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A page for describing YMMV: Silent Hill: Downpour. Base-Breaking Character: The Bogeyman. Detractors Otherwise, Ending B is the odd one out regarding the relationship between the requirements and the details of the endings. Actually. For Silent Hill: Homecoming on the Xbox, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "i dont understand the bogeyman ending spoilers". The Bogeyman is an antagonist who appears in Silent Hill: Downpour. With Anne, she ended her relationship with Mark Cunningham, diminished her.

If he couldn't kill the pedophile who murdered his son, what the hell made Sewell think Murphy would kill a guy he actually liked? Actually, Tomm Hulett has said that Murphy killed Napier in every ending except for ending A, despite what the flashback in ending B tells you. I'm more inclined to believe that Hulett forgot the content of ending B than that the flashback was outright false.

Purportedly, it wasn't exactly false, just a design hiccup. Since all of the endings have mix'n'match elements of who killed Napier and who almost killed Coleridge, someone forgot to swap out the line of dialogue saying Murphy spared Napier with the line saying Murphy killed him in ending B. All of the other endings are correct as is. Which is why Hulett said what he said. That said, the requirements of Ending B are that you kill lots of enemies but try to help NPCs, which, given the pattern of the other endings as well as the theme of the game, would make more sense to have Murphy kill Napier.

Otherwise, Ending B is the odd one out regarding the relationship between the requirements and the details of the endings. Actually, the requirements for Ending B are that you spare Anne; you can still get it even if you completely screw over NPCs if anything, doing so helps, since bad karma is required to get the B ending.

Take that as you will. In the Monastery, the Bogeyman slowly walks over to a young boy has Murphy struggle as he attempts to recite the rhyme from memory despite its entirety being in his journal. As a result, the Bogeyman is able to snap the boy's neck before he finishes the rhyme.

Early on, there's a poster for a missing dog. And only minutes later in the house, you find the bloodied dead body of a dog on a bed oh. There's a police dog locked in a cruiser in the garage of the Centennial building that barks at Murphy should you investigate. After you get the Security Card, some Weeping Bats swarm the area, and you hear it yelp. Then you see the poor creature's bloodied corpse. This game series does not like animals. You know the ones. Not to mention how Silent Hill seems to take extra measures to rub it in and show him increasingly disturbing hallucinations and Otherworld features to remind him.

Win Back the Crowd: While the base remains as broken as everthe general fan reception towards Downpour have been surprisingly positive.

The majority even states that they'd be OK with Vatra producing another Silent Hill game, should they be able to iron out the obvious technical bugs and remedy the relatively average enemy design. Murphy and Anne Cunningham when you find out why she is chasing after Murphy.

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Downpour played out like a pulp thriller in the classical mould. Strip away the supernatural elements, and its film noir tale of vengeance was all the more apparent; a story where desperate people do selfish things for justice, redemption be damned.

It's perspective and understanding that matters more. Time has stopped for Murphy and Anne, the incessant rain harking back to when their lives were put on hold, in a dank shower room.

His actions are wholly selfish, his path blunt and singular. While others suffered the same narrow vision, it's here we see what happens beyond the blinkers. Personal decisions affected complete strangers, dehumanising them in the process, building up terrible images of each other before they meet.

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Ultimately, Anne Marie Cunningham is Downpour's true protagonist. The Otherworld tortures Murphy on her behalf with its storm drains, jail cells, and leaking pipes, despite her inability to pull the trigger.

Her vengeance is obsessive, hopelessly addictive; fearful of a future without revenge. April 5th Japan: November 8th A series of comic's titled Silent Hill Downpour: Anne's Story is just to be released in August As the title suggests, this series of comics will follow the story of Anne Cunningham and her path to Silent Hill.

Apart from coming to terms with his own past he has also been forced into Silent Hill by another who wants revenge. He was previously married to Carol Pendleton and had a son called Charlie Pendleton. He is the reason Murphy was able to beat to death an inmate at the prison. Not only is he untrustworthy and manipulative he is also a key part in Murphy's past.

Bobby ricks Bobby is a radio dj in Silent Hill. As Murphy travels around town he hears various dedications to him on the radio all have been put on the air and mentioned by Bobby Ricks. When the bus crashes she, like Murphy survives. Anne meets Murphy around town on several occasions. Her father Frank Coleridge was also a corrections officer, his past is revealed through cut scenes and flashbacks. Although in Downpour it does suggest that Howard is fully aware of the goings on in Silent Hill it is not totally established.

Howard is of no threat to Murphy and doesn't have any relation to Murphy's past. At the beginning of the game Murphy has to travel through this attraction to get into town.

This is where he meets Slater. Trapped by his own guilt he ends up killing himself and soon after Murphy finds out why exactly he did so.

Silent Hill Downpour [Part 24] "Finale & Ending B, D, & F"

The shadow, which is a replica of the mannequin moves quickly and attacks in heavy blows. The only way to destroy the shadow is to destroy the doll. The screamers use ear piercing screams to disable their victims and attack with heavy blows. They can also attack by jumping on their victims. Although at first he does not appear to be a direct threat to Murphy he does cause harm to others when Murphy is present. Later on in the game Murphy finally comes face to face with the Bogeyman.

He does take a large amount of damage and can give a large amount of damage too with his large Hammer. The bogeyman man shares similarities with The Butcher and Pyramid Head. The Most underrated, but one of the best games because of the deep story line, the town itself with it's side quests and Easter Eggs and last but not least I just love the characters like Murphy, Cunningham and Sewell.

Their faces are deformed and they attack by jumping down from the ceiling and striking their victims. Due to their size they can catch up with a victim fast.

The Silent Hill Retrospective: Downpour

They can also attack in groups. Instead it is more of a portal. When it appears it opens and absorbs anything in its path. The Void chases Murphy several times throughout the game.