Sino thailand relationship

“Family” making in Sino-Thai Relations – Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia

sino thailand relationship

Despite disagreements on details, China and Thailand move forward with a $ billion The two allies meet to discuss advances in their security relationship. of Sino-Thai relations from a convergence of strategic interests in opposing Vietnamese occupation of Cambodia to economic diplomacy. It discusses new. While Thai military links with the United States are deeper and far more apparent than Sino-Thai links, China's growing influence in Thailand is.

sino thailand relationship

The first joint air force exercise, Falcon Strike, was held last year. In recent years, Thailand has typically held around 40 training activities per year with the U. In terms of arms supply, Thailand traditionally receives most from the U.

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The stockpiles from China are no greater than what Thailand has procured from other countries since the Cold War. Before an agreement on defense production was struck with China last year, Thailand had collaborated with other countries such as South Korea, Israel, and India. However, thanks to the recently elevated military relations, the Thai Navy decided to buy submarines from China, instead of from Germany or South Korea, as it had previously planned. Last year, trade volume with China was around 2 percent higher than that with Japan.

The Curious Case of Thai-Chinese Relations: Best Friends Forever?

In contrast, Thailand runs a trade surplus with the U. Japan always tops the list of FDI sources by a large margin. China did not make the top five. Some 85 percent of Japanese assistance takes the form of cheap loans for economic infrastructure. Social infrastructure is also largely supported by Japan, the U.

  • “Family” making in Sino-Thai Relations
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China has not been known as an ODA provider to Thailand. The problematic Thai-Chinese railway project This will likely change with the new collaboration on railways. However, the project has been contentious. On assuming power, the current Thai military regime followed the path of the previous government in upgrading the century-old railway system to a higher speed.

sino thailand relationship

Rather than taking charge of the construction and loans itself, and seeking hardware and software assistance from several countries, the government decided to partner with China.

China initially proposed interest rates of 2. After several negotiations, the interest rate was reduced to 2 percent, with China raising its share to 70 percent in exchange for a right to develop areas along the rail for commercial benefit.

The purchase also indicates possible increased involvement with its maritime neighbors, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Myanmar, who also recently purchased new submarines. The Thai military government's pivot to China has therefore ensured a reliable solution to Thailand's security and military needs.

SincePrime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha has also held several top-level talks with China to strengthen security cooperation. The purchase of arms from China also demonstrates a relative decrease in dependence on its traditional ally, the United States. Thailand is located at a strategic access point from which the US military could detain Vietnamese forces.

Thailand-China Relations

However, the military coup in May disrupted regular joint military exercises between both countries. And the numbers of US personnel for the drill have dropped from 9, in to 3, this year. For Washington, the return of democracy in Thailand would release tensions, reviving the two states' long-lost friendship, cooperation, and security relationship. However, with a Trump presidency, the future trajectory of US-Thai security cooperation will remain unclear at present.

Analysts from either country cannot readily predict how drastically the Trump administration's policy approach toward Southeast Asian security will change, or whether the US will 'pivot' its attention away from Asia altogether. Thai foreign policy under the current administration has shift demonstrably toward China with its increased purchases of arms and frequent cooperative dialogues in arenas of economic and security cooperation.