationship. out the top 15 reasons from Sherry Argov's "Why Men Love Bitches," relationships with men to create a list of attraction principles that.

However,before one decide to follow any of the principles mentioned here,there are few things that should be taken for reconsideration. I would like to mention few important factors Americans specially women are known as wilder and more articulate when it comes to self expression.

In the Phillippines,we are more conservative. We have a unique Filipina character like "being mahinhin". If you're a woman and you're loud then most of the men around you will be disgusted.

Some Principles of Keeping Love Alive…

My mother for example. Mom has a strong personality. She wanted things her own way. My step father never win over her. He follows everything that my mom wanted.

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So is it cool? My step dad lose respect because he was always the center of jokes. He was laugh upon by his mates for being "under de saya". I pity him but mom is really dominating. Probably in other countries,mom is an epitome of a strong woman but here in our country she is a disgrace and her character is being frowned upon. Like I've seen couples separated because the woman don't know how to take care of his man. Some men appreciate thoughtful women.

Yes,any woman would be offended if men treated them like a servant or a mother but I think some men would really love to see women they can picture a mother to their kids.

That's the huge difference. American's culture is so different from ours. In my observation,most Americans have sex to the guy before they go dating. Or most Americans would date for the sake of dating. While here,one courts a woman they can picture as a future bride.

I mean men eye for a long term relationship sometimes that's why it always depend on the situation.

Sherry Argov Quotes (Author of Why Men Love Bitches)

I spent most of the time playing hard to get, difficult, dramatic or testing him. Keeping love alive principle 2: Maintain the polarity of your relationship The feminine essence is: The feminine essence is not: Focus on remembering these points whenever you feel your man slipping away from you.

Step back into your feminine essence and he will come straight back to you. Keeping love alive principle 3: Wait a little while until you have completed what you were doing before texting him back. To keep sexual chemistry alive in your relationship, remain feminine in your relationship and true to your feminine essence. Allow your man to be the man in your life.

Keep your own interests and activities alive. You can still please your man, in fact, it is encouraged, but do it with self-respect and dignity. The ability to choose how you want to live, and the ability to choose how you want to be treated are the two things that give you more power than any material object ever will. You have to be in control of yourself. Control is power and self-control is crucial in life and in relationships.

19 Rules From Sherry Argov's 'Why Men Love Bitches' That We Should All Live By

Be an independent thinker at all times, and ignore anyone who attempts to define you in a limiting way. Respect is not gained through words. You earn your respect by action. So get out there and do something you believe is worthy of respect.

sherry argov relationship principles

Feel good about yourself. The most attractive quality of all is dignity.

sherry argov relationship principles

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